Tele2, tariff line update

In the Moscow region, we are talking about the appearance in the line of a new tariff “Everywhere Online +” for 600 rubles / month, in other regions this tariff is not yet available. But at least in some other regions, some tariffs have risen in price. As for “Everywhere Online +”, it deserves your attention.

Tele2, tariff line update

It seems to me that nine package tariffs in the lineup is a bit overkill, but let it be better than having an elegant line of several tariffs and regularly shake up these tariffs. Although there is probably some confusion in the minds of users, including due to the inconsistency in the names. Moreover, for some reason, they laid out on the tariff showcase four backup tariffs with the same names, but different (lower) prices, partially with different parameters and the 2020 prefix.

Tele2, tariff line update

See the screenshot above, I made it in case the mysterious “tariffs 2020” are removed from the list of current ones. It looks like archival tariffs that have cunningly penetrated into the main line, however, there are no such 2020 archival tariffs in the scanty and far from complete list of archive tariffs, there were only four archival tariffs. Bad looking?

Tele2, tariff line update

This is the only thing that I managed to dig up by searching on the Tele2 website. I contacted support, begged for a link, bingo! The section “Archive rates” still exists. Use whoever you need, this section is here. By the way, the descriptions of these 2020s from the main tariff showcase do not indicate their archival nature, which is usually denoted by the phrase “The tariff plan is closed for connection.” There are no buttons “Buy SIM” next to the names of these 2020 tariffs, but the site does not mind switching to these archive (?) Tariffs, offers to enter a phone number and promises to transfer. There is some kind of confusion and hesitation on the Tele2 website, you stumble almost at every second or third step. For example, we made the “Game” tariff with unlimited YouTube and added the corresponding icon to the storefront, correct design, well done! In the new “Everywhere Online +” tariff, unlimited YouTube is declared the main feature of the tariff, but there is no icon on the window. And tell me, how can an ordinary user guess about this “main feature” without going into the description of the tariff? It’s easier for me, I got a press release. Also an option, by the way: if you cannot overcome the mess on the site, then maybe it is worth trying to send out press releases throughout the subscriber base? Smtp servers are mighty these days, they will survive.

As far as I understand, Tele2 has a fairly logical tariff structure for “packets”, which consists of three main groups: simple package tariffs, simple ones with added unlimited social networks and instant messengers, tariffs with unlimited Internet. Within each group, the set of unlimited options may or may not include unlimited Instagram, and unlimited YouTube only on the “Game” and “Everywhere Online +” tariffs. Separately, this YouTube option is priced at 150 rubles / month.

If you often watch videos, then this type of traffic may be the most significant for you, and with unlimited YouTube, the main package of 40 GB will successfully cover your other Internet needs, that is, for YouTube fans “Everywhere Online +” will be, in fact, unlimited …


Tele2, tariff line update

Made for you a composite picture of the most basic features of “Everywhere Online +”. Now let’s go through the points.

  • I already wrote about unlimited YouTube, I did not think to see it in the tariff for 600 rubles. per month.
  • Thanks to the Tele2 “Profitable Together” option, you can get a discount from 5% to 15%, depending on the number of SIM cards on one contract. In practice, it may be more interesting for families or small businesses.
  • A package of 600 minutes is not spent on calls to Tele2, everything is fair here.
  • Intercity for all numbers in Russia is spent from the package of minutes, everything is fine here too. After the package of minutes has been exhausted, calls to all numbers in Russia for 1.95 rubles per minute.
  • Calls to landline numbers are also included in the package, there are no surprises here.
  • SMS in the amount of 50 pieces included. An SMS package is also sent to all numbers in Russia, SMS in excess of the package for 1.95 rubles.
  • The remaining minutes and Internet traffic do not burn out, but are carried over to the next month, and the minutes / gigabytes transferred from the last month are consumed in the first place.
  • The ability to share gigabytes in the description is present. Last time I didn’t find this feature in the “Game” tariff, and I was already worried about whether Tele2 had stopped supporting this option in the new tariffs.
  • Unlimited Internet service for a smartphone for 200 rubles / month is not available on the tariff, although I doubt that it could be useful to many, after all, the main traffic eater is YouTube, but here it is unlimited.
  • You can fully trade on the “exchange” Tele2 Market, the “Everywhere Online +” tariff is in the list of supported ones.


Collected lists of package tariffs at the beginning of December 2019 and October 2020, i.e. the current ruler. See what happened in six months with Tele2 tariffs in the Moscow region. Below is a line of “packages” for December 2019.

Tele2, tariff line update

And here is the current line of package tariffs.

Tele2, tariff line update

As you can see, the difference is noticeable even in the monthly fee, although the operators try to leave this parameter as quiet as possible. It remains to be comforted by the fact that simultaneously with the rise in prices, the tariff parameters are improving. As for “Everywhere Online +”, it differs from the usual “Everywhere Online” not only by the presence of free YouTube, but by a larger package of minutes (600 instead of 500).

On the third hand, if we compare with the proposals of competitors, then in the Moscow region we have almost nothing to rejoice at. It looks like 600 rubles for the “big three” in Moscow. subscribers are for the last rogue and it is unworthy to offer something worthy for this money, pardon the tautology, of the high rank of “federal operator”. Here’s what we have:

  • MTS – for 600 rubles per month “My Smart”: 600 minutes, 600 SMS and 20 GB of Internet. Oops … But 600 SMS, at least write it down.
  • “Beeline” – for 700 rubles a month “Close people 2”: 700 minutes, 300 SMS, 30 GB of Internet and unlimited instant messengers, but for the required 600 rubles. there is nothing at all. We don’t serve beggars, sir?
  • “MegaFon” – for 600 rubles “Without overpayments Everything”: 600 minutes, 30 GB, unlimited on social networks and instant messengers. Closer, but closer to “Everywhere Online” without a plus, which is for 500, not 600 rubles, since there is no unlimited on YouTube. There is also in MegaFon a similar in parameters and nice offer “Internet. Wylsacom Edition ”, where for 550 rubles they give 500 minutes, 25 GB, unlimited on social networks and instant messengers, as well as unlimited on YouTube, but alas! – promotion, the offer is available for connection only until November 30, 2020.
  • “Yota” – for 595 rubles, a tariff of 250 minutes, 40 GB and unlimited YouTube is going to be collected, this is almost “top ten”. However, “Yota” is a virtual and does not belong to the big three or four. Nevertheless, it is recommended to take note of this option as well.


In general, we can say that Tele2 in the Moscow region carefully maintains a certain price interval with competitors, including in the new “Everywhere Online +”. The new tariff is unlikely to get lost, it will find its consumer, because in Moscow there is 40 GB + 600 min. + unlim on YouTube do not lie on the road. It is not for nothing that Tele2 called him “HIT of sales” on the website a day before the tariff even went on sale. But we don’t know, maybe some modern Vanga works part-time for Tele2?

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