Spillikins # 612. In the wake of the iPhone 12 presentation


An amazing week when you learn so much new about the world around you that you are amazed. After just one presentation by Apple, millions of people suddenly became zealous supporters of ecology and a green lifestyle, although in fact they pollute this world more powerful than others. Yes, even the fact that they have been using inefficient chargers for many years, they consume more electricity than necessary. What about biodegradable cables? During the life of a smartphone, such people acquire at least two, or even three. But in words there is concern for the environment, this is a new slogan and an explanation of why prices for everything have risen so much.

Reading the comments, you open up new horizons for thought processes and how flexible the minds of many people are. Here is a person who has argued for many years that OLED screens are evil, only an IPS matrix can provide a high-quality picture. The introductory notes have changed, and now he claims that “based on the bad screens from Samsung, Apple has been able to create reference displays for the entire market, they have no analogue”. When asked about the availability of a refresh rate of 120 Hz, I received the expected answer: “The technology does not give anything to the user.” This issue is largely not about specific phrases, comments from the site, from messengers or mail, although many will see them. In these “Spillikins” I want to talk about how someone is rooting for their team, inventing fables and then desperately defending them so as not to drop the honor of their uniform. These are doctors who come to surgery with their iPhones, believing that they are sterile and the nurse can answer the call (yes, we had such a person once, sincerely believed in the sterility of the iPhone, because the case is metal and glass !). Someone believes that 5G is harmful or that you can talk on the phone in the bathroom when it’s on charge. The variety of beliefs is great, and my job in a sense is to dispel misconceptions. For obvious reasons, this is not always possible, there are much more of those who believe in crazy theories, and it is impossible to convince them. The Dunning-Kruger effect in action, every day and in huge volumes. Let’s start with this: what they wrote after the presentation of the iPhone 12 and invented both about the iPhone and about other products, let’s go!


  1. IPhone 12 bundled cable – fast charging or not?
  2. Proximity sensor on Sony Xperia 5 II – the return of an old problem
  3. Photographing documents on the Galaxy Note20 Ultra – the impossible is possible?
  4. The magical realism of everyday life – a phone for the fulfillment of desires
  5. Netflix launches payment in rubles – the second coming of the service
  6. LG TVs May Disable Smart Features, Be Careful
  7. Tinkoff is not for sale! Yandex does not buy the bank

IPhone 12 bundled cable – fast charging or not?

You can endlessly watch how Apple wipes their feet on their loyal fans, and they ask for supplements and say that only this behavior is the only correct one. The new package is amazing – now any iPhone comes with a paper clip, a couple of leaflets of instructions and a cable. The charger and earbuds have been removed because Apple is talking about the fight for the environment. The jokes that were born on the network are uncomplicated, the companies propose at the next stage to remove batteries from their products, since they are the ones that cause irreparable harm to the environment, fans will have enough just a case in their hands to feel satisfied.

Spillikins # 612. In the wake of the iPhone 12 presentation

In most countries of the world, including Russia, it is impossible to supply smartphones without a charger, although there are loopholes and various possibilities, for example, to make the product covered by a limited warranty and to warn the buyer about it. The same push-button phones without chargers were sold in this way, and the ultra-low cost and participation in the action allowed us to close our eyes at this moment. The buyers understood that the low price was due, among other things, to the delivery set, they did not twitch about this topic. But it is impossible to imagine that Apple will make its lineup a promotional product. Therefore, a cable is included in the kit, it allows you to charge the device, and the requirements of the law are formally met. Nowhere is it said exactly how you should charge the device. When they wrote the requirements and laws, it did not occur to anyone to indicate that charging should be carried out from an alternating current network, it was a matter of course. Here we are faced with an excellent illustration of how our world has changed, a huge number of devices are charged from USB, and not connected directly to an outlet. And in homes, many put USB connectors in sockets, not to mention the fact that in hotels they became good form.

Apple is pathologically greedy in recent years, the company is losing market share in pieces, has taken a course to milk the loyal audience dry. Apple marketers from the time of Steve Jobs can be erected a lifetime monument, they have created a crowd in which even the smallest beginnings of rational thinking are missing. When a representative of such a crowd sees that the price of a smartphone has increased, he begins to argue that this did not happen. And he cites a lot of “facts” as proof. I could not resist and wrote material about this on a specific example of the iPhone 12, carefully indicating all prices, attaching screenshots.

I was waiting for comments with great impatience, as I understood that the secrets of human psychology would be revealed to me, which in ordinary times remain hidden, inaccessible for comprehension. The usual leitmotif was the direction of comments that the author is a fool and not being treated, this emotional reaction is understandable and understandable. First, you need to assert that the opponent is a fool, and then the discussion itself becomes meaningless, what to talk about with a fool?

But some people gave specific examples to support this slogan. I liked the way I was taken to clean water in terms of changing the cost of the iPhone 12, a year ago it was $ 699, and now it became $ 799 (actually it became $ 829, but let’s omit this “trifle”). The person was not too lazy to get into an online calculator and calculate the change in value of one hundred dollars from $ 799. And, of course, prove that even the calculations in the material are wrong.

The recitative “it’s not Apple’s bad, but the ruble rate has fallen,” he decided to refute by simple calculations of all prices for the United States, the dollar did not change against the dollar in any way. I waited for the appearance of economists to refute this point, and they appeared!

Spillikins # 612. In the wake of the iPhone 12 presentation

This is an excellent demonstration of modern realities, people have heard something, but their knowledge is dead. The logical step was to take into account inflation, which for the year for the United States was no more than 1.5 percent. That is, even at the maximum, the purchasing power of the dollar has not changed so much to justify the increase in the price of the iPhone in such volumes.

Affection caused the assertion that I deliberately distort the facts. It turns out that you cannot count the retail price from Apple for the package, but you must count the cost price, which is much lower. The author of this sentence himself did not realize what he was trying to say. In a word, joy, fun and a demonstration of switching off consciousness, protecting a deliberately bad solution from Apple with a package bundle.

I was especially pleased with the people who proved how wrong I am with the facts, thanks to them for that. For example, the statement that no flagship in 2021 comes out with 64 GB of memory was smashed to smithereens: “Look at your advertised Galaxy A51, it also saved and installed 64 GB of memory!”. Feast of the spirit! I’m certainly pleased that Apple fans are already realizing that the Galaxy A51 and the iPhone 12 are equal. That, however, not everything is so, there is no doubt about it. In many ways, the Galaxy A51 wins, although this is, of course, sedition for the fans.

The last thing that is important to know about a quality discussion: “When Samsung refuses to charge in the kit, then we’ll see how you start to sing.” Why wait? After all, there is already a similar situation, you can see how I “sang” when the 3.5 mm jack disappeared in the flagships from Samsung. And then I said exactly the same thing that was said about the iPhone, this is a bad decision, which causes inconvenience to users. Pure water marketing. And I will say exactly the same thing with charging: if Samsung does this, it will be redneck.

Interestingly, people immediately began to look for similarities in the market and even found a model from LG that comes without charging to the Indian market! The reason for this decision remained behind the scenes for the majority, although everything is clear and simple there, they did it to reduce the cost of the device, which is critical in India, where the average price of a smartphone sold is below $ 150.

And I also learned from the comments that Samsung has bad chargers, in any case, it is impossible to charge something with them!

Spillikins # 612. In the wake of the iPhone 12 presentationSpillikins # 612. In the wake of the iPhone 12 presentation

My guess was simple that the person is using the left cable. There could be no other explanation. And now a photo has been sent!

Spillikins # 612. In the wake of the iPhone 12 presentation

And laughter and sin, the photo shows that there is a non-native cable in the charger. For comparison – a photo of charging from Samsung with an original cable, glossy both the case and the cable itself.

Spillikins # 612. In the wake of the iPhone 12 presentationSpillikins # 612. In the wake of the iPhone 12 presentation

Samsung does not combine a matte cable and a glossy block, both accessories are always of the same texture, either both are glossy, or both are matte. And the problem with a person is precisely that he used a non-native cable. Oddly enough, most do not completely understand this point, that is, the cable is evaluated by the connectors on it, whether it sticks into the adapter or not. I have seen Yaroslavna cry many times that fast charging is a deception, since they do not quickly charge. Usually people change the bundled 5A cable for some other one (it is lighter and thinner!), And then they are surprised that fast charging does not work.

And here we got to the most interesting thing, after all the Apple dances with the package, a rumor arose that the bundled cable (USB C – Lightning) does not support fast charging and you will have to buy not only the adapter, but the cable itself. This rumor was widely picked up and began to procrastinate, Apple fans took their usual position (sometimes it seems that she is alone – knee-elbow or parterre). And I dreamed that there is something to talk about and what to discuss.

I’ll start with a simple and understandable explanation that such cables from Apple did not appear yesterday or even the day before yesterday. From day one, they’ve supported USB Power Delivery, meaning you can technically use any USB PD-enabled AC adapter. The maximum power for the cable is 87W, which in practice is never achieved (adapters are less powerful, although you can buy a 61W adapter for the iPad). Third-party and, as a rule, left-hand manufacturers that have not certified Apple’s Lightning have basement cables for three pennies, the wire may not have support for USB PD. But you can run into them only by saving on accessories and buying them don’t understand where.

It is possible to assume that Apple has suddenly rebuilt all the production of standard cables (and they go for all devices without exception, it’s easier to produce, only the terminal connectors change), but the game is not worth the candle. As for me, they slander Apple and do it deliberately within the framework of the emerging trend. Now it has become fashionable to kick Apple, only the lazy does not. The analogy with the brands of the past that were on horseback and then suddenly blown away is obvious. And if the usual level of fan aggression was more or less expected in past years, then at the end of 2020 it clearly increased, and this is observed at different sites. And the problem is not a pandemic, a bad mood or something like that. The problem is that the company does things that the average sane person cannot explain normally.

Finally, a few messages from social networks, in which both Samsung and Xiaomi ridicule Apple’s charging decision.

Spillikins # 612. In the wake of the iPhone 12 presentation

Proximity sensor on Sony Xperia 5 II – the return of an old problem

I got the Xperia 5 II, a device that has its own specialty, and I liked it very much after the presentation, I sang praises to it at first sight. You can familiarize yourself with them in the article.

Spillikins # 612. In the wake of the iPhone 12 presentation

Review is a completely different thing, you start using the device on a daily basis, do the usual things and notice certain shortcomings. I was surprised that my proximity sensor works randomly.

Spillikins # 612. In the wake of the iPhone 12 presentation

I got into the settings, diagnostics, according to the Sony software, everything is fine. During a conversation, my phone’s rejection, when I didn’t press it firmly against my ear, but just walk down the street (I’m not running!), Caused the screen to turn on. It’s unpleasant that the screen starts to glow in the glasses, but also the ear presses on it!

In many models of the past, Sony had a similar problem, and at least the XZ2 Compact, there the sensor behaved in a similar way. In subsequent devices, the problem was eradicated, and now again a return to the past. There are no films on the screen, it is pristine.

I noticed that after a shower, when my head is wet, the problem manifests itself more often, the feeling that the sensor reacts to water in some way. Which, of course, is interesting, but does not solve the annoying problem when the phone lives its own life. On the third day I plugged in the headphones, as it was difficult to speak without them, the device annoys with the way the screen behaves. I really hope that Sony will be able to figure out how to fix this problem programmatically, I think it can be solved at the software level.

Watch a short video showing how it looks in real life.

Photographing documents on the Galaxy Note20 Ultra – the impossible is possible?

What I love about Apple’s announcements is that it gives you the opportunity to look at familiar objects from a different angle. From the comments I learn something that never puzzled me, but it turns out that it is a problem and, moreover, of a universal scale. For example, it turns out that it is impossible to photograph documents on the Note20 Ultra.

Spillikins # 612. In the wake of the iPhone 12 presentation

Let me remind you that both Ultras from Samsung use a 108-megapixel module, it has a different focal length than in previous devices, and therefore you need to retrain a little to shoot macro (I wrote about this in detail in the text about the S20 Ultra cameras).

But capturing text isn’t macro mode at all, is it? For me, filming documents is photographs of A4 sheets, during the week I take about a dozen such pictures, I constantly share them in mail, messengers. I have never heard any complaints that something looks wrong, and I have not experienced any problems with obtaining a high-quality picture.

I printed out several pages with the text and decided to conduct field tests, for comparison I took the iPhone 11 Pro. Let’s look at some examples of pictures, I just took them as they are, without bothering myself with something like that.

Scan mode turns on automatically, Note20 Ultra understands that you are photographing a document and prompts you to cut it out along the frame. The thing is convenient, and if you put the document on the table (I dare to assume that most photographs documents in their habitat, somewhere in the office where tables exist), then the frame will be correct, unless you deliberately distort the proportions, do not put your hand at an angle …

Spillikins # 612. In the wake of the iPhone 12 presentationSpillikins # 612. In the wake of the iPhone 12 presentation

Can you get the document to be blurry? If you wish, this will not be difficult, you can bring the phone as close as possible to the sheet of paper so that the camera simply cannot process the picture.

Spillikins # 612. In the wake of the iPhone 12 presentation

But there is a catch here, so that the A4 sheet fits in the frame as a whole, you have to place the camera at a distance that is effective for shooting, the pictures are great.

It would seem, why waste time on such nonsense, which is understandable from the beginning, as well as the fact that a person invented all these problems. The answer lies on the surface, the entire information space is flooded with such inventions, and they relate to anything – cables bundled with new iPhones, shooting smartphones, and so on. This is a sign of our time, when people simply invent flaws, but in fact they do not exist. What for? To support your favorite team like it’s a sport. It always leaves me in disbelief, is there really so little interesting in life that electronics manufacturers are honored with such disputes and battles?

The magical realism of everyday life – a phone for the fulfillment of desires

A busy intersection in Moscow, at a pedestrian intersection, there are about a dozen people. A man walks through them, a phone in his outstretched hand, a picture flickering on it, either a video call, or recording a video. He constantly turns the device to show the picture around. Confidently goes out to the red light and stomps through the passage. Cars are buzzing, slowing down, drivers are ready to kill this abnormal. I share my observation with friends in the evening, they say that they have already seen something like this – the guy took a challenge on the network, he will be paid money for it, perhaps even noticeable ones.

It turns out that the network has brought up completely new formats of interaction. A friend of mine talks about his friend, a middle-class banker. He has new entertainment, he launches human races, a kind of reality show for his beloved. Performs under a pseudonym at some site where people who want to make money, performing other people’s tasks, gather. The last entertainment is sending two teams somewhere to the North, the prize is a tangible amount of money. On the way, they shoot everything that happens to them, and he also sends them additional tasks. There are tasks that are adequate, but it also happens that no one gives out on the air, realizing that after that, many people in the organs may become interested in such entertainment. It is difficult to resist not to diagnose both those who participate in this and those who buy such entertainment for themselves. But it looks at least not a very healthy story.

What was shown in TV shows and films as some kind of unhealthy future suddenly became an absolute and everyday reality. And the perception of what is happening, of course, changes totally, everything looks very strange, and there is no yardstick to assess these moments. Moreover, the conversation can go about both such stories, as above, and about quite familiar, prosperous people who are used to broadcasting their lives outside. To live on stage 24 by 7, not embarrassed by absolutely nothing.

A pretty girl in her early twenties, an event happened, she got married. A photo appears on Instagram, she is in a restaurant, smiling at the camera, this is an important day in her life. The signature explains the importance, a little about her mysterious chosen one, and then “I am wearing a jacket from XXX today, a necklace from YYY and styling from ZZZ”. The feeling that I got into some kind of bad story, where one of the most important events in life turns into a marketing campaign to promote unknown brands. What’s even funnier is the gratuitous nature of this promotion, since the jacket was bought for our own and the behavior model was simply copied from some Instagram diva who does this. The external attributes of a beautiful life, the relevance of a person and his influence on others, as it seems to this girl, are copied. I have no idea who was the role model for her, but it looks ugly. In the young companions of the person under discussion, this does not cause much rejection, rather envy, what a fine fellow she is. It is possible that she is the same role model for someone and her friend at her wedding will do something similar.

Coquetry lies in the fact that the girl promises to turn off the phone in order to be on this important day with her beloved. But the loved one is not very important, what happens on Instagram is much more important. An hour later, the following post spills out on the viewers of this show with screenshots of congratulations that were received on the “disconnected” device. I can vividly imagine newlyweds abroad, he sits, buried in the phone, on the first day after the wedding, she scribbles messages on her Instagram. Everything is for the amusement of the crowd, even on the most important day.

The events of everyday life become less important than their perception and assessment by others. A friend of mine posts photos of his young wife on Facebook, she is dying of cancer – metastases, the last stage. Photos not of what was beautiful about their relationship, but a gaunt face on a pillow in the hospice. The post is sub-lock, but in the comments he asks the question, is it worth putting it out for general review, isn’t it too much?

It happened almost ten years ago, then people were still asking questions, is it worth it to speak outside. It seems to me that today attracting attention has already become the norm and therefore even such a question is not worth it. Has a loved one died or is dying? This is another reason to talk to strangers about it, gain some kind of empathy, or seek support. This makes me cringe, because the personal is exposed to the public, depreciated and made the property of a crowd of strangers. And for what? Virtual likes?

Since then I have not crossed paths with that acquaintance and I try to avoid him in everything and everywhere. I cannot perceive a person who uses the pain of a loved one in order to get something in this life. It’s one thing when you have a problem and need to resolve the issue, find the right people, and so on. There are no questions here and there cannot be. It’s a completely different matter when the situation itself is used in a different context, to get some goodies from others, because look how bad everything is in my life. I don’t understand it and I cannot understand it.

The number of friends who know about some happy or sad events in my life is not very large. As for me, this is normal, you cannot be friends with the whole world and assume that this is a strong relationship. Maybe I’m wrong and many people want to experience their achievements or pain in public, it’s easier for them. Not sure if this is correct. But in our century, many people have nothing personal left, everything is laid out on social networks. Something tells me that a girl who admired her wedding so much may well write something like this: “We have lost a loved one, we grieve and cannot recover from the shock. Coffin decoration from XXX florists, the last outfit from YYY, selection of funeral music from ZZZ ”. Hopefully it doesn’t come to this, on the other hand, and all these reality shows were perceived as something unlikely in ordinary life, but time has shown that this is not so.

The question can only sound in monosyllables: your personal life should remain personal, or you think that it needs to be shared outside. Do you share privacy and social networking?

Netflix launches payment in rubles – the second coming of the service

In Russia, it was possible to buy a subscription to Netflix before, but payment is exclusively in foreign currency, the lack of localized films and TV series, the word-for-word does not count. Now the service is officially launched, and you can subscribe in rubles, but not everyone should rush to do this. Netflix’s country-specific policy is that many shows are simply unavailable no matter what languages ​​you watch them in. For example, in Russia, when choosing a Russian interface and linking payment in rubles, “Alienist” disappeared, the loss is small, but unpleasant. From what I had and was lost – “Fargo”, “Darkness” and a number of other serials. Considering that these are popular shows, it is worth expecting that they will be returned along with Russian voice acting. When? The question remains open. But now many series will be delayed, attempts to open them via a direct link are fruitless, the video is not available in Russia. I’ll turn a little, for my taste, this is a bad option for starting a service.

In many countries, Netflix has abandoned the free trial period of 30 days, in Russia it has remained. And that’s good, you can find the Russian page here.

Spillikins # 612. In the wake of the iPhone 12 presentation

Now a couple of words about prices. Let’s take a look at the screenshot.

Spillikins # 612. In the wake of the iPhone 12 presentation

The basic tariff plan looks like a mockery in every sense, it seems to have been invented so that people would not choose it. Low resolution, only one device at a time and the price is 600 rubles. In my opinion, a family subscription makes sense (it’s not called that, but in fact it is), four devices, support for 4K and HDR. In short, there is something to see here.

I read many comments that the price is inadequate and such a service should cost up to one hundred rubles with maximum quality. Someone was more generous and claimed a price of 300 rubles, no more. Where these assumptions come from, I do not understand, the price for the library that is in the service looks justified. And the family subscription is more or less adequate, it does not look prohibitively high.

My attitude is that good services should be paid adequately, this looks fair to me. Don’t like the service? Don’t pay for it, it’s very simple. There are many Netflix subscribers among my friends and acquaintances, and a lot of interesting content comes out during the month that you can watch. Alas, this is not a comprehensive library, I have a subscription to five different services in order to receive those series that interest me. Only pirates have everything in one place, but I use them when traveling to other countries, as official apps often block content. You arrive in the States, and they show you a fat fig, instead of downloaded films you have a shish. As a user, this somewhat pisses me off, does not look right and gives the moral right to watch already paid serials in a local copy (which, from the point of view of the law, does not make it right, it is still piracy). I don’t see much of a fight against piracy, today the cries about the high cost do not come from what is really expensive, it is rather an excuse for my choice of pirated versions. And here you can think of a lot of reasons why people don’t pay. But the question of price is probably the last of a long list of claims that can be called real. Let’s be honest that piracy is a petty economy for someone, a matter of habit or convenience. But not the cost of the content that we are offered. After all, today one book costs at least five hundred rubles, or even the whole thousand. And there is much more content in subscription services.

LG TVs May Disable Smart Features, Be Careful

Modern TVs are a necessary thing for someone, but completely superfluous for someone. But if you decide to buy a TV, then you choose a model for many years, which implies responsibility in choosing and a desire not to miss with it. Of course, many, if not most, choose a smart TV to expand its capabilities. And here I want to note that problems with such functions can happen if you buy a gray TV that is not intended for your region. Manufacturers set different prices for similar models in different markets, sometimes distributors sell TV at zero, since small markets cannot digest expensive models, and the price for them is initially set slightly lower than elsewhere. It is hard to imagine that in Montenegro the demand for 100-inch models will be overwhelming. This is just one example of where TV at lower prices comes from.

The gray TV market is quite developed, but in general, these are insignificant sales, too large equipment, it is too difficult to drag such models across the border, this is not a phone that can be hidden in a suitcase. The gray TV market in Russia differs in estimates, someone says that it is about 1%, someone says about 5%. Both numbers are not very large, this is the usual size of the gray market for electronics.

Since 2013, Samsung has been fighting the gray market, blocking smart TV functions in models that were unofficially imported into Russia. We have written about this many times.

LG last week decided to remind that they adhere to exactly the same strategy, and published a page where they wrote that smart functions in gray devices will be blocked during the update. They say, who did not hide, we are not to blame. You can find the page here.

Spillikins # 612. In the wake of the iPhone 12 presentation

Savings when buying such expensive equipment can go sideways. But there is good news, if the manufacturer disables any TV functions, you can contact the store (if it still exists) that sold the TV to you and demand a full refund, regardless of when you bought the TV. An ordinary lawyer will help you competently draw up an appeal, you can still enlist the manufacturer’s answer that a particular TV is not intended for the Russian market and you have been misled. And you found out about this only at the moment when those very smart functions were cut off for you.

By and large, I have nothing against gray supplies, I believe that they diversify the market and provide an alternative cost, which is not bad. But for buyers it is important to understand what exactly they are losing and gaining when buying such equipment. I think I’ll tell you a few stories this week, both about consumer extremism and about low prices for certain smartphones that come out sideways (stolen camera devices).

Tinkoff is not for sale! Yandex does not buy the bank

Interestingly, the girls are dancing – this phrase was spinning in my head when I saw how, in an internal letter to employees, Oleg Tinkov described the breakdown of the transaction to sell the bank in favor of Yandex. You can read the letter yourself.

Spillikins # 612. In the wake of the iPhone 12 presentation

The whole story of Oleg Tinkov is built around the sales of what he built. This is speculation, albeit on a slightly different level, it is based on exactly the same idea. Build something, get added value in the sale, and voila, take it to the next level. Tinkov’s businesses do not live after the sale, it is always someone’s fault that they are covered with a copper basin.

When Oleg Tinkov writes, they say, we are not for sale, the phrase “free cash desk” pops up in my head. Feelings are exactly the opposite of what is stated in words. The letter for the employees leaked “accidentally” is part of a simple PR campaign, a blow to Yandex. The latter does not know how to play in PR at all and in any way, he is completely helpless in this field, and this is already a historical weakness, which is only getting stronger every year. The crisis is growing, which means that Yandex’s PR skills are weakening.

The answer that was given to the attack on the part of Tinkov is quite balanced, I think that the stated version of events is quite true (knowing all the participants in the events, I believe more in the words of Yandex). Read what Tigran Khudaverdyan, Managing Director of Yandex, said about this in a letter to the company’s employees:

The deal with Tinkoff did not materialize. It happens – we could not agree on the conditions, and I would like to explain in a nutshell why.

In July, Oleg turned to Arkady with a proposal to consider the purchase of the bank. Oleg has been trying to sell his bank for many years, and here Yandex also got rid of the noncommittance with Sber after the sale of a stake in Yandex.Money.

It was an interesting opportunity for us to merge with a rather large bank with which we have several joint projects. Tinkoff has a strong and close-minded team – and this was the most important thing for us in this story.

However, the final agreement, which Oleg and I had previously agreed upon and announced together, turned out to be thwarted. We constantly went to meet Oleg in his additional requirements. And, of course, we agreed that after the deal, Oleg would take part in managing the bank and help Yandex as a whole (this was logical, because as a result of the deal, Oleg would become a major shareholder of Yandex). Unfortunately, after each stage of the negotiations, more and more new requirements arose. Therefore, when today we learned that Oleg had made the decision to withdraw from the deal, we were not surprised.

As a result of the deal, we would build partnerships with the Tinkoff team, provide the team with freedom in business development and all the capabilities of our ecosystem. Such freedom is a traditional condition for the development of Yandex business units.

We wish the guys from Tinkoff every success – you are great!

What’s next? We will develop fintech using all the resources available to us and creating new partnerships. We have everything ahead!

For Yandex, this is unpleasant news without any discounts; they need a bank to develop their ecosystem. Having quarreled with Sberbank, the company created a monster that in a couple of years will come to their soul.

But there is another problem that is widely discussed in narrow circles. Sberbank is going to create its own ecosystem and plans to be not only a virtual operator, but also a real operator. He can buy the same bank of Tinkov, but he will run into opposition from the Federal Antimonopoly Service. But if this bank buys MTS, then it will turn out to be a completely different story. And MTS will be able to buy the bank with loans from Sberbank. And then in a year or two Sberbank will be able, one way or another, to acquire MTS. It is clear that so far these are only rumors about the configuration that may await us in the future, but they look more or less real. Which made me remember this whole situation and talk about these questions.

PS Enjoy your work week, health and the right mindset. So that good deeds argue and everything works out for you!

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