Tele2, Tariff “Game”

Special rate – a joint project with Rostelecom and Wargaming. The new Tele2 tariff offers a premium account in the games World of Tanks, World of Warplanes and World of Warships, as well as unique military equipment. The subscription fee is 890 rubles, for which you get 30 GB of Internet traffic, 100 SMS-messages, unlimited calls to Tele2 numbers and 700 minutes of calls to the networks of other operators.

The news can be read here, the Tele2 website is Moscow, but the monthly fee is 890 rubles. the same for all regions of Russia. Quotes from the press release:

“Tele2 is the first in the mobile communications market to launch a unique tariff plan in all regions of its presence, taking into account all the needs of players. It includes not only a premium account and exclusive benefits for gamers, but also unlimited access to YouTube, Twitch content and a massive mobile service package.

Tele2, Tariff "Game"

Together with an endless premium account in World of Tanks, players are provided with an exclusive tank available only to users of the “Game” tariff. This is a T-44-100 Tier VIII premium tank with three exclusive camouflages and the Signal Troops inscription, 100% manned by a crew with a zero combat brotherhood skill.

World of Warships players will receive an endless premium ship account and a Tier VIII premium battleship “V. I. Lenin ”with an exclusive camouflage, a commander with ten skill points, 25 doubloons every day. In World of Warplanes, users have access to the exclusive premium plane Yakovlev Yak-ZT Tier VII. “

Tele2, Tariff "Game"

Unfortunately, I don’t play the famous “Tanchiki”, and all the game terminology for me is a dark forest. But they write that the included in the tariff an endless tank premium account in the format of a separate subscription costs 550 rubles. If this is not a lump sum, but every month, then the “Game” tariff certainly deserves the attention of the players, because 890 – 550 = 340 rubles. The value of the game bonuses included in the tariff is unknown to me, but the players probably understand what the press release is about.

Tariff “Game”

The description of the tariff can be read here, you can go to the tariff. The site is Moscow, but, as I already wrote, the monthly fee is the same for all regions, and it can be assumed that other characteristics of the tariff are also the same. If this is really the case, then the well-known phenomenon of “tariff asymmetry” may take place, when tariff parameters uniform throughout Russia turn out to be too profitable for Moscow and of little interest for many regions. Whatever one may say, in order to remain competitive, tariffs for regions with different levels of prices and incomes should also be different.

Those wishing to compare “Game” with other tariffs of the line can go to see all Tele2 tariffs here. Offhand, “Game” in its parameters is quite close to “My Online +” for 700 rubles / month, but in the “Game” tariff includes unlimited YouTube and 100 SMS within Russia. If these options are added to “My Online +”, then instead of 700 we will get 920 rubles / month, which is very close to 890 rubles / month on the “Game” tariff. And we send almost all of them a few SMS per month. Fans of YouTube “Game” should be interesting. This, I repeat, is the opinion of a person who is far from “Tanchiks”, I am now only talking about the tariff.

Important features

  • I already wrote about YouTube, in addition to it, the tariff includes unlimited Twitch. If you are actively using it, then this is not bad, save 99 rubles. per month. Moreover, unlimited YouTube and Twitch also operate on trips across Russia.
  • A package of 700 minutes is not spent on calls to Tele2, everything is fair here.
  • Intercity for all numbers in Russia is spent from the package of minutes, everything is fine here too. After the package of minutes has been exhausted, calls to all numbers in Russia for 1.95 rubles per minute.
  • A package of 100 SMS is also to all numbers in Russia, SMS over the package for 1.95 rubles.
  • The remaining minutes and Internet traffic do not burn out, but are carried over to the next month, and the minutes / gigabytes transferred from the last month are consumed in the first place. It seems to be logical and obvious, but marketers sometimes have their own logic. I remember how I was amazed at the cleverness when I discovered this trick on the declared transfer of balances from one of the operators: the transferred balances were spent only after the main package had been exhausted! An ingenious solution: there seems to be a transfer, but it can be used only once every two months, even theoretically. And just a seemingly innocent note in small print about the sequence of spending the transferred remnants.
  • It’s strange that the “Game” tariff lacks the ability to share gigabytes, which has already become customary in Tele2. I don’t know if this should be understood as a hint that gigabyte sharing will be absent on all subsequent Tele2 tariffs.
  • The unlimited Internet service for a smartphone is available at the tariff for 200 rubles / month, although I doubt that it will be useful to many, after all, the main traffic eater is YouTube, and here it is unlimited. And it is somehow irrational to pay another 200 rubles. and send 30 GB to the trash, you can’t share gigabytes. Sell ​​gigabytes on the Tele2 Market “exchange”? It is tempting, but not the fact that it works, in the description of the “exchange” there is no “Game” in the list of supported tariffs. Could, of course, just forget to add to the description, it is necessary to check in practice. Or hope that Tele2 will read this review and correct the omission.

Tele2, Tariff "Game"

If something is missing in the package, then you can add. The prices are not particularly good, but better than retail. I liked the numbers themselves: everything is 50 and is remembered instantly. There are no other options for setting up a tariff, and there is no “Set up tariff” icon on the tariff showcase. Is it also a trend, and will this option disappear from tariffs in the future?

Tele2, Tariff "Game"

Pay attention to the behavior of the tariff when the balance is insufficient. In the negative, with the blocking of the tariff, the subscriber is not debited, only the Internet is blocked, and voice and SMS are charged at retail at unfavorable prices. Also, unlimited on Tele2 ceases to work, and the entire intercity begins to be charged at 9 rubles / min. I don’t even know if such a scheme is good or bad. Objectively, it is probably better than a complete blocking of outgoing calls, since a forgetful person still has the opportunity to call if he really wants to. On the other hand, the Internet is blocked, which is not good. The ideal would be the option of switching to the daily write-off of the subscriber, but how they did it, they did it, it remains only to understand, forgive and take into account.


With the “Game” tariff it is easy to write a resume, the tariff is quite unique, and there is still not much to choose from. If you are, of course, a keen “tanker”. In passing, it can be noted that users of “My Online +” who watch YouTube a lot, it makes sense to look towards this tariff. In “Game” there are no unlimited social networks and instant messengers, but it is YouTube that eats a lot of traffic, and for everything else, the 30 GB included in the package should be enough. As a last resort, you can buy some kind of unlimited watsap at a low cost if your soul requires anlim.

In general, the tariff looks good, I don’t see any pitfalls or ambushes. There is no intercity and everything is from the package, there is an honest transfer of balances, there is no separate tariffication for calls to city numbers, calls within the network are not consumed. What else is needed for the complete happiness of an amateur to drive tanks or launch boats? The price, of course, for many regions will turn out to be not good, but this is the cost of a single tariff price throughout Russia.

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