Ten reasons not to buy the Apple iPhone SE 2020


Writing ten reasons for buying the iPhone SE 2020 was difficult, you had to grind them out, since there were no other reasons besides the Apple brand. It so happens that the product is not bad, plus or minus, but everything spoils the cost. And it so happens that the product turned out to be awkward and even a low cost cannot give it shine. With the iPhone SE, something similar happened, this is a device from the past. In the distant past, when the market loved everything metal, the fingerprint sensor had to be conspicuous, and the display frames were huge and nobody seemed to care.

Let’s figure out together what is wrong with the iPhone SE 2020 and why this device is difficult to recommend for purchase. But we’ll start with the design.

Ten reasons not to buy the Apple iPhone SE 2020

Reason # 1. IPhone SE design – greetings from the distant past

Imagine for a moment that there is no one on the market other than Apple. Close your eyes and try not to think about the white monkey, more precisely, about Samsung, Huawei, and Chinese manufacturers. They were gone for a minute in our universe. And then the design of the 2020 iPhone SE can only be evaluated by analogy with Apple products, there are no others.

The first generation of iPhone SE was created without sacrificing design, it was an iPhone with a minimal cost, but a look like the iPhone 5s model. At a time when the iPhone 6s was the current flagship, this device did not look like a greeting from the past, all the functional elements were in place, everything was familiar – the button, screen frames, and so on.

Ten reasons not to buy the Apple iPhone SE 2020

Now look at what the current iPhones look like, they have a smaller screen frame, a completely different camera unit, the aesthetics of these solutions are completely different.

Ten reasons not to buy the Apple iPhone SE 2020

And if the first iPhone SE was different in design from the older models, but these differences were not of a fundamental nature, then the SE of 2020 gives out a completely different aesthetics, you can see from the device that this is a budget, outdated model. It goes against Apple’s design language. And this is striking.

Everything is appropriate in the context of its time. For example, the sixth model “Zhiguli” was the dream of many when this car appeared.

Ten reasons not to buy the Apple iPhone SE 2020

Our neighbor bought a brand new Zhiguli, it was a beast car. Dream. But even in the 90s, I did not have a great desire to buy such a car, the context changed, and many other cars appeared, which set the bar for perception. Has the “six” become worse over the years? Not. It remained exactly the same, the perception of what a machine should be able to do, how it should look, changed. Fans of vintage cars love this car today, but the mass buyer has long voted with the ruble in favor of modern cars.

Ten reasons not to buy the Apple iPhone SE 2020

The iPhone SE 2020 is the same Zhiguli in the modern market. Smartphone design has evolved a lot, other technological solutions have appeared, for example, fingerprint sensors built into the screen, other materials used in cases, and so on. But Apple forgot about this in older models, so they did not remember it in the budget iPhone. The company’s designers tried to create the perfect retro device, and they succeeded in this, it is out of the context of modernity, and it’s hard to argue with that.

Just look at what the screens of modern smartphones look like, which occupy the entire front panel, while in the iPhone SE 2020 these are huge frames and the resulting perception.

Reason # 2. How many inches of screen were you missing?

All modern smartphone manufacturers are competing on how to fit the largest display in the smallest body. For many years they indicate the ratio of the screen to the surface of the smartphone, this is high technology. It was this competition that led to the emergence of cameras hidden under the screen, and the frames were thinned to almost invisible.

In flagships, this ratio is maximum, but let’s look at the entry-level models, for example, I took Samsung A51, where this parameter is 87.4%. That is, most of the front surface is a screen. In the first iPhone X, which got rid of the fingerprint sensor button, this ratio was 82.3%. What’s in the 2020 iPhone SE? This is 65.3%, that is, the device literally came from the distant past. It just doesn’t match modern smartphones in this aspect.

The diagonal of the screen in the SE is 4.7 inches, but if you take the dimensions of the case, it turns out that it can easily fit a display of at least 5.8 inches. And here you can debate that a large screen is “bad”, as it leads to an increase in the size of the device. Doesn’t lead! There is room in this case for a larger screen, as well as for other components such as a larger battery.

And the fact that Apple uses a frankly outdated screen speaks of the wildest savings, the company bought such screens a long time ago and in large volumes, they are inexpensive compared to modern matrices. It is well known that the display is one of the most expensive components of a smartphone, here they saved money on the screen.

The type of screen itself is IPS, although OLED matrices have long been used in this segment. Perhaps you think that OLED is bad, and therefore do not buy older iPhones or smartphones from other manufacturers. But it is generally accepted for the market that OLED screens have become the best, they are positioned and perceived in this way. Apple has not yet mastered AlwaysOn Display even in flagships, which other manufacturers have been giving their customers for many years, including in the budget segment. This is just one touch of what iPhone buyers are not getting. But what a speaker! This is exactly the same savings on everything in order to get super profits from every smartphone sold. You pay double for every component inside your iPhone.

Do you know what the resolution is in this iPhone SE? These are 1334×750 points! Launching an HD smartphone in 2020? This needs to be very economical on everything. For the sake of interest, I looked into the store to find at least some budget smartphones with such screens. Guess what price group they are in? That’s roughly 10-20% of the cost of the 2020 iPhone SE.

Ten reasons not to buy the Apple iPhone SE 2020

Reason number 3. Walk as much as you saved on the battery

The capacity of the Li-Ion battery in the iPhone falls short of 2000 mAh (1821 mAh). It’s great that the company managed to achieve more or less decent work within one day, since the screen is small, the resolution is minimal, the processor is quite economical. But there are several hidden design flaws, savings that are not visible at the very beginning of using the device.

Why do old iPhones behave badly in the cold? Why can the device suddenly turn off, although the screen shows 40% of the charge, but in fact it is impossible to even call on it? The answer lies in the fact that battery degradation happens. And this is normal after a couple of years of using the smartphone. After all, a battery is a consumable item.

But Apple relied on small-capacity batteries, which leads to the fact that outdoors, for example, with a relatively small minus outside (minus five is not a terrible frost), it freezes. And the device turns off. Other manufacturers add protection against this, Apple believes that it will do well, and the user must contact an official service to replace the battery. Better yet, replace your old iPhone with a newer model. And Apple was already caught by the hand, when the company slowed down the iPhone due to battery degradation, it was impossible to use them without tears. After that, Apple promised not to do this anymore, but everything returned to normal, it is just that now the user is told that the battery needs to be replaced, and this event comes faster.

Everyone will have their own working hours, someone just calls, someone on a small screen peers at the pages on the network. But for those who use a smartphone not only for calls, such a battery will be a disaster.

And again, as a kind of reference point – on average, models of a similar level in price in 2020 have batteries with a capacity of 4000 mAh or higher. There are also savings here.

Reason number 4. Charger savings – hello 5 watts from the past

The battery capacity is minimal for a modern smartphone, and here it would be advantageous to beat the fact that it is possible to charge such a battery very quickly. Moreover, fast charging is supported! But the iPhone user has to pay for everything, including fast charging, this is a path of endless spending, after all, a trillion dollar capitalization will not appear by itself, you need to rob naive buyers.

It’s hard for me to remember manufacturers who don’t include fast charging in their standard delivery set. It can vary in wattage, but it’s always fast charging (25W is the average today). The iPhone SE has a 5W slow charge from the distant past. If you want to quickly charge your device, fork out for fast charging separately. You have to pay exorbitant prices for everything, here it is, the overpayment is about three times. It is necessary to cut the audience. The rule is simple: those components inside the phone should cost twice as much for the buyer, accessories – at least three times.

Ten reasons not to buy the Apple iPhone SE 2020

Reason number 5. How to save some more? Leave the minimum number of cameras

I looked at the calendar and I advise you to take a look, it’s 2020, there is a joke that the number of cameras in phones will soon exceed any daring dream from the past. The resolution of cameras is growing, new algorithms for image processing are appearing, now cameras are able to measure the distance to the subject, beautifully blur the background – in a word, do a lot of things that seemed fantastic a few years ago. It is computational photography that moves the quality of images forward, and here one of the qualitative changes was the combination of software and the presence of several cameras. Each one is not perfect individually, but together they create a new quality of photography.

What’s in the iPhone SE? The ancient 7 megapixel front camera is the same module found in older iPhones. Here, the company’s savings have always been maximum: why install a good front camera if it will do well? Selfie? It doesn’t really matter to humans. Video calls? What difference does it make in what quality your interlocutor sees you? On the days of isolation, this can be clearly seen on the video picture, when a person is broadcasting from the front camera of the iPhone, the “quality” can be assessed with the naked eye.

Ten reasons not to buy the Apple iPhone SE 2020

The main camera is also from the past, this is a good module from 2017. Night shooting? Back then, Apple did not know how to shoot at night very well, this module is slightly better, but far from even budget devices based on Android.

Here we see exactly the same principle, if we calculate the contribution to the cost of the camera, it turns out that the buyer of the iPhone SE in 2020 should have received a main camera with at least two modules, as well as an additional depth sensor. And in an amicable way, four modules. But this will deprive the company of the opportunity to take twice as much money. And this is not Apple’s approach, they need to rob the client, make him pay several times more.

Reason number 6. You don’t need it, we decided so – “convenience” of iOS

IOS borrows more and more features from Android every year. But this does not benefit the system, since no freedom is provided in this sandbox. You can only do what Apple suggests. The company charges money for anything on Android for free or cheaper. It’s just such an approach, it is systemic. On the other hand, you won’t need much in the iOS sandbox on SE.

You understand the principle – for the fact that on Android it costs X, on iOS you will pay X for 2. It just needs to be accepted and forgiven, after all, the most expensive company in the world is being built with the money of iPhone buyers.

But it can be survived, on the other hand, it is more difficult to survive the fact that the quality of iOS over the past few years has become disgusting, and the number of errors exceeds those on Android. Break the calculator? Impossible? In iOS, they were able to reach such heights in due time, which is quite funny.

Reason number 7. Second SIM? You don’t need this!

In China, Apple creates its smartphones with two physical SIM cards, but they are not available in Russia and other countries. Why? The answer is simple – this is how the company expresses its respect for the people of other countries, for their needs. Smartphones with two SIM cards have become the norm on the market long ago, but they do not exist for Apple in Russia. It is assumed that you will buy two iPhones, each with a different SIM card. This naive assumption of Apple marketers once worked, but the brand’s gilding has long since departed and now it’s a harsh reality. The market needs to be given what can be considered basic capabilities. And the presence of a second eSIM card does not correct the situation in any way.

Ten reasons not to buy the Apple iPhone SE 2020

Reason number 8. RF performance, SAR level

Usually, Apple immediately publishes the SAR value for fresh models, this did not happen for the 2020 iPhone SE. There are several reasons for this – the company used the same chassis as for the company’s flagships in order to save money on creating a modem part and a chipset. Is it good? Formally, this is great news, maximum frequency aggregation, excellent work in LTE. But we know that the latest generation of iPhones are poorly tuned devices, as they were created during a litigation with Qualcomm. And therefore, all problems in the radio part were solved simply – by raising the maximum power to the limit.

And here SE has good heredity, the first SE in 2016 was the most problematic device in terms of SAR among all iPhones, and they are not at all the champions in the market, but rather the opposite. Here, you can read the material of that time about this.

And today, little has changed, standing engineers at Apple have not appeared, they have not learned to work with the radio part. Therefore, everyone who values ​​their health a little should bypass the outdated 2020 SE in an arc, the radiation in this device is greater than that of most Android smartphones. One of these days, you can see these figures directly from Apple, with the start of sales they will appear on the company’s website. So we wait and see.

Reason number 9. Service price

Everything you do with Apple is expensive. It doesn’t matter if it is a warranty repair or a shop that repairs your device with the help of Chinese spare parts, it will still be expensive. Compared to Android smartphones, there is always an overpayment here. Are you used to it? Are you ready to pay? Then feel free to ignore this point, it is for rational people. Personally, I am not ready for the perception of the Apple brand to give two prices for components, which, moreover, are very outdated. My inner toad does not allow me to do this.

Reason number 10. Is the price of 40 thousand rubles a little for an iPhone?

It seems that the price of 40 thousand rubles ($ 400 plus US taxes) is not much. After all, you get the iPhone! For anyone who for some reason is accustomed to iOS, thinks that Android is difficult and not so convenient, it really is a kind of choice. And it seems that everything is fine.

Ten reasons not to buy the Apple iPhone SE 2020

But for the price of the 2020 iPhone SE, you can get a decent Android smartphone at half the price, and it won’t get any worse. And in a couple of years or even earlier, if you get tired of it, you accidentally break it or give it to your child, you will have the opportunity to buy a more modern model, which will appear by that time. And at the same time, you will spend on all this as much money as one iPhone SE costs. This device from Apple is inadequately expensive, you spend twice as much as its real value. It should cost 20 thousand rubles, but then Apple will suffer, since the profit rate will drop to the level of the market average, it will not be possible to rob its loyal customers.

As you can see, the 2020 iPhone SE is just a marketing scam when people buy an outdated device: outdated technology, a different smartphone experience, different even from modern iPhones, not to mention Android smartphones. This is a very ancient device for the price of an ultra-modern smartphone. And this dissonance hits the mind of any person who is more or less interested in the state of the smartphone market. Apple finally decided that money is most important, and everything else is secondary, and first of all, how their loyal customers will perceive it. It’s just unwise to buy such a smartphone in 2020. But you can vote with your money differently, this is your right.

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