What to watch in May: 1 film and 4 TV series

Probably, already in the second half of the year we will face the beginning of schedule failures caused by the cancellation of filming due to quarantine. Although we can say that there is already a slight deficit of prime ministers. So, Netflix, which usually plentifully rolls out new films and TV series, presented “only” 6 releases in May. However, I want to start with a film that came out back in April.


  1. Extraction (“Extraction” / “Rescue”)
  2. All Day and a Night
  3. Hollywood
  4. The Eddy
  5. The Wrong Missy
  6. Trial By Media
  7. Space Force
  8. How “The Mandalorian” was filmed
  9. “Billions”
  10. “Irreproachable”
  11. “Devils”
  12. Undoing
  13. The Third Day
  14. Snowpiercer
  15. Conclusion

Extraction (“Extraction” / “Rescue”)

Where: Netflix
When: April 22 (from 10 am Moscow time)

What to watch in May: 1 film and 4 TV series

After watching Spencer Confidential with Mark Wahlberg in March, I was very skeptical about Salvation with another Hollywood star Chris Hemsworth.

However, the film turned out to be surprisingly good. If you ignore the somewhat ridiculous old-school passages in the form of a stereotypical hero suffering from problems in the past and, as it were, spitting on himself, but at the same time with a perfect haircut and styling (no matter what happens to him) and pumped up, despite alcohol , then Netflix has a tight action movie. There is no deep meaning in it, but it is very good as a movie for watching at dinner.

All Day and a Night

Where: Netflix
When: 1st of May

A film from the screenwriter of Marvel’s “Black Panther”. Like the previous tape, this one also touches on the racial issue. However, the very idea in this drama deserves attention.

The story of a guy who, despite all attempts to live differently, repeats the path of his father. And his father, reflecting on his own failures and the circumstances that led to them, is trying to figure out how to help his son break the vicious circle.

There is a chance that the drama turned out to be interesting and non-trivial, so it’s worth paying attention!


Where: Netflix
When: 1st of May

The series tells about a group of aspiring actors trying to break into the industry at any cost. Entourage: Hollywood after the end of World War II, that is, the period better known as the “Golden Age of Hollywood”.

All characters are as different as possible, each will face unique challenges. And, of course, Netflix could not do without highlighting all the racist and sexist issues of the film industry of that era.

The show has a good team. Netflix has signed American Horror Story writers to work.

The show interested me primarily in the era. I can’t help it. I really like this period of history. The trailer hints that something non-trivial came out. Well, or at least the picture is not bad.

The Eddy

Where: Netflix
When: 8st of May

The series tells the story of the owner of a small jazz club who is trying to make ends meet.

Everything about this show is great. First, there is a stellar cast of contributors. Director Damien Chazelle, Academy Award winner for Best Director for La La Land. He is assisted by Alan Paul, winner of the Emmy Award for the Tales of the City miniseries. There are still many different winners of various awards, and the cast is good. In short, the team got it right.

Secondly, according to the plot, the action takes place in Paris (today). And when they shoot in Paris, the picture will definitely be good. Thirdly, this is a mini-series in which there are only 8 episodes, that is, no drawn-out scenes, “soap” and endings with a hint of a continuation. Fourthly, Glen Ballard, who won 6 Grammy awards, is responsible for the musical component, who chose real musicians for the role of the club’s jazzmen. The trailer promises that there will be a lot of the right music in the series.

The Wrong Missy

Where: Netflix
When: 8st of May

Judging by the description, a banal comedy. The man meets the girl of his dreams named Missy and decides to invite her to a corporate retreat in Hawaii. However, sending the message, he makes the wrong addressee and invites the wrong Missy. Of course, this is found out already at the airport, when it’s too late to retreat.

I decided to add it to the list, because according to the trailer it seems that this is such a good comedy of the early XNUMXs. Why not?

Trial By Media

Where: Netflix
When: 11st of May

This is a 6-episode documentary series. Netflix is ​​investigating several high-profile lawsuits in which the media have had a significant impact on people’s perception of what is happening. That is, in some cases, the media, relatively speaking, delivered their own verdict of guilt or innocence. Sometimes this happened before the trial, and sometimes after, and led to a demand from the community to reconsider the sentence.

Space Force

Where: Netflix
When: 29st of May

This is probably the main May premiere for Netflix. Steve Karel, Lisa Kudrow, John Malkovich in a comedy series dedicated to the formation of the US space forces, which must again send Americans to the moon and generally achieve interstellar dominance. By the way, the term coined by Donald Trump was used as the name of Netflix. Another interesting fact. Alexey Vorobyov plays in the series. I understand, the name does not say anything, but you know for sure on his face – a singer, an actor, in Russian sitcoms in TNT advertisements flashed. In Space Force, he plays a Russian (unexpectedly!). It’s amazing that he got into the show.

What to watch in May: 1 film and 4 TV series

How “The Mandalorian” was filmed

Where: Disney +
When: 4st of May

Disney is competently working with the audience, squeezing the maximum out of the Star Wars fans. In a break between the first and second seasons, in order to keep the audience in good shape, Disney decided to release a documentary for 8 (!) Episodes about how the series was filmed and invented.

By the way, if you haven’t read it, then read about strategies in the streaming market and how Disney works.


Where: “Amediateka”
When: 4st of May

May 4 kicks off the 5th season of Billions, where wealthy, power-hungry, selfish people spend their lives pursuing their petty ambitions. The series deserves attention. For my taste, this is the main premiere of the month. The only thing that saddens me is that Billions could have been much deeper and tougher. They have potential. However, over the past season, they slightly slipped into soap drama. Hopefully Season 5 will be better.

What to watch in May: 1 film and 4 TV series


Where: “Amediateka”
When: already

The film “Impeccable” appeared at the “Amediatek”. Description: A black comedy starring Hugh Jackman as a school superintendent named Frank. The main character tries to improve the life of schoolchildren, but learns that his colleague spends the general budget on personal needs. Jackman’s fans should definitely tune in to the wave of this film: many foreign publications call the role of Frank the best in an actor’s career. The film was directed by the promising Corey Finley, known for the indie thriller Thoroughbreds.

On “Meduza” there was a review by Anton Dolin, in which he writes that this is one of the best roles of Hugh Jackman. And there is also Al Pacino in the film.

What to watch in May: 1 film and 4 TV series

In a week after the expiration of the current tariff, I will change it to the “Tariffs” promo action, where for 790 rubles a month they give 25 GB and a subscription to ivi, Amediateka, MEGOGO, START online cinemas, and I will watch. If someone has already subscribed to the action, then tell us in the comments how it works, if there are any pitfalls. So far, from the description of the tariff, I just found that you can distribute 10 GB through an access point, and when you try to download a torrent, they will automatically slap an option at the price of 75 rubles per day.


Where: “Amediateka”
When: 4 episodes already out

Found on “Amediatek” the series “Devils”. Good actors, interesting description. The trailer is so intense. In short, it seems interesting. If you are already looking, write your impressions in the comments. Preferably no spoilers.


Grey’s Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey explores unexpected facets of his talent in the sophisticated thriller Devils. The adaptation of Guido Maria Brera’s novel follows a group of traders from a large investment bank who unexpectedly uncover a dangerous financial conspiracy of large scale. The creators of “Devils” worked on such masterpieces as “Sherlock” and “Magnificent Medici”, so that the viewer will have a fascinating journey into the world of intrigue and dashingly twisted secrets.


Where: “Amediateka”
When: 10st of May

In 2018, Suzanne Beer directed the film Birdbox, which was translated in Russia as “Bird Box”. Although birdbox is a slang expression that means the ability to avoid eye contact with someone who will delay you for a long time. Birdbox became a hit on Netflix.

Now Suzanne Beer has directed a miniseries with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant. Nicole Kidman plays a successful doctor, Hugh Grant plays her husband. From the outside they have an idyll, but suddenly the husband disappears, and it turns out that he is suspected of a brutal murder.

The trailer is good!

The Third Day

Where: “Amediateka”
When: 12st of May

A certain experimental series that got into my selection only because of Jude Law. For some reason, there are no premieres of the series in the official calendar, but the date on May 12 is indicated under the YouTube trailer.

Official description:

Jude Law continues to conquer television. This time, the Briton is playing a serious dramatic role in the new series from the creator of “Utopia” Dennis Callie. “The third day” is two stories of people who arrived on a strange island near Great Britain. The first is called “Summer” and is dedicated to Sam (just Lowe), a man who is trying with all his might to prevent a dangerous ritual of local residents. The second story, “Winter”, tells about Elena (Naomi Harris), who arrived on the island to understand herself, but in the end she had to save her life.


Where: seek and find
When: 17st of May

In 2013, a film was released about an apocalyptic future, where everything froze, and the only people were left on the train, which rushes non-stop. According to the tradition of such films, the train is divided into classes. In the first carriages, comfort and luxury, and at the tail of the train, longing and hunger. The film was not bad for watching at a time.

Now, on this plot, they decided to shoot a series. The plot is the same as in the original film. The poor people at the back of the train decided: “Stop putting up with this!”


May promises to be a good month. The weather outside the window is getting better, the quarantine promises to slowly start filming, there are interesting films and TV shows. Happy May Holidays. Isolate wisely! Wash your hands! Waste toilet paper purchased for future use, support the toilet paper industry!

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