What to watch in July: 1 good movie, 2 great TV series and 1 musical!


  1. The Curse Begins / JU-ON: Origins
  2. “Hayter” / The Hater
  3. Stateless
  4. The Old Guard
  5. Fear City: New York vs The Mafia
  6. The Umbrella Academy
  7. Main TV Series of the Month: Brave New World
  8. “The Legend of the Green Knight”
  9. Hamilton
  10. Warrior Nun
  11. Conclusion

The Curse Begins / JU-ON: Origins

When: 3 July
Where: Netflix

In 2002, the horror film JU-ON, or The Curse, was released. Horror about ghosts. The story turned out to be catchy. The film entered pop culture and became a franchise. At the moment, 10 tapes have already been filmed. Netflix will release 11th as a 6-episode TV series. For the plot, they decided to take some real events (what do they mean?). Otherwise, everything is typical. A house with ghosts who want to kill and terrorize tenants.

That in St. Petersburg, that in Moscow, such prices for real estate and rent. I wanted to follow the example of various wealthy individuals for the summer and rent a house outside the city. The prices are scathing even for sheds without heating and with a toilet in the field. The latter, however, I regard as a plus. I love space and breeze. And in such a reality, I would not refuse such a haunted house, as in the trailer. Even if they said that they would terrorize me and try to kill me. The main thing is that only ghosts. No neighbors, drunks and other nonsense.

“Hayter” / The Hater

When: 6 July
Where: Netflix

The film is about a young ambitious man who got a job at a “factory of political Internet trolls” and suddenly realized that he was very good at this business. The action takes place in Poland. Recently, more and more films and TV shows on Netflix are from Poland. I wonder why this is so?


When: 8 July
Where: Netflix

It is promised that this is a powerful and relevant series about four strangers whose fates intersect in an immigration detention center in the middle of the Australian desert: a flight attendant on the run from a persecuting some dangerous cult, an Afghan refugee and his family, a young father fleeing problems at work, and an official trying to contain a national scandal. The series has already been shown on ABC and has received many positive reviews. For this reason, I decided to take it in pencil.

The Old Guard

When: 10 July
Where: Netflix

If you look closely, you will notice that Netflix tries to produce 1 top movie and 1 of the same series every month. For films, Netflix invites the best stars of the stage and direction of Hollywood. There was a pass in June, but Charlize Theron is waiting for us in July in the film “The Old Guard”. The actress is only 44 (and she is very good!), So there is a slight ageism in the title. In line with the agenda of our time, I think we need to write a complaint to Netflix. Or at least tweet on Twitter.

So, the film is about a certain group of secret semi-immortal cool mercenaries who have been protecting our world for centuries. During an urgent mission, a freelance situation occurs, revealing all their secret superpowers.

In theory, the film should be good, as it is based on a very popular graphic novel (comic book).

Fear City: New York vs The Mafia

When: 22 July
Where: Netflix

This is a documentary series about the FBI’s fight against the five largest mafia families in New York in the 1980s. There is no trailer, but you must watch it. This is a super interesting story. I recommend, by the way, to subscribe to the New York Times for a trial. The newspaper gives access to its digitized archive for all time. And it’s very interesting to read that the releases from the times of the Great Depression, which in the 80s.

The Umbrella Academy

When: 31 July
Where: Netflix

I have not watched the first season and am not going to watch the second. However, it is believed that this is the main series of the month, which will be watched passionately and avidly. Although, maybe it’s worth taking a look? There are all sorts of superhero teenagers and everything that a modern pop spectator is supposed to love.

What to watch in July: 1 good movie, 2 great TV series and 1 musical!

Main TV Series of the Month: Brave New World

When: 15 July
Where: Peacock NBC

According to my version, this is the main series of the month. “Brave New World” based on the work of Huxley. I wait long and hard. So far, I’m slightly skeptical, since the trailer looks like outright nonsense, not even remotely conveying the idea of ​​the book. But still they promise not a retelling, but a rethinking, so let them surprise! If there are those who have not read the book, I warmly recommend it.

NBC Peacock is another streaming service and competitor to Netflix. So there are already a lot of them that it is not clear where to subscribe and what to watch. Peacock is not officially represented in Russia, and it is not even clear if it will appear at all, so you know where to look …

“The Legend of the Green Knight”

When: ???

This is a movie for big screens, but since cinemas are closed, I decided to include it in the selection. A plot about the knights of the Round Table of King Arthur. Sir Gawain receives a challenge from the mysterious Green Knight. The Green Knight came to Camelot and offered a bet that anyone could hit him with an ax, but on the condition that the Green Knight would strike back in 1 year and 1 day. Sir Gawain, as a man of action, without hesitation and without hesitation, cuts off the head of the Green Knight with one blow. However, he puts his head in place and leaves.

And since the knightly life is so boring and ridiculous that you need to rush headlong to every challenge, Sir Gawain leaves Camelot, makes his way through unimaginable difficulties for the sake of a duel and the desire to find out the secret of the Green Knight. Check out the trailer. It’s a dark, atmospheric story.

The film was supposed to be released in May, and for Russia the official date was June 11th. However, there are rumors that in July the tape may be released immediately online.


When: 3 July
Where: Disney +

Hamilton, which came out on Broadway in 2015, was an instant hit and couldn’t get tickets. The musical has won numerous awards, including 11 Tony Awards, a Grammy, and even a Pulitzer Prize for Dramaticism. The musical has become a cultural phenomenon. I suppose you’ve heard him mentioned more than once in films and TV shows. And it seems that even in one of the Suits series, tickets to Hamilton were offered as an easy bribe. Unfortunately, I have not watched or been on Broadway, so I’m glad that now a recording of the production, made in 2016, will appear on Disney +.

Warrior Nun

When: 2 July
Where: Netflix

Netflix fully exploits the kidult trend (an adult with a child in the shower) and the halo effect, according to which we all feel inside for a maximum of 25 years, so the company continues to invent and borrow stories where young guys explore this world. This is true. After all, it looks like you are a 40-year-old sales manager with children, a wife, a mortgage and a car on credit, but in fact you are so fed up with everything that you would send to the bathhouse and run away to Hogwarts or somewhere else, if such an opportunity presented itself. Well, or at least he had complete amnesia, so that later, without a twinge of conscience, start life from scratch and tell his wife: “Woman, move away, I don’t know you!”

The Warrior Nun is inspired by the manga comic series of the same name. A 19-year-old girl wakes up in the morgue. Remembers nothing. And in her back she has a certain divine artifact. And now she needs to find herself, to understand what is happening while angels and demons are hunting her, waging a centuries-old war.

Of course, the plot is sucked from the finger. According to the biblical chronology, our world is 7-8 thousand years old. And how is it necessary not to respect higher powers in order to consider that they have been waging a war for so many years? For a long time already no one cares. The maximum trade sanctions were imposed on each other. And given how overpopulated the planet is and that an average of 150 thousand people die every day, there is a suspicion that an active construction is underway there to expand hell, paradise and purgatory. And there is such a queue at the gates that the end and the edge are not visible. In short, don’t believe in fairy tales. Have pity on demons and angels and try not to die longer. But, of course, I don’t insist. Take action as appropriate.


July turned out to be surprisingly prolific with good releases. A film, a couple of TV shows, an interesting documentary and even a musical. In the comments, as always, I urge you to share films and TV shows that you have watched and found worthy.

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