Ten reasons to buy an Apple iPhone 12 Pro


After ten reasons not to buy an iPhone 12 Pro came out, I carefully studied the comments in order to learn from them, including the advantages that lead to the purchase. Usually, the reasoning of the company’s fans looks straightforward: such and such a function is terrible, so I don’t need it, and it’s good that it is not in the iPhone, thanks to Apple for not adding anything like that. My knowledge would be enough for several reasons, and thanks to the comments I was able to expand the list to ten.

Every year the cost of the iPhone is growing inexorably, and in any currency of the world, even in dollars, even in rubles. At the same time, the quality of the product falls, which causes a sharp reaction from fans who are true believers in the infallibility of both Apple and the iPhone. Any text hurts the feelings of these believers, provokes their sharp reaction. But this year is remarkable in that some comments have already reached the logical conclusion of beliefs, when they blame me that the iPhone cannot be compared to any smartphone on the market, since they play in different areas. You cannot compare an iOS device and Android, as such a comparison makes no sense. And if Android is a device for making calls, viewing mail, navigating and the like, then the iPhone, although it performs such tasks, does it in a completely different way in another class of devices. As in the old joke about wooden cubes: the same, but not encouraging.

We are witnessing the transformation of the myth about the iPhone, when this device is endowed with unimaginable capabilities by some people, partly this is a consequence of the sky-high cost and small capabilities. Probably, this is where you need to start listing the reasons.


  1. Reason # 1. The sky-high price of iPhone 12 Pro
  2. Reason # 2. Good old iPhone with a familiar interface and capabilities
  3. Reason number 3. Not as fragile as it used to be
  4. Reason number 4. The right investment, the minimum change in the value of a used iPhone
  5. Reason number 5. No unnecessary technologies, only the best and necessary
  6. Reason number 6. The most correct 5G you can think of
  7. Reason number 7. Best ecosystem on the planet
  8. Reason number 8. Pacific blue is the color of the season and the color of all fashionable people on the planet
  9. Reason number 9. It just works!
  10. Reason number 10. Positive vibrations filling the universe and a sticker as a gift!
  11. Short conclusion

Reason # 1. The sky-high price of iPhone 12 Pro

In the eyes of true Apple fans, the world is divided into exactly two categories – those who can afford an iPhone, and everyone else. This is a “friend or foe” system, which unmistakably determines the status of a person, because not everyone is able to buy the latest generation of iPhone, even on credit (most of the sales, alas, is that the share of loans is growing every year, as well as the transition from cheap Android -models, a new elite audience is coming to the world of Apple).

Ten reasons to buy an Apple iPhone 12 Pro

For such people, the very presence of an iPhone is a certain status in the eyes of others; people, whenever possible, try to demonstrate their achievements. For the outside world in which iPhone owners exist, this is also a sign that a person is ready to pay more for services and goods than the average buyer. Companies are tweaking their trading systems to exploit this knowledge and extract money from iPhone owners. This season, the iPhone 12 Pro made it to the 100K Plus club, which means smart algorithms will start to take this fact into account in order to offer phone owners the level of spending they are used to.

The logical chain of owners of the latest generation iPhones is usually very simple: I have the latest iPhone, which means that everything in my life worked out right. Some can even afford to walk in shabby clothes, in shabby shoes, but with the right phone, which shows the presence of not only taste, but also money. Such owners are very clearly visible in the operator’s billing, the latest model of the iPhone, but the profile of service consumption and costs is the same as that of the buyer of the cheapest Android devices. Glitter and poverty.

Usually, the owners of the iPhone 12 Pro, or those who aspire to become one, also comment that the prices for the same Samsung are exactly the same exorbitant and that “you are rubbing us in here”. This well illustrates the lack of even basic critical thinking skills, the ability to compare product A and product B, to see their differences in characteristics, level, and so on. Actually, such people live inside the Apple bubble, as they are the most delicious audience for the company.

Someone will think that I en masse consider all iPhone users to be narrow-minded, fanatical and further down the list, of course, this is not so, and for the next reason – about ordinary buyers.

Reason # 2. Good old iPhone with a familiar interface and capabilities

The world is far from black and white, and among the buyers of the latest iPhones there are many quite rational people who do not boast about their device, but buy it instead of the old one, do it not every year, but every few years. The rationality of the approach of such people is obvious, they are accustomed to the interface, programs, they do many things automatically – for them this means the convenience of the platform as a whole, which they do not want to give up.

For many people, the choice of Android is not a choice at all, because in absentia they believe that all smartphones are terrible in terms of settings (the application settings are in the application itself, and not in the phone settings, where is the logic here?), Very much slow down and at the same time offer a bunch of unnecessary things. Android is used by, if not all, then very many of those who support piracy and are not used to paying for applications and content. Proof, and undeniable, is the fact that Apple, with a 25% market share of devices, raises twice as much money from the sale of applications and content as on the Android platform, which occupies 75% of the market. In many ways, this also fuels the notion that free Android apps stem from their terrible quality, so you have to pay Apple to get the best.

The power of habit is a great thing. Only something serious can make a person change his habits, in the world of the iPhone this is a small number of events, the lack of charging in the delivery set certainly does not apply to them. The increased price becomes a blocking factor, but not for everyone.

The main thing is that everything is familiar in the iPhone 12 Pro and you simply will not find any significant changes compared to previous models, in fact there are none. This means that this is the good old iPhone, in which you do not need to retrain and learn something new. And this is definitely better than Android, where the number of functions is noticeably greater, and many of them are simply not needed by the iPhone owner.

Reason number 3. Not as fragile as it used to be

I don’t urge you to believe me, as it’s pointless, let’s trust Apple, which claims that the new glass (ceramic shield!) Is 4 times more drop resistant than previous iPhones. The rear glass on iPhone 12 Pro is twice as drop-resistant. The first independent tests show that these statements are true and for the first time the iPhone 12 Pro performs at the level of the flagships of other companies.

Last year, Apple also assured that that generation of iPhone 11 received the most durable glass (11 Pro / 11 Pro Max), but today we understand that this was so only inside the iPhone line, and even then with a number of reservations. For the iPhone 12 Pro, the situation is dramatically better.

Unfortunately, drop resistance automatically means low scratch resistance, as we see with the iPhone 12 Pro. There is always a compromise, you either protect the device from scratches (this was the concept before the iPhone 11 Pro), or from bumps.

Ten reasons to buy an Apple iPhone 12 ProTen reasons to buy an Apple iPhone 12 Pro

The glass glued to the screen will save you from scratches, you will periodically need to change such glasses, and your screen will be in its original state.

Reason number 4. The right investment, the minimum change in the value of a used iPhone

Sometimes it seems to me that iPhone buyers are not people who buy a device in order to use it, but investors who invest their money so as not to lose it. From year to year, they say in the comments that the price of the iPhone does not change and it can be profitably sold for exactly the same money for which you bought it. You use your phone for a year, and then you sell it profitably – profit.

I call such people “investors”, since for them it is not the choice of a model according to characteristics, capabilities that comes to the fore, but the investment as such and the act of subsequent sale. This is very important, because by helping out a lot of money for the old device, you can save on buying a new one.

My experience is completely irrelevant in this aspect, I am not able to sell goods at a profit on some sites. Bargaining, the struggle for every ruble with the buyer, the excitement of tug-of-war – all this somehow sickened me. It is possible that potential buyers feel this, and therefore the sale of the iPhone does not add up to me at all. Usually, a month after the sale, I am offered to buy my device for 60-65 percent of the cost, which seems to me a robbery, it is easier to leave the iPhone in the collection so that it gathers dust.

One of our readers, outraged by the fact that I do not know how to do trivial things, took the time and told how to properly sell used iPhones, I give the instructions in a slightly abbreviated form:

  • It is important to set the price correctly, you cannot sell for the same money. I put the price tag minus 15% of the new price on the Apple website.
  • It is important to find a friend, preferably not where you work, and not a relative. I sold it to my uncle once, now we don’t communicate. Look for acquaintances, feel free to offer your phone to everyone you know (but not close).
  • It is advisable to sell a month before the release of the new iPhone, the price remains high. Explain that other iPhones on the market are fake and that your device is correct. It has been tested by you and is in perfect condition.
  • Clean your phone before transferring, you definitely need a box, a charger and everything that was in the kit. Sell ​​in a box, it will distract from the look of your phone. Slip the cover as a gift, divert attention so that the phone is not viewed. Wipe the screen. If there is glass or film, then you can glue it with the buyer, so you will show the screen and its perfect condition.
  • Blab your customer, tell the advantages of the iPhone over any device, and most importantly, over the smart that is in the hands of a person.
  • Count your money carefully, do not give your phone back until they have been counted, there are a lot of scammers.
  • After selling the phone, it is best to put the customer’s number in the block so that he does not pester you with questions and his problems that are revealed in the first days. These are already his problems.
  • On average, it takes me two weeks to sell an iPhone, but I won’t be able to sell any other device, their price drops dramatically, and no one needs them.

The instructions are straightforward and show how rich and adventurous the world of “iPhone investors” is, it exists outside of my world. But you, brave, young and desperate, can clearly dive into these adventures. Tip from the author of the iPhone selling instruction letter: Look for intelligent single women in their 40s who are easiest to sell a used iPhone.

As a summary, the investment in the iPhone is justified, it does not get cheaper like the others, which means that you win from day one. According to the scheme described above, you can probably sell even the first iPhone SE at full price, because it is a rarity and many are probably hunting for it. Is not it?

Reason number 5. No unnecessary technologies, only the best and necessary

It is common knowledge that Apple adds only those technologies that they consider important and necessary for their users. If something is missing in the iPhone, then it is definitely not needed and it is a useless technology. Fans of the iPhone are afraid of new technologies, their development and know for sure that it will take years for Apple to radically improve something and present it to an exquisite audience. For many years, Apple didn’t use OLED screens because they had Pentile, PWM, and other terrible technologies. IPS, according to fans of the company, put these disgusting displays on both blades. Then Apple engineers, with superhuman efforts, were able to “fix” Samsung’s OLED screens, they became the “benchmark”.

This season, Apple fans are glad they don’t have technologies like:

  • AlwaysOn Display, like all others and in Apple watches;
  • 120Hz refresh rate like iPad Pro and all other flagships
  • Reversible reverse wireless charging;
  • A telephoto camera with a zoom of x3 and more, to shoot something in the distance is self-indulgence, and the quality is terrible;
  • Fingerprint sensor (outdated technology that nobody needs);
  • Big battery as it is not needed.

But there is the fastest processor on the planet, made according to the technological standard of 5 nm, which is a record.

Reason number 6. The most correct 5G you can think of

Buyers of the iPhone 12 Pro are ready for the emergence of 5G networks in the not too distant future, for example, in 2022, when they, most likely, will begin to develop more or less actively in our country. No replacement of the device is required, it will be enough to insert the operator’s SIM-card, and you will get the very coveted 5G. A device with growth for the future, and it is very important to know that inside you have almost the latest modem from Qualcomm, which is considered the benchmark for such devices. There is nothing to add or subtract here, 5G for iPhone buyers is what they have been waiting for for many years and finally got it. Celebration!

Reason number 7. Best ecosystem on the planet

It goes without saying that Apple was able to build the best ecosystem on the planet. You receive an SMS on the iPhone, copy its text, and then it appears on the iPad or MacBook in the clipboard. It is very convenient and allows you to work even on the go: you got something, copied it and continued to work on another device.

And how good are other services of the company, for example, Apple TV + series, where you can learn English (recently, voice acting in Russian was added for a number of films, which, in my opinion, is a big mistake). It is a rare case when the service is free for any Apple user, even for a while.

The lack of internal storage is compensated by the presence of iCloud. And if you use up the cloud storage that is provided to you for free, then every day your iPhone will remind you that you need to buy additional space, you can turn off this reminder only with a purchase, there are no other options. Warmth, customer care – these are the main characteristics of Apple’s approach. The company knows better what you need and how you will manage your money (the best way is to give it to Apple!). Apple users are proud to be paying exorbitant prices, and they point out that point in the comments sincerely. This confirms the first point that the thing is a status item and involves corresponding expenses.

Reason number 8. Pacific blue is the color of the season and the color of all fashionable people on the planet

An important point when choosing an iPhone is the mod, since it is important not only to have the latest model of this phone, but also the correct color of the device. This season, the only correct color is Pacific blue (in the past it was emerald, now to have such a device is already bad manners).

Ten reasons to buy an Apple iPhone 12 Pro

Double-hitting when you have more than just an iPhone 12 Pro (status), but a model of the correct color (status x XNUMX). Do you think this is not serious? But reading the comments, I constantly came across phrases that speak of something else, for example, this one: “Nobody could create such a cool color, you fall in love with it at first sight, it is divine”. I am sure that Apple designers will definitely create the color “divine blue” in future seasons.

Reason number 9. It just works!

Satisfied users are very important, and here it is impossible to compete with Apple, comments show how ultimatum everything is here: it just works! It is difficult to imagine what is happening, according to iPhone owners, on Android, but from inquiries there is a persistent feeling that there is a daily struggle for existence, an attempt to do something in spite of the system, which breaks down every minute, loses calls, messages and generally slows down. The iPhone just works. I got up and applauded, because it is impossible to argue with this. Is the iPhone working? Of course. And in no case ask clarifying questions about how it works or why Android does not work, your psyche is clearly not ready to know the revelations that are prepared for you.

Sometimes it seems to me that among iPhone owners, the proportion of time travelers is the highest on our planet. How else to explain such passages: “I had a Galaxy S3, buggy stuff, I compare it with the iPhone 11, heaven and earth. You will not convince me to buy such rubbish again, never ”. Comparing flagships from two eras and states is a typical trick for iPhone owners. On the other hand, perhaps they are latently beginning to understand that new iPhones can only be compared with old Android smartphones?

Reason number 10. Positive vibrations filling the universe and a sticker as a gift!

Emotions are important in any product, and one can hardly call the iPhone 12 Pro a product, as these are positive vibrations that fill the soul of every boy and girl, regardless of age. You take iPhone 12 Pro in your hands, and your shoulders straighten, your gait becomes flying, wrinkles, kilograms and bad mood disappear. You are hovering over the world that is yours. But, unlike everything else, this is not a prohibited substance at all, but a completely legal device for improving your mood on a daily basis.

It is a well-known fact that positive attracts positive, boys use the iPhone 12 Pro to find girls (and boys too, why should we be ashamed of the modern world), people become happier and better. No other phone can give such all-encompassing emotions even remotely.

The set with the phone includes a sticker that needs to be glued to a computer, a bag, at least somewhere at home, so that it reminds of this sea of ​​positive and shows everyone what the right choice you made, how you turned to the right path.

Short conclusion

I sincerely tried to emerge from the stream of positive that Apple fans brought down on me, they sincerely tried and gave a lot of insights from this world inaccessible to understanding outside of emotions. Every year the price of the iPhone grows more and more, while the possibilities are not added, or they are such that you are surprised how it was not before. Total technical lag, marriage, bad software have become synonyms for the most expensive smartphones on the planet, and the worse Apple engineers work, the more we hear about emotions and the intangible component. This is an emojiing that cannot be interrupted by anything, and it is not necessary.

I highly recommend reading the comments, since in them a typical Apple audience will well reveal both the values ​​they have and the perception of the product, themselves in this world, and, most importantly, will charge you with positive. But the most invaluable is the demonstration of attitude to the world around and the ability to conduct polemics. Come in!

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