Tariff “For laptop” MTS and other news

The promised update of the tariff sample November 2017. There are few changes, the main thing is that the maximum speed was raised from 4 to 10 Mbps. The tariff has risen in price by only 50 rubles. up to 850 rubles / month. Tariff line “Download!” in MegaFon, will it be sent to the archive on July 1, 2020? It would be nice to leave, these tariffs have their own audience.

The description of the previous version of the “For Laptop” tariff can be found here, in the review of a similar tariff offer of MGTS “Smart Modem”. Since there are not very many changes in the new MTS tariff, I will repeat some pieces from the previous review so as not to drive you between different materials.

So, the full text of the news can be found on the MTS website here, the tariff description itself is here. Quotes from the news:

“From May 27, 2020, a completely new tariff“ For laptop ”with unlimited Internet in the MTS network throughout Russia and a selection of interesting films for every day is open for connection and transition!

With the new “For Laptop” tariff, every month you get:

  • UNLIMITED Internet at speeds up to 10 Mbps;
  • 150 channels of Mobile TV;
  • Selection of entertaining films and cartoons.

When purchasing a SIM card with a tariff, special conditions apply: in the first 3 months from the date of activation, the monthly fee will be 590 rubles, from the 4th month – 850 rubles

The monthly fee for switching to a tariff is 850 rubles. To switch to the “For laptop” tariff dial * 111 * 3621 # (call).

Also, from May 27, 2020, the previously valid tariff “For laptop” was renamed to “For laptop 102017” and is closed for connection and transition. The terms of service for subscribers who subscribed to this tariff earlier than the indicated date will remain the same. “

After the news of MTS about the imminent sending of the “Tariff for laptop” to the archive, I received a letter with a recommendation to familiarize myself with the tariff of MGTS “Smart Modem”, which appeared in MGTS relatively recently and is almost a complete analogue of the tariff of MTS, but cheaper for MGTS subscribers. Then in the list of MGTS tariffs I saw (completely new?) “Smart Modem +”, which at first glance looks like “Smart Modem”, but for 100 rubles. more expensive and the maximum speed is no longer 4, but 10 Mbps. In general, one could have guessed that MTS would do something similar, and so it happened. In total, among the public tariffs of MTS and MGTS, today we have in Moscow three valid unlimited speed limits:

  • “Smart Modem” MGTS, 4 Mbit / s, 800 rubles. for anyone, 700 rubles. when using the “Home Internet” service from MGTS
  • “Smart Modem +” MGTS, 10 Mbit / s, 900 rubles. for anyone, 800 rubles. when using the “Home Internet” service from MGTS
  • “For laptop” MTS, 10 Mbit / s, 850 rubles.

For those who have not read, a few theses on the essence of tariffs with a speed limit. For all the subscribers’ dislike of such restrictions, such tariffs have their important advantages.

  • Unlike unlimited for a smartphone, such a tariff is not limited to use in a certain type of device (smartphone, smartphone + tablet). A sim card can be inserted into a router or a modem.
  • Accordingly, you can safely distribute the Internet without any “chemistry” with TTL and without the risk of the operator blocking the SIM card.
  • Reduced speed is a natural limiter of traffic consumption, there is no need to pile up and use insanely complex software constructions for adaptive speed control depending on the load on the network segment. Also, you do not need to track the traffic of all subscribers and turn on the “brakes” for those who went over with the number of downloaded gigabytes.
  • Finally, the operator does not have to waste the expensive time of its employees on constant scandals with indignant subscribers: “Why was I restricted / blocked ?! So what if I downloaded a measly hundred or two gigabytes ?! It’s unlimited, and everything is paid for! “

Tariff “For laptop” MTS

So we got to the actual tariff. Sorry for the long introduction, but it was necessary to understand the essence of these tariffs and to avoid confusion.

Tariff "For laptop" MTS and other news

Full subscription fee – 850 rubles / month. They could, of course, at least put a footnote or write in very small print that the indicated 590 rubles. – subscriber only for the first three months and only for new connections. And so, to find out about this, you have to go into the “Details” basement and open the “Mandatory Payments” item.

Unexpected surprise: did you ask for mobile Internet without any operator tricks and restrictions? Receive and sign! The “For laptop” tariff is accompanied by the option “For laptop 052020 at maximum speed”, for 350 rubles / month the speed limit is removed, you can connect the option with the command * 111 * 1637 #. Total – the long-awaited unlimited unlimited for 1 200 rubles / month. Expensive? Probably expensive for someone who is used to shamanism with tariffs for smartphones or to get corporate data rates for a lot of money. On the other hand, many of you swear: “We would put a fair price instead of all these barriers and restrictions!” Here, the requests have been heard and the price has been set, rejoice!

Tariff "For laptop" MTS and other news

With the prices for voice communication, everything is simple, 5 rubles / min for all local calls and federal MTS networks, 14 rubles / min for the networks of all other Russian operators. SMS – 3.50 rubles. for any SMS within Russia, including local ones. Yes, not cheap, but the tariff is not intended for voice communication and SMS correspondence. There is such an opportunity, and if you suddenly feel like it, it’s good that there is, but for the Internet tariff the price of calls is not very critical. And let me remind you that in accordance with the principle of “top-down” compatibility, a SIM card with this tariff will work both in a tablet and in a smartphone.

So our beloved content has appeared to make it empty. Let’s take a close look at the small print in pdf files. This is a list of services included in the initial package of the previous version of the “For laptop” tariff: Synchronization, Internet Assistant, Easy roaming and international access, BIT abroad, Mobile Assistant, Caller ID, Short Message Service, Call Forwarding (periodic), Waiting / call hold, Mobile Internet, Auto-informing about the balance, Conference calls, SMS informing when adding / removing services, Access without settings, Refusal to receive SMS-messages about tariff changes, Prohibition of changing TP in Initial blocking, Initial blocking, Monthly tariff fee , Total restriction of infotainment services, Monthly fee “For laptop”, Activation of a set of SIM Internet.

Pay attention to the “Total restriction of information and entertainment services” (I stressed), this is an analogue of the previous “Content Ban”. For a sim card in a router that distributes the Internet, this is important, otherwise try to find out the group member who picked up the infection. And now we are looking at the same list of services in the new version of the tariff: Monthly fee “For laptop” 052020; SMS notification when adding / removing services; Auto-informing about the balance; Easy roaming and international access; Mobile Internet; Mobile office; Mobile Assistant; Call waiting / holding; Call forwarding (periodic); Short message service; Access without settings; Conference calls; Caller ID; BIT abroad; “For laptop” fee for the first three months upon connection; MTS TV 2.0. TV for laptop.

And what do we see? More precisely, what we do not see. Well, you understand, right? There is no content blocking on the tariff in the starter pack, and now you have to take care of yourself. The sad thing is that it is still possible to beg to connect simply “Restriction of infotainment services”, but “Total restriction” is unlikely. Description error? Possible, but unlikely. I can easily believe in the costs of copy / paste, when something from the old remains uncleaned in the new description. But on the contrary – the disappearance of something important is more like a deliberate (I almost wrote “malicious”) action. It remains to clarify whether the “Total restriction” will remain connected for those who switch from the old “For laptop” to the new one.

The tariff has a turbo button “Maximum speed for 3 hours” for 99 rubles. and “Maximum speed for 6 hours” for 160 rubles. Torrents on the tariff work, but at a speed of 512 Kbps. Well at least not 64 Kbps, and thanks for that.

Internet session rounding – 100 KB, in the previous version of the tariff it was 1 KB. However, it doesn’t matter for unlimited. Distribution of Internet traffic at no additional cost and in unlimited volume. But it is stipulated that the maximum upload speed is 10 Mbps. Then I thought a bit: is it theoretically possible to distribute traffic at a higher speed than you receive the same traffic? Okay, that’s it already, grumble. Perhaps, this is basically all about the new tariff “For a laptop”.

“MegaFon” tariff line “Download!”

They wrote that the line “Download!” will go to the archive, and indeed, on each of these three tariffs, when viewing, the sign “Hurry up to connect to the tariff of the” Download! “line comes out! until July 1, 2020 “. So take a look if you were going to connect. Junior tariff “Download! Easy ”is similar to the junior data-tariff of MGTS, also 700 rubles. for unlimited at a speed of 4 Mbit / s. But in MGTS 700 rubles. only for users of the wired Internet MGTS, for the rest the subscriber is 800 rubles, and in “Download! Easy ”is for 700 rubles. and for mere mortals.

The tariff line itself can be found here, it makes no sense to disassemble it in detail, since the connection is possible only until July 1, 2020. Who knows, who knows. The line seems to have been developed and launched in April 2020, it was supposed for those who are sitting in self-isolation, you can read a press release on this topic here.

Tariff "For laptop" MTS and other news

And in “MegaFon”, it turns out, they made a small presentation for these tariffs and offer to rent a router for 100 rubles. per month, you can see it here. Actually, as the French say, would purcua not be? Somehow they didn’t bother with active advertising, but in vain. The moment is right, and 100 rubles. a month for renting a router – not God knows what an additional waste. After all, people are already accustomed to buying toilet paper on credit. Thank you for not leasing, God forgive me. And a cheap home router often does not support mobile networks at all. And how to live self-insulated in the country? 100 rubles / month is a fair price for the Internet happiness of a self-isolator. Or a self-isolator?

As for the unlimited “Download! At any moment ”with a daily payment of 70 rubles, then this exotic also finds its consumer. Going out with your family or friends in nature, as an emergency solution in case of a breakdown at the main Internet provider, etc. Put your sim card into the router, and in 30 seconds you are for 24 hours with unlimited Internet. The main thing is not to put a SIM card with such a tariff with a second SIM card in a smartphone, you can inadvertently stay without pants.

Tariff "For laptop" MTS and other news

One of the tariffs of the line is also an illustration to the question of whether completely unlimited (without speed limits) Internet from MTS is expensive for 1 rubles, in MegaFon for a similar “Download! Full ”they ask for 200 rubles. We could have left this ruler, there is nothing particularly preferential in it. Local minute for 1 rubles. and intercity at 300 rubles / min – not those figures that can be considered unprofitable for the operator, unlimited for 3 Mbit / s for 15 rubles. also suitable for the Moscow market.


Tariff "For laptop" MTS and other news

Since we’re talking about unlimited. Something again begins to appear on the network materials that operators are again thinking of abandoning Internet unlimited. Say, they have run out of money during the epidemic, and people have become impoverished, they do not want to buy anything in the salons. It is necessary to somehow improve the financial situation, but how? Unlimited is the way to nowhere, you won’t take more monthly fees from the client. And here, during the period of self-isolation, people dramatically increased their traffic consumption, and many discovered new ways of using the Internet. Self-isolation will end sooner or later, and new habits will remain, it’s time to give up unlimited and start taking money for traffic more actively. I’m afraid to screw it up, but it’s logical, you must agree.

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