Ten reasons not to buy an Apple iPhone 12 Pro


The classic format of articles about flagships, in which we analyze what is good and what is bad. This time, we are looking at ten reasons that can stop you from buying the Apple iPhone 12 Pro.


  1. Reason # 1. Cosmic price with poor technical performance
  2. Reason # 2. Delivery set, the need to buy a charger
  3. Reason number 3. Device ergonomics – hello older iPhone 4
  4. Reason number 4. Off-market design, save on matches
  5. Reason number 5. Display from Samsung, read from Apple
  6. Reason number 6. 5G version, lack of pure 4G in iPhone 12
  7. Reason number 7. Old iPhone 5 rake in dark color
  8. Reason number 8. Apple’s ceramic shield – is the screen protected?
  9. Reason number 9. Good old iPhone without modern technology. Repair cost
  10. Reason number 10. IPhone 12 Pro battery life – no miracles
  11. The bottom line, conclusions

Reason # 1. Cosmic price with poor technical performance

Smartphones from Apple have never been cheap, they were distinguished by a price higher than the market by at least 25%. In 2020, Apple went for a greater increase in value, now the gap from similar models from other companies is much higher. So, the basic version of the iPhone 12 Pro costs from one hundred thousand rubles, the 256 GB version costs 110 thousand rubles. For comparison, the Galaxy S20 in the basic version costs 58 thousand rubles.

Ten reasons not to buy an Apple iPhone 12 Pro

Regardless of the buyer’s income, the cost of one hundred thousand rubles is the limit for many, it is morally impossible to spend such an amount on a smartphone, it is considered prohibitive and illogical. For Apple’s audience, this blocking factor is not so serious, at least for a part of this audience. But for them there is the iPhone 12 Pro Max, but the usual iPhone 12 Pro is considered only because of its size, many girls look at this device because of its compactness.

The set of characteristics in the iPhone 12 Pro practically does not differ from the previous iPhone 11 Pro, there is a different design, and nothing more. The rest looks exactly the same at the level of the previous model. For this reason, Apple has removed the iPhone 11 Pro from sales, but it can be easily found on the market. Another thing is that official devices cost about 80 thousand rubles (64 GB version), but the 256 GB version costs about 97 thousand rubles. And then there is a thought, what to take, an old device with a large memory capacity, better ergonomics or a novelty that has many flaws.

Reason # 2. Delivery set, the need to buy a charger

None of the manufacturers could wipe their feet on their customers as efficiently as Apple did. Selling the most expensive smartphones on the planet, the company decided not to add not only headphones to the package, which can be easily experienced, but also a charger. There is only a cable included. In theory, you can use it to charge the device from a computer or using your charger. Or you can shell out 2 rubles for a 000W charger.

Ten reasons not to buy an Apple iPhone 12 Pro

It’s strange that the iPhone 12 is not sold without a box, because it also costs money! Following this logic, it will soon be possible to buy not an iPhone, but a certificate that you had money for an iPhone. And definitely stickers so you can place them somewhere.

Reason number 3. Device ergonomics – hello older iPhone 4

Let’s remember that the design of the new iPhone 12 comes from the past, this is the refreshed iPhone 4.

Ten reasons not to buy an Apple iPhone 12 Pro

The problem is that the new devices are larger in size, sharp edges cut into the hand. God knows what a problem if you love the iPhone, and everything else is not important to you. The side keys have become less comfortable compared to 11 devices. In general, we can say that ergonomics suffers, and this is clearly seen in everyday life. Compared to its competitors, the iPhone 12 looks like a shot from the past, instead of rounding the body here we get chopped edges. Contemporary? Definitely not. Made for only one thing – so as not to spend money on ergonomics research and not to hire designers who know how to create modern devices. Such designers and engineers are expensive, and there are savings on everything. The company is not the best of times, you need to squeeze money out of everything, including saving on the development of devices.

Reason number 4. Off-market design, save on matches

For the first time, the rejection of the fingerprint sensor occurred in the iPhone X in 2017. Face unlocking required expensive and sophisticated sensors, and Apple insiders thought it would be a competitive advantage. This happened for a short time, and then Android device manufacturers learned to use front-facing cameras without any flaws. Tales about unlocking with a photo, videos have remained so for the last couple of years, it is impossible to do this. But iPhone fans assure that this is a trifling matter and every child is able to do such an experiment.

The wrong choice inside Apple has led to the fact that the company cannot refuse the sensor for face unlocking (the fingerprint sensor is still missing), the cutout in the screen reduces its size, reduces the diagonal. And there are also large bezels around the screen, which looks like an extremely outdated solution compared to any Android smartphones. In this aspect, the iPhone remains the device from the past, which, in fact, it is. You have to pay dearly for rarities.

Ten reasons not to buy an Apple iPhone 12 Pro

Reason number 5. Display from Samsung, read from Apple

Apple is losing the market from year to year, the best year for the company was 2015. The company cannot achieve those results and is constantly looking for the reason in the situation on the market. For example, all the flagships acquired OLED screens, as a result, Apple was forced to copy this approach, and now all the company’s flagships have such displays from Samsung. The systemic crisis inside Apple is such that the company has not fulfilled its own plans for the production and sale of flagships for two years in a row, which results in penalties from Samsung. In 2019, Apple paid $ 689 million; in 2020, the fine was $ 950 million. A trifle, but demonstrating a systemic crisis inside Apple.

It is extremely important for Apple to squeeze the maximum out of customers, but this is possible only in one case – when you sell old technology, something that is inexpensive. You wrap it in a pretty marketing wrapper, tell that everything you have is the best, and voila, the recipe is ready.

Ten reasons not to buy an Apple iPhone 12 Pro

What hasn’t been added to the most expensive smartphones on the planet? For OLED screens, there has long been a technology such as AlwaysOn Display, information is displayed on the screen in standby mode, including notifications. You don’t need to pick up the machine to see what’s going on. Apple added such a mode for the Apple Watch a year ago, but could not master it for smartphones (it is too expensive for smartphones, additional costs are penny costs within the cost of screens).

Ten reasons not to buy an Apple iPhone 12 Pro

Another point that is perplexing is the lack of a screen refresh rate of 120 Hz. The reason is trivial – saving on the battery, since it is expensive for Apple to install a large-capacity battery. Therefore, what is perceived as something cool for flagships and is really noticeable in everyday life, they did not add to the iPhone 12. A special piquancy is the fact that for the first time it was Apple that introduced 120 Hz in tablets. And they advertised this opportunity beautifully. It is impossible to achieve the smoothness of the interface at 60 Hz, as in the iPhone 12/12 Pro, Android smartphones win outright in this parameter.

Reason number 6. 5G version, lack of pure 4G in iPhone 12

By the time other companies have their third generation of 5G smartphones, Apple is entering the first generation of their devices. This is great news with one exception – there are no iPhone 12 models without 5G modules. For Russia, this means that most buyers will pay for technology that they cannot use (in the lines of other companies there is a choice of which device to buy). That is, about 10 thousand rubles is an overpayment for air, the inability to create different models for markets with and without 5G networks. Of course, it is possible that overpaying for this is a pleasant trifle, but most people would rather save money.

Reason number 7. Old iPhone 5 rake in dark color

The most popular color this season was “Pacific blue”, the metal of the case is painted in the color of the backrest, while the quality of the paint was left at the level of the iPhone 5, where the paint flew off. In a couple of days, the iPhone 12 Pro received a paint chip in my pocket, it is quite noticeable, gradually there will be more such chips.

Ten reasons not to buy an Apple iPhone 12 Pro

And this is how it looked on the iPhone 5.

Ten reasons not to buy an Apple iPhone 12 Pro

Eight years have passed, but old problems are returning with renewed vigor. Back to the Future! I read reviews from other countries online, it turns out that the problem with painting the iPhone 12 Pro is massive and manifests itself in different parts of the world.

Reason number 8. Apple’s ceramic shield – is the screen protected?

One of the weakest points of all iPhones is the glass covering the screen, which breaks and scratches easily. In the new generation of iPhone 12, we were promised that the strength of the glass increased by 4 times. But they didn’t say anything about how it would scratch. Take a look at what the iPhone 11 Pro screen has become in a month with a little without a case, it’s just spoiled in a splash.

Ten reasons not to buy an Apple iPhone 12 ProTen reasons not to buy an Apple iPhone 12 Pro

The hope that nothing like this will happen with the iPhone 12 Pro vanished like smoke, in a couple of days the screen was covered with small scratches, and there are quite a few of them. For a longer period of time, it will turn into trash, which means that you need to buy a protective glass that distorts colors (and why such a cool screen then?). In short, everything is as usual, at Apple did not cope with the basic things. And here is a photo of scratches on the glass of the iPhone 12 Pro.

Ten reasons not to buy an Apple iPhone 12 ProTen reasons not to buy an Apple iPhone 12 Pro

Reason number 9. Good old iPhone without modern technology. Repair cost

The iPhone 12 Pro does not have any special differences from its predecessor in terms of operating speed. The ergonomics are worse, the materials of the case are worse, the device has been made as cheap as possible in all aspects. Probably, for the owners of Apple technology, modern technologies are alien, and therefore they do not appear in such devices. This is some kind of past century, where nothing new is not required.

But you have to pay for every sneeze in Apple’s ecosystem, every action is an additional cost. On Android, you are free to choose what you want, and there are practically no restrictions. In iOS, you are limited in everything, without exception, which has become a good tradition. Here, of course, everyone chooses what is closer to him – the most curtailed iPhone capabilities for the maximum money or an open system with adequate prices for software or completely free versions of it. The cost of owning an iPhone is cosmic, but this is not only software, but also repairs when you break the device (all iPhones are fragile compared to their counterparts, and this is a time-tested fact, unofficial services only live on them). The price of components from Apple, as usual, is prohibitively high. Every year it grows along with the growth of the cost of the devices themselves.

Reason number 10. IPhone 12 Pro battery life – no miracles

Apple fans argue that the laws of physics do not exist for the company, and its smartphones last a very long time. And a 2815 mAh battery (and this is in the iPhone 12 Pro) easily outperforms a 4000 mAh battery, since iOS is optimized. I’m afraid it’s not. There are lies of the standard utilities from Apple, which often do not take into account the operating time correctly, increase the screen time, which gives the impression that the device is more durable than it actually is.

But something else is perhaps more interesting. So, the iPhone 12 Pro hardly survives until the evening in real use scenarios, it is especially good and quickly discharged during calls, while watching YouTube, the energy consumption is the least. One daylight hours with 4-4.5 hours of screen operation. This is extremely small for a modern device and for those who want to use the data transfer at the same time. I noticed that the greater the load, the more the case heats up. They also saved on the heat removal system, do not look for anything modern inside the iPhone, the company simply does not have the money for this. Alas and ah.

The bottom line, conclusions

For many years, for the first time I come across such impudence on the part of the manufacturer – to wrap old technologies in another, low-quality case, to set the maximum cost for the entire market, and at the same time to reduce the scope of delivery. This is called milking a loyal audience at any cost, it is impossible to describe this action in any other way. And those seem to be happy, because it is strange to read and hear excuses for the high cost, the absence of even charging in the kit. With such approval, we will reach the point that the smartphone itself can be omitted from the package, the box will be enough.

It will be difficult for me to write ten reasons for the iPhone 12 Pro, since there was no such weak device even compared to its predecessor in the Apple line. The entire 12th line is frankly weak and expensive, but there is also a manufacturing defect, the absence of something new for most buyers. In short, the task in front of me will not be an easy one.

In the coming days, a comparison of the Galaxy S20 and the iPhone 12 Pro will definitely appear, I am already working on it, it will be indicative of how the technologies, capabilities, and most importantly, the cost of these solutions differ. Good luck!

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