ZEPP Z Review – “” do-do “on style”


  2. Contents of delivery
  3. Positioning
  4. Design, buttons, bracelet
  5. Display
  6. Working hours
  7. System and speed
  8. Notifications
  9. Impressions
Size 45.9 x 45.9 x 10.75mm, 22mm interchangeable straps
The weight 50 grams including strap
Battery 340mAh, magnetic wireless charging
Screen 1.39 inches, 454×454 pixels, AMOLED, AOD, interchangeable dials
Brightness up to 550 cd / m2
100% NTSC
Water protection 5 ATM
Memory 16 MB RAM and 256 MB internal
Bluetooth version 5.0 BLE
Strap Leather, 22 mm
Classic buckle
Sensor BioTracker ™ 2.0 PPG
Price ~ 26 000 rubles

Contents of delivery

  • Watches
  • Charging
  • Instructions
  • Warranty Card

ZEPP Z Review - "" do-do "on style"ZEPP Z Review - "" do-do "on style"ZEPP Z Review - "" do-do "on style"ZEPP Z Review - "" do-do "on style"ZEPP Z Review - "" do-do "on style"


I wanted to seriously start my review of ZEPP Z watches, but after reading about the official positioning, I remembered the unique contemporary work of the Vremya i Steklo group:

“Tatuhi stuffed, stuck lips,
The nails were filed, the negative was removed.
Positive on style, and do-do on style.
On the dance floor!
And we are in style! “

I just know how our readers love the word “style”, so I decided to insert this cultural masterpiece.

Seriously, ZEPP is promoting its device with the following words: “Brutal, stylish, smart watch for successful men who take care of themselves and their health.” Well, the slogan is: “Premium Partner in Wellness”, that is, “premium partner for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.”

Let’s take a quick look at the main features of the ZEPP Z watch:

  • Titanium alloy case
  • Device work up to 15 days
  • Blood oxygen measurement
  • GPS and GLONASS availability
  • AOD mode

Everything else is about the same as what we see in other ZEPP watches.

At the moment, the approximate cost of a ZEPP Z watch is 26 rubles.

Design, buttons, bracelet

The watches are classic chronographs with two buttons and a “mechanical crown”. I put these words in quotation marks because in an electronic watch this part has a completely different function, although it can rotate.

ZEPP Z Review - "" do-do "on style"

After watching videos about Swiss premium watches, I realized that the quality assessment is carried out not only in terms of the accuracy of mechanics, but also in terms of the elegance of the watch case. The ZEPP Z device makes a good impression, but I cannot single out any unique features: a flat bezel with a metal texture, a semi-gloss base with a classic design.

ZEPP Z Review - "" do-do "on style"

Notable: the watch case is made of titanium alloy. Durable and truly premium material. The same Samsung with titanium costs about 50 rubles.

ZEPP Z Review - "" do-do "on style"

In ZEPP Z, the edges of the screen are clearly visible due to the use of silver-colored metal. Probably, this design is more suitable for a classic mechanical watch, where the dial is always visible, rather than an electronic one.

In general, the ZEPP Z watch is calm in terms of design, I would not call them particularly brutal, but the appearance is quite nice.

ZEPP Z Review - "" do-do "on style"

On the right of the watch there is a mechanical button, a wheel with a button function. The first is responsible for entering the training menu, and the second element is for scrolling through the lists in the menu, pressing – entering or exiting the main menu. Scrolling is accompanied by a tactile feedback similar to what we saw in ZEPP E. Very pleasant feeling. If you get used to it, then in other watches this vibration will not be enough.

ZEPP Z Review - "" do-do "on style"

Below there are two backlight lamps and two sensors. Maybe there is one sensor, and the other element is a decorative insert.

ZEPP Z Review - "" do-do "on style"

The bracelet is made of leather, length – 250 mm. For several weeks of use, I did not carry it – it is harsh. However, the strap can be replaced, the distance between the “islands” is 22 mm.

ZEPP Z Review - "" do-do "on style"

There are 14 holes in the strap, and I fixed them on the 9th or 10th hole. Classic fastening with a tongue: reliable and hassle-free.

ZEPP Z Review - "" do-do "on style"

The watch and the strap weigh exactly 50 grams. As an example: ZEPP E weighs 57 grams, Huawei GT 2 Pro – 52 grams, Honor Watch GS Pro – 45 grams, Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 – 53 grams.

ZEPP Z Review - "" do-do "on style"


It has a round shape, with a body diameter of 45 mm and a screen diameter of 31.5 mm. The diagonal of the AMOLED screen matrix is ​​1,39 inches, the resolution is 454×454 pixels, which corresponds to 326 PPI. The maximum brightness is around 500 cd / m2, the color gamut is 100% NTSC (though it’s not very clear what to look at with such color accuracy).

ZEPP Z Review - "" do-do "on style"

There will not be any special comments, since the display is excellent, it behaves adequately in the light, the image is readable under any conditions. Actually, that’s all.

ZEPP Z Review - "" do-do "on style"

A large number of watch faces are at your disposal. They can be downloaded from the proprietary application. By default, there are 7 dials in the watch itself.

ZEPP Z Review - "" do-do "on style"

Of course, there is AlwaysON mode, it turns on after 5 seconds of inactivity of the watch:

Классический… This is usually the simplified low brightness black and white dial that is currently in use.

ZEPP Z Review - "" do-do "on style"ZEPP Z Review - "" do-do "on style"

Digital… As the name suggests, time is displayed in numbers. There is a day of the week, date and number of steps.

ZEPP Z Review - "" do-do "on style"

Analog… A very simple clock with two hands, number of steps, day of the week and date.

ZEPP Z Review - "" do-do "on style"

The brightness can be set both automatically and manually.

ZEPP Z Review - "" do-do "on style"

All in all: a great screen with all the features you need.

Working hours

This model of ZEPP Z watch uses a 340 mAh battery. Example again: ZEPP E – 188 mAh, Huawei GT 2 Pro – 450 mAh, Honor Watch GS Pro – 790 mAh, Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 – 340 mAh.

The operating time of the ZEPP Z watch strongly depends on the operating experience: if you train every day and measure different data, the device will function for 3-4 days; if training is infrequent and short-lived – up to 7 days; no workouts with enabled notifications – up to 14 days. The ZEPP E had the same parameters, although there is only a 188 mAh battery. Most likely, this is due to the speed of the clock and the number of frames in the animation output. ZEPP E did a little better in this regard.

ZEPP Z is charged by wireless charging. I tried with Huawei SuperCharge Wireless Charger – very convenient.

System and speed

I must say right away that ZEPP Z use an operating system and a shell similar to ZEPP E. I will not tell you anything new here. Below is a link to a detailed description of all functions.

Unlike the ZEPP E, the new ZEPP Z is a little slower by eye. But again, in direct comparison. A couple of hours in ZEPP E – and you no longer feel the difference. I think the next update will speed up the clock.

ZEPP Z Review - "" do-do "on style"

Everything is fine with fitness functions: heart rate calculation, blood oxygen level determination, pedometer and so on. However, it is almost impossible to check SpO2, since I have 3 oximeters in my house (for 500, 2, 500 rubles) and all show different values ​​within the normal range: 5%, 000%, 94%, 97%, 98%, 99% … In fact, fitness bracelets with watches behave this way.

In addition, until you get to the measurement of oxygen in the blood, God forbid, having become ill with SARS-CoV-2, you will have a bunch of other symptoms: loss of smell, temperature, wild weakness, and only then a decrease in oxygen levels. However, when it is below 93%, you will already understand this without oximeters.

So you can track SpO2, but it won’t be of much use. Heart rate measurement is even more useful in most situations.


Everything is like everyone else, that is, you cannot reply to messages. But the menu itself is beautifully decorated. The font is too small, be prepared for that. The downside is that a lot of text fits on one screen.

Notifications appear through AOD as well. If there is an application icon in the clock base, it will be shown. If not, the word “APP” will be displayed (for example, “Yula”, “Avito”). There are call notifications. Can only be rejected.

Vibration is always felt under any conditions. For this separate “merci”.


This is a device for those who want a classic chronograph look combined with a lot of health-oriented features. Of the unusual – the case is made of titanium alloy: durable and fairly light. For a month of use, no scratches appeared on the screen or on the watch case. On the second day, similar models received “kotski” even on the air.

What confused:

  • The price is about 26 rubles. You have to pay for the materials. In addition, the price is likely to be adjusted downward;
  • No speaker;
  • The strap is harsh.

What I liked:

  • Assembly;
  • Quality of materials;
  • SpO2 measurement capability;
  • The presence of the AOD mode;
  • A large number of dials;
  • Working hours;
  • Quality software for your smartphone.

The main competitor of ZEPP Z is the Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro for 18 rubles. Same titanium body and all sorts of fitness features. Of the minuses, in my subjective opinion – the slow animation and a more massive body. Well, the strap there is silicone versus leather in ZEPP.

Alternatively – Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. The watch costs from 25 rubles. No comment here: the most popular clocks for Android devices and not only. The titanium version costs around 000 rubles.

I would also take a closer look at ZEPP E. The price is about 15 rubles. Very beautiful, fast, with pleasant vibration feedback, with high autonomy up to 000 days.

Next comes the level of expensive watches: Garmin Fenix ​​6, Tag Heuer Connected Modular, Montblanc Summit 2 or 2+.

ZEPP Z Review - "" do-do "on style"

I am waiting for you in the comments: what mechanical watch did you have, did you switch to electronic, and if so, why?

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