The subscriptions we collect

And those that collect us, by the way. In the salons, many ask the employee to turn off all content nonsense immediately when buying a sim card. The employee usually agrees out of politeness, but technically it is not feasible, and the employee cannot physically do this, you should not take offense at him. And it’s not worth writing complaints either, the employee is not to blame for such exquisite cunning. A little more about debts and their careful handling. Again about 5G, our close enemies and sworn friends will not calm down.

About subscriptions

Disconnect what is not connected, how’s that ?! And so, the operator has built just such a super efficient business model. And before that all operators were noticed in this, just around Tele2, thanks to advertising, a certain aura of an honest operator has already formed, and, plunging into another “cow cake”, people are slightly lost from surprise. He sniffs the sole, scratches with his fingernail and says with surprise: “Wow, I got into the manure again!”

I read another “cry of the soul” on the forum about Tele2, which suddenly turned out to be not entirely honest and gave its new subscriber a subscription. Note that I got it to a new subscriber, this is important in our case. We have already discussed this topic, but a lot of time has passed since then, or simply there are fewer atrocities with unsolicited subscriptions, it doesn’t matter. In general, as it used to be: on the new SIM card, in a state of suspended animation, “blanks” of paid subscriptions doze, but no one sees them. And how can you turn off what you can’t see and what doesn’t exist at all? Accordingly, the salon employee shakes your hand, hands you an envelope with a sim card and quite sincerely says that he turned off everything that could be turned off, thank you, they say, that you have chosen Tele2, and thanks for our happy childhood too. Forgets only to say that the most exquisite and fragrant content g … will climb out of the SIM card slots only after a few days, and before that it can neither be seen nor turned off … And who will be to blame for the subscription? You will be to blame, since you allowed the seller to activate your SIM card and thereby start all these mechanisms. Now, if you please, every 15 minutes (okay, a couple of times a day will be enough) to check the sim card for the presence of suddenly materialized programs. I saw – banged, waiting for the next one to appear. Usually a week and a half is enough for the extermination of cameramen’s “gifts”, and then you can sleep peacefully. Almost calmly, not forgetting about the obligatory paid action every … Listen, check the numbers on the forums of your region. It may turn out to be the expected 180, or 90 days, and some other figure I came across. If the tariff is without a monthly fee, or, according to Tele2, with too little monthly fee, then with a high degree of probability, after buying a sim card, they will try very hard to sniff something content. I have always believed that this muck is, in principle, absent from contract tariffs, then I looked at the My Conversation tariff, which they were complaining about. Well, yes, the youngest, one might say, the cheapest tariff in the line, but after all contractual! So it seems that the very word “contract” does not protect against anything. What is also logical, all operators have complete chaos at the lowest contract rates, and these rates should be carefully and thoughtfully studied before connecting, there usually comes out a full set of unpleasant surprises.

The subscriptions we collect

I read a bitter complaint about the subscription “caught” on the contract tariff of Tele2. Stop-stop, how can that be? And Tele2’s superprotection from subscriptions, and some codes come in there, it seems like you can’t subscribe by accident even if you’re drunk! Vaughn and Tele2 write how “Great”! Heh, again I had to carefully read the text, well at least they hid it shallowly. No, I definitely can’t get away from the habit of looking for a catch everywhere. It would be okay, but I often find it! Which, in fact, discourages me.

The subscriptions we collect

Here we do not need to look for anything, right in the first line in plain text: “Do not worry about accidentally connecting subscriptions on the Internet.” Don’t worry about online subscriptions, do you understand well? What dirty trick will come out of your sim card and what it will sign you for, and then what else it will load from nowhere is known only to the developers of the Tele2 sim card, and they are not responsible for the consequences. They were told to do this – they did. And then who is responsible? Good question. Tele2 itself is only responsible for blocking subscriptions on the Internet, and in the sim card you never know what the developers have messed up! And a sim card is not the Internet, and you can hardly convince the court of the opposite. All advertising banners promise only protection against subscriptions on the Internet. The circle is complete. Well, is it really “Great”? So it seems to me that it was well thought out and the inscription on the button does not lie.

Okay, so look for it, dug up another free service “Protection”, including the tariff that they complained about. So what? Again we are talking only about “subscriptions via the Internet”, about the subscriptions imposed by the “cunning” sim card, not a word. Read it here if you like.

They also write that, they say, I shouldn’t be confusing people, and the phrase “subscription on the Internet” is all generalizing, and in fact it means just any subscription. Like the expression is so well-established. No-no, my dear cell phones, when you grab the user’s throat, showing a couple of seemingly harmless words on the 12th or 23rd page of the description and filing a lawsuit against the user, then the phrase “I just mean …” the argument does not count. But the user quickly comes to an epiphany and realizes that nothing in the description is written just like that. And yes, if you yourself suddenly decide to sue the operator, then the chances of winning over you are scanty. And about the “established expression” I generally keep quiet, there is no such legal term! By the way, in the court the descriptions of Tele2 will be taken as a basis (there are no others), and these descriptions, of course, are obviously in favor of Tele2.

In general, that’s enough for now. Probably. I reminded you of the very existence of subscriptions and that everything there is rather muddy, you can get stuck completely. And what is hidden in the depths of the sim card, we do not know at all, and no one will tell us. You just need to keep in mind that you can also “fly in” from your own “native” sim card, and this will no longer be a violation of any “Prohibition”, since everywhere they talk only about accidentally connecting partner subscriptions on the Internet, but about downloading the start subscriptions from their own sim card do not say a word, if only for the sake of decency.

A little OFF

I am also sincerely gladdened by the “righteous anger” of more or less specialists in this field. More precisely, those who consider themselves to be such specialists and position themselves. Instantly pop up in the comments and in the mail, like devils from a snuff-box, and begin to convict-destroy-accuse me of my insufficiently high qualifications. Now, if I had addressed them, so smart and qualified, in advance with a question, then they, perhaps, at first for the sake of appearance and would have broken, but then they would have thought and answered competently and to the point. May be. Or they would have answered, but not in essence, but “from the bulldozer” (much more often). Or … Oh, I’ve seen enough of such “answers”. Tired of it! For 3-4 days you wait for an answer, finally you get outright banal, not worth the powder of a laser printer. And you yourself seem to be “hobbled” (you yourself are a fool, by the way), asked – if you please wait for an answer, and then every 2 days a reminder: You, I hope, used our highly valuable data (probably they are about the Times New Roman alphabet)? And in which edition can you see what was published? Can I get a link?

However, let’s continue. Why don’t people scream good obscenities at this obviously imposed content simply by replacing a SIM card? I don’t even know, most likely because it is not so often that you have to change a SIM card to a new one. Accordingly, they do not face all this too often. And those who have to change their SIM card often are already usually almost professionals, and for them it has long been a reflex and routine, they do not fall into simple traps.

People are afraid of 5G

They are afraid to vibration of the lower extremities. It’s good that the weather is not very conducive to the organization of discussion clubs in the yards, it’s cold, damn it! But now it is getting warmer, and the soul rushed to heaven on the yard benches. However, they were also afraid of 3G at one time, then they somehow got used to it and calmed down. For some reason, 4G has taken root more or less calmly, or the brightest episodes of resistance passed me by. In my memory there was something of a medium-sized village revolt. With 5G, things are much more fun, but there are many very specific reasons.

The subscriptions we collect

Read Eldar’s article here, fresh from February 10, 2021. Everything is correct in the sense that you really need to figure out who needs it and why it is needed, here it is certainly not so simple. Inflating a 5G phobia is not a cheap pleasure; organizing rallies and demonstrations alone cost how much. Cookies also do not fall from the sky during the rallies. Although now, they say, cookies are no longer distributed. But in any case, someone and for some reason pays this considerable money. Plus all sorts of administrative and organizational costs, salaries attracted, etc., as a result, impressive sums surely run up. The question is: who pays this money, as well as to whom and for what pays it?

To begin with, I would abstract myself from any speculation and clever reflections, and would try to focus on the simple. From somewhere came the money for the purposeful “spread rot” of 5G, as well as from somewhere there were significant human resources. Where from? Let us answer these two “from where” – we will understand the rest. It is clear that our operators have nothing to do with it, they were never seen in the deliberate strangulation of a certain technology. Is the Ministry of Digital Security (formerly the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications) secretly sabotaging? It is highly unlikely, why would they need it? In general, I am silent about my opinion and vindictively leave you the right to express any of my assumptions, what if you guess? You never know, aliens flew past and decided that on Earth they had advanced too far in technology. And “pouring money” into the anti-5G protest movement is the very thing, then the protesters will do everything themselves in order to, if not kill, then at least strongly slow down 5G in Russia. What is not a hypothesis for you?

I honestly stole a sample of an advertising leaflet from Eldar’s material. Are you inspired? Interestingly, all of these violent anti-5G campaigners are not as primitive as they might seem at first glance. I have seen several of these flyers from the level of evidence like “A-ah, We are all going to die !!!” to solid creations with formulas and integrals. The distribution by target audiences is clearly monitored, and this is already professionalism, and not cheap amateur performance. However, I can also draw the integral, although further – alas, “not Copenhagen”. However, the integral looks solid and convincing, this is a good thing.

The subscriptions we collect

In debt as in silks …

And this is never an ancient joke, the way it is. To me, “life on loan” is a lousy feeling. But the overwhelming majority of “chronic” debtors feel quite comfortable, and it is not for me to judge these people. The joke here is that after a few months of such existence, everything seems to settle down and life again goes on as usual, spending corresponds to income. Well, not counting loan payments, of course. That is, we have exactly what we would have without loans, but now we have our own future a little earlier, and interest payments consume a hefty chunk of income as a gift to the bank, that’s the whole difference. In fact, we are giving this considerable money in order to see and feel the future today, and not in a couple of months. The exception is all sorts of diseases in their loved ones and relatives, there’s nowhere to go. But this, thank God, is not too often. And with a refrigerator … Tell me honestly, did you borrow a new refrigerator because the old one was already completely dying? Yes, not a fig, they bought it because Masha bought herself a new one the day before yesterday, and the worse you are Masha !? It’s good if there was someone to shake off the old one.

An example, however, is not the best one. When we “matured” to replace the refrigerator, the main reason was not even the uterine roar of the engine, but the daily puddles on the floor. The specialist (called for another reason) said that he was well acquainted with the problem and that it was impossible to deal with it, all the doors had long been hopelessly skewed, and the seals were rather smears of black soot on the doors. To the morgue! The motor is still plowing like a diesel in the Arctic, but it will soon die, because the set parameters are unattainable. The repair price is close to the purchase price of a new unit. Well, okay, bought a new one. Now I rejoice in the silence and I am proud that another unit has brought it almost to natural death, rest in peace!

In such a situation, I would have understood an unplanned purchase on credit with pleasure. How to live without a refrigerator? No way! The bad news is that without God knows what kind of reserve such a trifle (and in a normal household the price of a refrigerator is a trifle) can lead to a temporary collapse of the entire economy if no more credit is given. Here I am incredibly angry with people, but such is life, and I want a pretty rag today, and not in 2 weeks.

Debt statistics

And now about the same thing, but with detailed numbers performed by SRO NAPKA. The numbers are unkind and a little scary, but in themselves they are not so terrible, which personally causes a certain level of confidence in the calculations in me. The lack of sensationalism is a good sign. Go! My comments.

“Currently, about 5,4 million Russians have overdue obligations to credit institutions in the segment of unsecured lending, that is, one in five. At the end of 2019, 5 million Russians had overdue obligations. Thus, over the year the number of debtors increased by 8% against the traditional growth of 4-5% ”.

As you wish, but “overdue obligations to credit institutions in the segment of unsecured lending” is some very bad phrase. I understand it as the fact that serious banks no longer give these creditors money, and all sorts of microfinance piranhas sharply accelerate the bankruptcy process, since it came to them. In general, I read an interesting thought about the fact that a loan taken from an MFO (if a loan is taken by a reputable organization) is a clear indicator that the bankruptcy of the organization is not far off, and the MFO loan is simply buying time to arrange everything correctly and organize without unnecessary hassle …

“On average, the debtor accounts for about 1,2 loans. At the same time, about 80% of debtors in the work of collection agencies have 1 overdue debt, 15% – 2, 3,5% -3, 1,5% – more than 4 loans. A year earlier, respectively, 1% had 82 debt, 2 – 13,5%, 3 – 3%, more than 4 – 1,5%. Thus, over the year, the number of debtors with 2 loans increased by 11%.

8 out of 10 debtors who have arrears over 90 days manage to close their obligations within 2 years after they begin to actively work with their arrears and after the income level is restored ”.

8 out of 10 debtors still manage to get out of debt. Let in two years, but they get out, and this is important. Probably, there is responsibility, and the growth of financial literacy, and strict budget planning instead of “maybe it will somehow form itself!” And I would also like to draw your attention to the fact that the positive numbers look good also because we are talking about clients “in development” of collection agencies. And this is almost the last step down.

“Last year, the catalyst for the growth of all debt indicators was the pandemic and the subsequent self-isolation regime, which affected the level of unemployment and incomes of Russians. Almost every second borrower with an open unsecured loan is at risk. Undoubtedly, the support measures helped to avoid real massive defaults. However, those who could not cope with the debt burden and did not fit the requirements of the credit holidays will need at least 6-7 months to resume payments. “

You know, I’ll write “criminal”, excuse me. All sorts of pandemics and self-isolation have undoubtedly crippled many things and many, of course, not only in Russia. But, damn it, we again read the familiar: “Almost every second borrower with an open unsecured loan is at risk.” Who, my dear fellow, dragged you by the ears to open another “unsecured loan” in some incomprehensible bank? Where did it get itching? Although banks, it must be admitted, are sometimes distinguished by rare cunning, and the art of persuading a sucker is taught to them by professionals. And, nevertheless, it is time to learn, since we have already climbed to understand all this. And I don’t need to sing about “oh, yes, there is such a tragedy, the cow was walking, stumbled and the horns fell off, I had to borrow!” Common sense and God knows not what foresight will save you, your cow and her horns, too, from all sorts of troubles in life.

Instead of a summary

I already wrote about “such a time”, the month of February (in Ukrainian, it seems, “fierce”). The weather … With this the trouble, the temperature rushes from minus 16 to plus 6 in the sun. And do not giggle about the fact that in Siberia it is called “the real spring has come.” There is nothing urgent for work, but something is being written slowly. But a lot is read, and this is also a necessary reserve for the future, brain training and so on. It is a pity that it reads more and more on the topic, the jester knows how it chooses itself that way. Just in case, I congratulate you on the first day of spring, this is more important than any 7 November and other artificial holidays. Yes, this is my purely personal opinion, I do not insist.

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