TECNO SPARK 5 Air: 5 reasons for and 1 against

Choosing the best smartphone is a thorny and tedious path, because you need to take into account a dozen different factors and characteristics, keeping within a reasonable amount.

Someone trusts the advice of the seller, losing sight of the fact that most of them receive some kind of commission for selling a certain brand. Others run the risk of going to extremes and focusing only on numbers, trying to choose a device that has more gigabytes, gigahertz, milliampere-hours. Both approaches are wrong.

A smartphone is the most personal gadget of a modern person, at the screen of which he looks at the screen for at least 3 hours a day, and at least 14 hours the smartphone is at arm’s length from its owner. Based on this, you need to choose a smartphone that will give positive emotions – so that the screen is pleasing to the eye, and the design and colors of the body bring aesthetic pleasure, it was not a shame to post pictures from the camera on social networks, and the battery life allowed you to live at your own pace, not resorting to constant help from power banks. And since the economic situation is not happy and the authorities recall the anecdote from the screens that now there is a black stripe, and before it was white, then the price of a smartphone should not undermine the budget.

In this article, we will talk about one of the new products in 2020, the TECNO SPARK 5 Air smartphone, and we will analyze 5 reasons for buying and 1 against. Even if you are not going to buy a smartphone or you do not know the TECNO brand, I still recommend reading the text. At least you will know that a high-quality smartphone with a price of up to 8 thousand rubles should be able to. And, perhaps, you will wonder whether it is worth overpaying …

Reason # 1. Design and colors!

The TECNO SPARK 5 Air smartphones have multi-colored cases with an unusual gradient. First, it’s beautiful. On the official website, the colors may seem overly flashy, but they are not. In reality, smartphones have deep and rich colors.

TECNO SPARK 5 Air: 5 reasons for and 1 against

The smartphone looks stylish even in a red case. Of course, there is also black (where can we go without it?), But don’t be afraid to experiment! Go for red, blue, or green. Bright colors charge with positive. Second, the gradient adds sophistication to the colors, but most importantly, it creates a visual texture that is less noticeable for fingerprints. Accordingly, the smartphone always looks neat!

It doesn’t really apply to design, but the smartphone has a “Dark theme”. There are also two positive aspects here. Black background, black interface elements – it looks especially stylish on a large and high-quality screen. The second plus is that black is less eye fatiguing. This is especially useful in the evening, when a blinding white screen can cause quite natural irritation.

Reason # 2. The slogan “Expect more” and the price is 7 rubles

Price is often the first thing to look at when buying. If it fits, then the rest of the characteristics are already studied. As high as low prices can be frightening. For its characteristics, the cost of the TECNO SPARK 5 Air does seem suspiciously low. And a person not familiar with TECNO Mobile may suspect a catch. But everything is fair! This is the main idea of ​​the brand: expect more! TECNO Mobile has focused on the production of affordable, yet high quality phones, working in markets where there is a demand for such solutions. The TECNO Mobile brand belongs to the large Transsion Holdings with R&D centers and offices in 60 countries. Over the 15 years since its foundation, having relied on a combination of quality and affordable prices, Transsion Holdings has come a long way and now occupies the 6th place in the TOP-10 global smartphone manufacturers.

At a price of 7 rubles, TECNO SPARK 999 Air, in accordance with the slogan “Expect more,” really gives more than its competitors – a larger diagonal and a better screen, better photo quality, a larger battery and more modern hardware. In order not to be unfounded, we will analyze these statements further in the course of the article.

TECNO SPARK 5 Air: 5 reasons for and 1 against

The smartphone is backed by an extended warranty of 12 + 1 months, and in addition to charging, there is also a case and ergonomic earphones

Reason # 3. Cameras!

Cameras are one of the most important elements of a modern smartphone. In matters of photography, smartphones have long supplanted cameras. Smartphones are lighter and more portable than cameras, and they make it much easier to share pictures by posting them on social networks or sending them in instant messengers. By the way, the last point in TECNO SPARK 5 Air is perfected to the smallest detail: you can send a photo taken to social networks with one touch!

TECNO SPARK 5 Air: 5 reasons for and 1 against

TECNO SPARK 5 Air: 5 reasons for and 1 against

The taken photo can be sent to social networks with one touch! The photo shows a quick posting button to Facebook

The TECNO SPARK 5 Air is highly competent in photography. By the way, if you want to get the maximum quality of photography, you should pay attention to the photo flagship of the CAMON 15 Pro line.

The main 13MP camera, equipped with a large f / 1.8 aperture, is assisted by a separate artificial intelligence module and a four-section flash (even if you don’t shoot in the dark, such a cool flashlight will definitely not hurt!).

It may seem that the 13 MP photo module is the main star, but this is not so. The quality of optics and the number of megapixels have long faded into the background. Artificial intelligence (AI) and processing algorithms – that’s who rules the show! The TECNO SPARK 5 Air uses a new AI Camera 3.0 algorithm, which was transplanted from older models.

TECNO SPARK 5 Air: 5 reasons for and 1 against

Artificial intelligence and algorithms work without attracting the user’s attention, but they do most of the work. For example, a smartphone itself is able to recognize what you are shooting and select the optimal settings for shooting landscapes, portraits or culinary masterpieces.

TECNO SPARK 5 Air: 5 reasons for and 1 against

Another example of AI working is HDR control, so there is no overexposure in the photo, that is, too light or dark areas. Both the foreground and background are perfectly detailed and natural colors are observed.

TECNO SPARK 5 Air: 5 reasons for and 1 against

One of the most important examples of artificial intelligence at work is shooting with background blur, or bokeh. It is AI that allows you to clearly blur the background, focusing attention on the subject of the photograph and adding expressiveness and depth to the frames.

The front camera of the TECNO SPARK 5 Air is 8 MP. Of course, it also has AI and processing algorithms. But the camera has its own zest, there are as many as 2 flashes on the sides of the screen! This allows you to shoot brighter selfies in dim lighting.

TECNO SPARK 5 Air: 5 reasons for and 1 against

Speaking about algorithms and AI, one cannot fail to mention such an important thing as beautification functions. A couple of touches of the screen, and traces of fatigue or lack of sleep were gone. First, it saves time by not having to process your photos before posting them to social media. Secondly, the built-in beautification works even during WhatsApp video calls. It’s up to you to use such tricks or not, but it’s nice that they are always at hand.

Reason # 4. Screen!

The screen is one of the main pleasant surprises of a smartphone. TECNO Mobile did not economize and used a high-quality IPS-matrix with large viewing angles. A nice feature of IPS screens is the absence of PWM, that is, the screen does not flicker at low brightness, which allows you to comfortably, for example, read from the screen even in complete darkness.

TECNO SPARK 5 Air: 5 reasons for and 1 against

It is very good to view the taken photos on the huge screen

The 6.95-inch screen occupies 88% of the front panel of the device. It has a cinematic aspect ratio of 19.5 by 9 and a resolution of 1640 by 720 pixels. But, perhaps, the main bonus is the high brightness of 480 nits, which allows you to comfortably use your smartphone even on a clear day.

TECNO SPARK 5 Air: 5 reasons for and 1 againstTECNO SPARK 5 Air: 5 reasons for and 1 against

The screen is protected by a premium version of the Japanese protective glass Asahi Glass. Not everyone knows, but Asahi Glass (the company is called AGC Inc) is the largest glass manufacturer in the world and one of the most important companies that make up the core of the Mitsubishi Corporation.

The TECNO SPARK 5 Air uses a screen with a tiny cutout in the center. It is invisible, but the interface provides the ability to either hide the cutout completely, or use it as a system bar for indicators of charge and network reception.

TECNO SPARK 5 Air: 5 reasons for and 1 against

Reason # 5. Performance, battery life and software

Performance, software and battery life always go together because outdated hardware and lagged software will drain the biggest battery in a moment.

The TECNO SPARK 5 Air uses the current MediaTek Helio A22 chipset, made according to the 12 nm process technology. And the smartphone itself runs on the latest available version of Android 10. Together with a 5 mAh battery, this combination gives a stable 000-2 days of work! The TECNO SPARK 3 Air uses an intelligent power saving system, thanks to which the smartphone gives up to 5 hours of photo shooting, 8 hours of video viewing, 16 hours of surfing the web, 17 hours of listening to music and 16 hours of calls.

TECNO SPARK 5 Air: 5 reasons for and 1 against

On top of Android there is a light proprietary shell HiOS 6. In addition to the “Dark theme”, which was mentioned earlier, the shell has many more nice features. For example, it allows you to set up flash call notifications, the Turbo function allows you to record audio conversations via WhatsApp, and one of my favorite features is the sidebar quick access that slides out from the edge of the screen. On the panel, in addition to tools (screenshot, screen recording, etc.), you can place the applications that you most often use.

1 reason against

The main reason against is the lack of NFC. In Russia, people from ancient times fell in love with paying for purchases by putting a smartphone to the terminal. And here is such a puncture. On the other hand, saving on a smartphone, you can buy yourself a cardholder by attaching it to the back of the device.

TECNO SPARK 5 Air: 5 reasons for and 1 against


In this small material, only the main advantages of the TECNO SPARK 5 Air have been analyzed. Numerous small but pleasant bonuses remain behind the scenes, such as three slots for SIM-cards, good ergonomic earphones included in the kit, and a high-quality silicone case. It was not said about the fact that the factory protective film was already glued to the screen. But about the extended warranty of 12 + 1 months, probably still worth mentioning. And on my own behalf, I will mention that the smartphone has an FM radio with a built-in antenna.

Summing up the results, writing down the pros and cons, you get something like this table. But to learn more about the smartphone, you should visit the website dedicated to the smartphone.

Pros Cons
6.95 inch flicker-free screen with
high brightness 480 nits
Lack of NFC
Powerful main and front cameras,
equipped with artificial intelligence and
photo processing algorithms
MicroUSB charging connector
A combination of up-to-date software,
iron and a large battery, which gives 2-3 days of work
Thoughtful design with interesting
colors and a gradient that hides fingerprints.
Fresh Android and latest version
proprietary shell HiOS 6
Rich equipment (headphones, case,
additional warranty, factory film)
FM radio (believe me, there are situations
when you say thank you for having a radio!)
3 slots for SIM cards
(or 2 SIM-cards + microSD memory card)
Favorable price of 7 999 rubles  

Published – 20 October 2020


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