“Adventurers” – a new series about scammers on “KinoPoisk HD”

An exclusive anthology series called “Adventurers” has been released in the online cinema “KinoPoisk HD”. The series itself is seven real stories about charismatic scammers and their scams.

The series will reveal the stories of modern scammers, for example, a business coach from Kostroma, who tells how to make millions, although he lives in debt. It will also reveal the story of an Instagram healer who promotes anti-scientific ideas with 600 followers and others.

In Russia, detective stories are always about murder, violence and unimaginable brutality with a bunch of corpses. At some point, we thought: is it possible to make a detective story not about chernukha? After all, there are many rogues around who are just waiting to be told their story – they are so exciting. And in the end we got the series “Adventurers”.

The victims and the adventurers themselves will tell how large scams have become possible in our time, and the project leader is Alexander Molochnikov. The episodes will last 50 minutes, the first two episodes will be available from January 14 exclusively on KinoPoisk HD by subscription Plus, the next episodes will be aired on Thursdays.

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