Who is 5G harmful to? Guidance on how to protect yourself from this harmful radiation


Birds are singing outside the window, the sun is shining with might and main, without even looking at the calendar, one can say – spring has come! But even without looking at the beautiful world on the other side of the glass, I can argue that it has become warmer – the degree of harm that 5G technology does to the mass consciousness has increased. Reading various people on social networks, I understand that never before has humanity invented weapons of such destructive power and such unusual characteristics. First, 5G technology allows you to control every inhabitant of the country where this technology is widespread. Saraksh, described by the Strugatskys, is the prototype of the modern world, in which China already controls the Uighurs and does not allow them to think or do anything on their own, 5G operator towers have captured the minds of these unfortunate people. Secondly, this technology is harmful, as it leads to cancer, infertility, baldness, the disappearance of libido and other equally nasty health consequences. The radiation (!) From 5G base stations exceeds the radiation at the scene of the accident in Fukushima dozens of times, and this is a danger from which we need to protect our children. Due to the emergence of 5G, a coronavirus has arisen, but these are only flowers, the use of 5G will awaken the terrible and ancient diseases that were plagued in Hyperborea. I hope that this brief listing of the harmful characteristics of 5G is enough to justify the desire to write a complete, exclusive guide to protecting against 5G and the consequences of this technology for you and your loved ones. I see this as my civic duty and therefore I will reveal the terrible secrets that an engineer of one of the cellular companies told me until he disappeared somewhere in the steppes of Mongolia and no longer got in touch.

Why 5G has become harmful in the mass consciousness – who is behind it

Look for who benefits from – this ancient maxim works flawlessly in human society, since society is not far removed from our ancestors’ ideas. Technologies have changed, our knowledge of the world, but not the techniques that are used to achieve goals. Let’s outline the circle of those to whom 5G can bring certain problems in order to understand where the wind is blowing from.

Anxious environmental activists, healthy lifestyles are a very large group of citizens who readily believe in the harmfulness of a particular technology, without going into details of how it works. As a rule, it is used by lobbyists of a particular industry to slow down the development of new technologies, to protect their investments. Activists very rarely act as the root cause, they pick up other people’s information and then begin fanning the flame from the spark. Activists are evenly distributed throughout the countries of the first and second world, in the countries of the third world they almost do not exist, since there the struggle for a piece of bread comes to the fore. But since the problems raised by activists directly affect the third world countries, and representatives of prosperous countries cannot live there, they create their own likenesses. Locals preach the same ideas, for example, protecting the environment from waste, responsible consumption and more on the list. It seems to me that when you wander through the rubble on the paradise islands, and the local guide says that they have no rubbish and he is an environmental activist, the perception of reality changes somewhat. Residents of third world countries are ready to believe at least in the trait of bald, if the activists of the developed countries will pay for these beliefs.

I have already imagined how my words are misinterpreted as opposing environmental initiatives, the preservation of the planet, and further down the list. This is not true! I’m sure we need to take care of our home, planet Earth. But to believe that this conviction is shared by all the inhabitants of the planet would be, to put it mildly, a strong exaggeration. This is not true. And the poorer the country and its inhabitants, the less time they can devote to the struggle for the purity of the planet, they face completely different tasks.

The activists have become a convenient political force, a kind of initiative from below that cannot be resisted. A simple girl Greta Thunberg speaks at the UN and other high tribunes, she is called the voice of a generation. This is a great illustration of how out of nowhere activists emerge with no background, but with convictions with no experience. These are political games in which activists are used, and without their direct consent, they simply play their role and sacredly believe in what they say.

Who could be harmed by 5G, why did the new communication technology suddenly become “harmful”? For anyone who has read the news in recent years, plus or minus, this is pretty obvious. Let’s trace the main events that happened during this time. But first, I’ll repeat why 5G is so important to the future of our world.

The perception of the next G often falls on the common stereotype that the quality of communication will increase, the data transfer rates will increase. This is true, but this is only the upper level, because 5G offers a little more, it is a new type of networks, first created for smart cities, self-driving cars, various sensors and sensors that people can use in everyday life. From all points of view, 5G promises a technological breakthrough that will become a catalyst for the economies of those countries that will lead such developments.

At the geopolitical level, America and US corporations not only lagged behind in the 5G race, they are 5-8 years behind China, which annually invested tens of billions of dollars in the development of this area. The irony is that China copies many things that were created before it, and this country borrowed its development strategy from the United States. In the 50s, government organizations appeared in America that determined the country’s development strategy, in particular, they proposed the idea of ​​dominance in technology. This idea became the leitmotif of the development of the computer market, the emergence of microprocessors and many other things, without which it is difficult to imagine the modern world. The US government has consistently pursued a policy of developing local companies so that they own and control key technologies. For example, at a time when Japan became a threat to the electronics sector in America, the United States unleashed a trade war with this country and de facto threw its closest ally back a decade. In Japan, this period is called the lost decade. This was the time when the United States pursued this policy consciously and toughly in order to maintain its leadership in IT. And there are a huge number of such examples, just remember the destruction of Symbian from Nokia, this system could compete with Android or iOS, so it was uprooted with the help of Microsoft. This is just one of a dozen examples where, to one degree or another, American companies, with the help of the US government, destroyed direct competitors.

China borrowed the US strategy and decided that in the next technological leap, the country should become the dominant power on the planet. The highest priority was given to 5G, as it is a key technology. The race for 5G did not start yesterday, this race happened about ten years ago, and America lost in it already at the start.

What happened next? And then America used the entire standard set of tools, which has shown itself well in the past. The first reconnaissance in force was the attack on ZTE, China’s second largest telecommunications company, which also has operations around the world. In 2016, it became known that the US government was investigating ZTE, it was a test of the approach on a small company, a test of strength. In 2017, the companies issued the first $ 1.2 billion fine, as well as many bans on trading, the creation of new technologies, the use of technologies controlled by America, for example, the use of Android, server solutions and much more, the list consisted of hundreds of items. The fact that ZTE agreed to pay the fine was perceived as weakness in China, since it was clear that the company’s management was consulting with the country’s government. This opened the door for an attack on Huawei, the world’s largest telecommunications company. And the reason for such an attack by a private company was the leadership in 5G.

The attack on Huawei is unprecedented in scale, harnessing all the capabilities of the American government. In particular, as part of the US trade war against China, Donald Trump mentioned the possibility of lifting some of the sanctions against Huawei in exchange for certain concessions from China. But this is all rhetoric, in fact, US diplomats are trying to convince all allies, primarily European ones, of the need to abandon 5G equipment of Chinese origin, since it is unsafe. Since 2018, the number of publications in the American media claiming that Huawei is monitoring its users, the operators who use its equipment, has grown by orders of magnitude. No evidence of such surveillance has been provided.

The apotheosis of the propaganda war can be considered the publication in Bloomberg of a special investigation, where high-ranking officials of the American intelligence were quoted as saying that Huawei is embedding tracking chips in its server equipment and it is used by US corporations.

Who is 5G harmful to? Guidance on how to protect yourself from this harmful radiation

Denials immediately rained down, as if from a cornucopia, the very possibility of the presence of such chips was denied in Apple and other US corporations. It was a strong blow to its own propaganda machine. But the war against Huawei has begun, and the stakes in this game are simple – who will dominate technology in the next 20-30 years. The US government cannot and does not want to lose this war, so the main goal is to weaken Huawei as much as possible, to cut off the company from foreign markets. In addition to political pressure, the United States is introducing new restrictions and laws that prevent the supply of technology to Huawei, and these restrictions are being introduced even for companies that do not directly use American technologies in any way, for them there is a threat of being banned from working in the United States or working with American companies. And given the importance of this market, such a threat is more than weighty.

The harm of 5G arose as one of the means of pressure on partners and allies from below, this can be considered a familiar operation of the American special services. Remember how the CIA used modern art for ideological struggle, the methods are exactly the same. So, creating the myth about the dangers of 5G, putting pressure on governments from below, they must take into account the opinions of their citizens. And the more pressure, the slower the launch of 5G networks will go, this is buying time for American corporations, which are hastily trying to create similar solutions. The customer of many 5G solutions is the US government, they also organized an attack on Huawei’s servers, in particular, it is a proven hack on the part of the NSA, this special service has excellently commented on the reason for its actions.

Can propaganda influence those who are more or less good at school? Those who are trying to understand the subjects and issues that arise on the daily agenda? The answer is unambiguous – it is extremely difficult to do, but it is possible. It is necessary to create mass hysteria so that people do not think and follow the crowd. The easiest way is to create extras at the expense of those who do not think and trust network gurus or opinion leaders without regard to who they really are. It’s like trusting medical questions to charlatans on the net.

Who is 5G harmful to? Guidance on how to protect yourself from this harmful radiationWho is 5G harmful to? Guidance on how to protect yourself from this harmful radiation

Here I was analyzing one of these horror stories from a third generation bioenergy magician. I was also surprised that they sent me a link with the comment that “this girl has cured many people of cancer.” You can read the debriefing here.

It so happened that Russia is not included in the sphere of interests of propagandists trying to slow down 5G, this fashion comes to us on its own from Europe, for example, Great Britain. Above I gave screenshots from Instagram of a popular participant in the show “Dom-2”, where she lists everything that she found on the Internet about the terrible 5G. Approximately 7 million subscribers and a lot of reasoning and support about how harmful this technology is. A kind of census of believers to the detriment of 5G.

In Britain, which was under attack from propagandists, as well as in Germany as the second most important market in Europe, things are much worse. Efforts to promote “harmful” 5G led to the fact that the citizens of the country began to burn the equipment of cellular operators. They don’t understand what kind of equipment is 5G, they are just wiring it up.

Who is 5G harmful to? Guidance on how to protect yourself from this harmful radiation

The British authorities had to issue statements that 5G has nothing to do with the spread of the coronavirus epidemic. Can you imagine to what degree you were able to warm up the audience with propaganda?

But when such a process is launched, it becomes uncontrollable, especially against the background of the inaction of the authorities, which are silent until the last moment. British telecom regulator Ofcom conducted an investigation into two TV channels, where they directly linked the emergence of 5G and the development of the epidemic. The broadcasts and statements of specific people were called groundless and harmful, no evidence was presented to support their words in the programs. To some extent, the propaganda is illegible and can beat on its own. There are enough civil society activists in the United States who have watched Hollywood films, now they run around cell towers with devices and show “harmful” radiation!

And the number of such revelations will grow, since propaganda is not a selective weapon, it hits the widest possible audience. Why this is done in relation to 5G, it is clear who benefits from it, it is also clear. Will this have a big impact on the development of 5G? Definitely not.

And the reason for this lies in the fact that competitions for frequencies for 5G have already been held in all countries of the world, the operators who participated in them have paid a total of billions of dollars for the possibility of developing 5G networks. This is money that has already been spent, and it needs to be recouped by launching new networks, there is simply no other way. The states received this money at auctions, and now they are interested in the operators not going to courts to get it back.

Let’s look at the example of Switzerland, where activists are demanding 5G security research and related guarantees from the government. Last year, about half of the country’s population believed that 5G radiation can be dangerous and therefore the government should develop new standards for operators. The country itself does not play any role in the 5G rollout plan, it does not have any impact, it is just a great role model, it can be referenced and wave this experience like a flag (trained at ZTE, so why not train in Switzerland?).

A year ago, operators bought frequencies for 5G networks at an auction, they paid a total of 380 million Swiss francs (about $ 393 million). The amount is noticeable, and the fact that the government is introducing additional restrictions will be perceived by operators as a dishonest game – they bought frequencies at a time when no restrictions were introduced.

Ultimately, the government commission will either find no cause for concern and announce it, or, more likely, set rules and limits on the maximum power of 5G base stations. It is not out of place to say that these restrictions will most likely fully coincide with the technical characteristics of equipment from Huawei, that is, the wolves will be fed and the sheep are safe.

In Europe, most countries understand the importance of developing 5G networks, and therefore officials do not prevent their companies from using the equipment that they believe is right for building such networks. US policy did not find support in Britain, Germany, France and Spain, and, accordingly, failed everywhere in Europe. Today, the ground is being created in order to declare 5G as harmful as possible, but not all 5G, but one from Chinese manufacturers, this is an important amendment that will obviously be introduced in the near future.

Is there any research behind attacks on 5G?

Not. At the moment, no country in the world has studied the effect of 5G on humans or living organisms. Such research takes decades, and by the time it appears, 5G will be completely outdated. Today, there is not even such research on 3G or 4G. But this is not the whole story.

In order not to go into technical details, I will simply describe a few fundamental points and differences between 5G and previous generations of communication. The investment in 5G is much higher for operators, and it’s not about buying frequencies. Where today one 4G base station can cover a certain area, 5G should have at least three stations.

The reason is that increasing data rates require a better connection, in theory this can be achieved by increasing the power of both the base station and the phone. In practice, there are restrictions for terminals, as well as the BSs themselves. Therefore, the only solution is to reduce the power of the stations, but install them more often! It turns out that in terms of radiation power, 5G will be noticeably better / lower (not many times, the linear approach does not work here) than existing networks, against which no one is opposed. Amazing discovery, isn’t it?

The economy of operators suffers from the need to install more base stations, it is simply more expensive. But for the consumer it is better in every sense. The 5G technology itself, in terms of frequency resource use, does not differ much from 4G in terms of security.

I am worried that people who talk about the danger of radiation do not say anything about how wiring works in ordinary houses, which also creates radiation, and it is often higher than from base stations. If you dive into the realm of horror stories, then you can find a huge number of them, there would be a desire.

You, of course, can not believe me, then for you – the last point of this material.

5G Harmful Radiation Protection Guidelines

This recipe was told to me by an engineer that he was researching 5G, but then suddenly left for Mongolia and disappeared. For simplicity, I will outline all the recommendations point by point:

  1. 5G is very aggressive radiation and will attack living organisms. You can trick him and slip another victim. At home, it can be a cactus, which has been tested by generations of programmers. They set up cacti to protect themselves from harmful radiation from monitors, which is of the same nature as 5G. But 5G is much more powerful and dangerous, so it would be useful to put a lot of cacti all over the house and do not forget to care for them. They will save you from 5G radiation.
  2. The authorities of all countries keep silent about the danger of 5G and pursue their own selfish interests. Ordinary people should unite and share what 5G is and how dangerous this technology is. For example, you can subscribe to an account on the social network Victoria Boni, this participant in television shows has secret knowledge that they hide from you. Thanks to such people, you will definitely be the first to know the truth. It is also worth finding a hereditary bioenergy magician, he will save you at the moment when you fall under the radiation.
  3. Foil! There is no need to buy toilet paper, the most scarce commodity in the near future is foil. You need to have a supply of foil to make beanies, because 5G radiation will hit the most valuable thing in your body – the head. When you are about to leave the house, be sure to make a foil hat, it will protect you from radiation.
  4. There is a special mineral in Russia – shungite. Its unique properties are sung in legends of the 2000s, once shungite pants saved one TV presenter from radiation coming from TV, he had children. Buy clothes with shungite protection, you can also drink shungite water, it is difficult to get it, but it removes 5G radiation from the body. Checked!
  5. Do not buy a phone with 5G under any circumstances, it will start not only following you, it will subdue your mind. Therefore, it is best to choose 4G devices, they do not have the technology of enslavement. But if suddenly you come across a 5G smartphone, then be sure to wear it in a metal box, this will weaken harmful waves and prevent them from affecting you.

Also look at this picture, it accurately describes what kind of narrow-minded people live near us, they believe that the Earth is round and therefore 5G will not reach them.

Who is 5G harmful to? Guidance on how to protect yourself from this harmful radiation

Please don’t get sick. I hope that after reading this text, you know exactly why 5G is so harmful and what is really behind it. Or not?

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