Fraudsters from and the end of the scam worth 100 million rubles

We are not fans of robbery:
You don’t need a knife for greedy
You will show him a copper penny
And do what you like with him.
Bulat Okudzhava


The topic of scammers constantly pops up on the site, but every time there are people with “common sense” who are sincerely indignant at the fact that the articles reveal the essence of modern Robin Hoods, who verbally take away from the rich and sell something to the poor for half the price. The easiest accusation is corruption, black PR and further down the list, for example, this comment is typical.

Fraudsters from and the end of the scam worth 100 million rubles

In one of the materials on the tangent, he touched on the “store”, which in fact was a pyramid for taking money away from the population. As expected, this project lasted less than six months, during this time it collected more than 100 million rubles and disappeared without a trace, without saying goodbye to its customers, or rather, investors. Those who were behind the creation of have long ago put such projects on stream, this is not a single “store” of this kind. Moreover, they are active on the network, use SMM and even noted in the article where they were mentioned.

Fraudsters from and the end of the scam worth 100 million rublesFraudsters from and the end of the scam worth 100 million rubles

It’s time for the “expert” to tell you how the business of and similar projects works from the inside, how gullible investors were deceived.

Creation of a project, search for the chairman of the Pound, the first steps

People are accustomed to the fact that they can try to take money away from them, lure into some kind of scheme and deceive. To overcome mistrust, you need to create a full-fledged business that will look and feel like a real store with all the necessary attributes: a CEO, employees, support service and a room where people can part with their money, and in return receive a document and a cashier’s receipt.

To begin with, you need to find a person who will become the chairman of the Zitz, Ilf and Petrov perfectly described the property of this person, I will allow myself a quote from The Golden Calf:

– Listen, do you need a chairman? Official. The head of the institution.
– I’m the head myself.
– Are you going to sit out yourself? So they would say right away. Why are you fooling me for two hours ?! I am Pound! All my life I have been sitting for others, this is my profession – to suffer for others.
– So you are a figurehead?
– Yes, I am a zitz ​​- chairman of the Pound. I sat under Alexander II, Alexander III, under Nicholas II, under Kerensky I also sat. Under war communism, I did not sit, there was no work. But how I was in the NEP! A person from an earlier time is immediately visible. There are no such people, and soon they will not be at all. Where can I get them? I spent only three months at large in four years, and now I do not recognize our Chernomorsk.
– Do I recognize Chernomorsk? Where is the private capital? Where is the joint stock company with mixed capital? Where is it all? Ugliness! So. So we finished. For example, “Intensive”. He got an advance payment for the delivery of something there. Received an advance and immediately burst. Someone grabbed a big jackpot on this.
– And who was actually in charge?
– Who knows! It was one person. And he had a head. I wouldn’t put a finger in his mouth. Pound doesn’t know him. He should only sit. This is my profession. So don’t fool a busy person. Are you going to take the chairman? I take inexpensively, 120 rubles a month at large and 240 rubles in prison. 100 percent of the premium for harmfulness.
– Let’s take it. Apply to the hoof commissioner.

The satirical novel “The Golden Calf” was written in 1931, but for almost a hundred years nothing has changed, since human nature has remained exactly the same. In our history, Andrey Andreyevich Nikiforov became the chairman of the Pound.

Fraudsters from and the end of the scam worth 100 million rubles

All Devicer documents show off his signature, he is listed as the CEO, but after several visits to the store I did not manage to catch him. Each time, it was proposed to sign documents from their side, his version of the agreement had already been signed, and Andrei Andreevich himself went somewhere for a minute. In order not to delay the process, I was asked to sign the documents without him. “Don’t you believe us, but here is the store, you are inside, why are you so incredulous? We are not going anywhere from you! ” It was difficult to verify the reality of the CEO.

In the summer of 2020, Deviser LLC is registered, the authorized capital is 10 thousand rubles. The legal address coincides with the address of the store: 127006, Moscow, Veskovsky lane, house 4, floor / room 1 / IV.

Already in August, a beautiful sign appears, the store opens its doors, everything looks presentable. Before that, there was a coffee shop on this place.

Fraudsters from and the end of the scam worth 100 million rubles

The description of the store appears on different sites, for example, in Google Maps, you can read a short description about it.

Fraudsters from and the end of the scam worth 100 million rublesFraudsters from and the end of the scam worth 100 million rubles

Reviews were posted as a selection, exactly the same approach on other sites. Read reviews that create an impression of the store.

Obviously, the reviews were written by SMMs, since there are several reviews for each, often the same companies are advertised. These reviews were just bought to create the right impression. Let me remind you that the same approach at different sites creates the impression of a living business. Negative reviews can be attributed to the machinations of competitors.

They shoot videos in which they tell about themselves and show the advantages of the store.

If the video is suddenly deleted, then here you can find its saved copy.

On social networks, the “company” is active, even its own Instagram appears, where they post photos of customers, lead an active life and pump up the audience.

A complete feeling is created that this is a living project, there are people in it and it is impossible to think that something is wrong here. The task of the creators of this dummy is to fill the store image with life.

The goods on the shelves are original; these are Apple smartphones officially delivered to Russia, as well as accessories. The store insists on punching them through the Apple website to make sure that this is an original product, not a fake or a product intended for other markets. The check always goes off with a bang, there can be no doubts.

Fraudsters from and the end of the scam worth 100 million rubles

There are other manufacturers on the Devicer website, but their products are not on the shelves, they can be purchased at a discount and, of course, on order. Representatives of the company are anonymous, but very active at all sites on the network, they communicate with people and answer all questions, for example, this is the answer to the fact that the store appeared out of nowhere and this raises doubts: “The domain has existed for 4 years, but active work the store started this year. The low price “made to order” is due to the fact that we can work with a low margin and large volumes of deliveries, since we buy goods “for you” for your money. This is what prepayment is for ”.

But let’s take a look at how the pyramid is formed and where the scammers get their money.

The principle of the pyramid. Money in the morning, iPhone tomorrow

The video tells about the fact that phones are bought abroad, where they are cheaper. But nowhere else is this information mentioned, in the conversation they are trying to convince you that they work directly with Apple, other companies and that is why the prices are so low. This is beneficial for everyone, but the main thing is that Apple gets real money and is therefore ready to give a low cost. I can imagine how Apple rejoices in every iPhone sold in that order. There are enough inconsistencies, but this business is hastily sewn together, so no one follows the elaboration of the details.

There are small posters on the street offering a 30% discount on new iPhones.

Fraudsters from and the end of the scam worth 100 million rublesFraudsters from and the end of the scam worth 100 million rubles

Exactly the same banners on the site of this “store”.

Fraudsters from and the end of the scam worth 100 million rublesFraudsters from and the end of the scam worth 100 million rublesFraudsters from and the end of the scam worth 100 million rubles

I go to the store to buy an iPhone with a 30% discount, but then I am disappointed. The scheme looks like this: to buy a smartphone at such a price, you need to conclude a supply contract, pay its cost in cash to the cashier and wait from 2 to 4 weeks. For full price you can buy here and now, there is no problem with that. But after all, the full price is the same price as on the Apple website, so there is no point in this, as well as there is no savings.

Fraudsters from and the end of the scam worth 100 million rublesFraudsters from and the end of the scam worth 100 million rublesFraudsters from and the end of the scam worth 100 million rubles

I’m spinning in the store, chatting with a girl, she convinces me that there is no need to hesitate and all customers are happy. I say that I have no cash with me, she is ready to show where the nearest ATM is, she is very kindly interested in what bank I have so as not to pay interest. While we are talking, I continue to read the agreement, leafing through the pages in disbelief, reading it carefully, I am not distracted. At this moment, a young man flies into the store, sparkles with energy and takes out a large bundle of 5 bills to invest in the supply. From the conversation, I learn that he has already earned half a million in a month, phones are flying around like hot cakes and this is just a dream investment. The girl sighs dreamily and says that she does not have such opportunities, but that she also invests, “but of course not like our partners.”

The situation is standard, for clients who make any impression such a show is shown every day. I asked my friends to ask about the purchase of goods in this store, young people change, but the conversation is always about the same. I will say right away that such a show can make an indelible impression on immature minds. When a large sum of money is given in front of your eyes, and an agreement is signed in return, it looks at least impressive. Here you can handle the client one hundred percent.

My case turned out to be difficult, I did not want to part with the money, I did not go to the ATM. The girl offered to drink coffee, she was ready to share with me everything she knew about her company. Pretty, shoots with eyes, all tricks are used to make my pockets a little lighter.

From this I can draw a simple conclusion that the employees of the “store” are deliberately involved in deception, this is a well-knit team. When problems arise, they can make big eyes and claim that they did not know anything like that and simply did not know about anything. But the approach itself suggests that this is simply impossible.

Every time a person came to get his prepaid phone, there was a delay, watch the video that one of the victims filmed.

It is necessary to separate retail “sale” and partnership, in the second case, you can give any amount of money, in return you will be promised mountains of gold. Guaranteed passive income, you do nothing, after a while you just get money, and with such interest that you just start downloading.

Listen to a few tapes when they tried to convince me to invest in this project.

From the most curious, one that did not cause even a shadow of doubt among buyers. When they handed over money to the cashier, a check was punched for them. In fact, there were two cash registers in the “store”, one real one, through which accessories and sales were made at full cost, and the other for all other operations. The second cash register was a regular printer that simply printed a piece of paper that looked like a receipt. It is impossible to check the check on the website, since it does not exist. But want to laugh even more? In the branded video from Devicer in the picture with the receipt, we see the sale of an accessory for 590 rubles, and below the cost of the iPhone is attached separately. Here’s a sleight of hand and no fraud. All this has been on the surface since the first day of the existence of this pyramid.

Fraudsters from and the end of the scam worth 100 million rubles

In this pyramid, the moment of exit is important, when the number of people waiting for their devices begins to become noticeable, calls to the police appear. And then it’s time to close the shop.

End of the Devicer’s story, it’s time to take the fishing rods

The hot summer days flew away, the pyramid gained momentum and attracted hundreds of people in both retail and partnerships. If in the first case the size of the check was about 80 thousand rubles, then in the second it exceeded one million rubles. Some of the victims invested all their money.

Fraudsters from and the end of the scam worth 100 million rubles

In mid-November, the number of victims with exhausted patience exceeded the potential benefit from the project, it actually closed. The store has disappeared, today a coffee shop is in its place again.

The victims began to gather in different places, but usually they can be found at the Tver police station, where they fill out applications for unidentified persons. There is even a group on Telegram, where a small fraction of the victims share their pain and discuss how and what can be done, you can find a group here.

You can find specific people who worked in the store and participated in this scheme, most likely the police will do this. It will even be possible to attract them under the article for fraud, but the organizer of this project is reliably protected by his anonymity, none of the participants knows him. The general director has already said that his passport was taken “for renewal”, they promised 60 thousand rubles, but he did not see either the passport or the money. In fact, he is not responsible for anything and has nothing to do with this project. In words, everything is exactly like that.

And now the icing on the cake, a message from Alexander, with whom we parted on a raised voice, but we had material on the trail of this communication.

Here is the message that was sent to me by this person in February (he kept the spelling): “You wrote a great text about me. The suckers did not believe you, did not become smarter and brought money to me. For three months I raised 100 lyams, bought telegram channels, websites and took ten blokherov for maintenance. What do you have. I worked hard from morning till night for a penny, like all these fuckers rustling around. You see who I am and who you are. Your place in life is to feed me. In the summer I will send a report on the next store and income, then write an article about it, fuckers should know this and are mad that they are fuckers ”.

I have nothing to add to these words, although I do not share their meaning. Reading the comments to each article about scammers, I constantly see the modern culture of denial, when, on the basis of the given facts, I am accused of black PR “good guys”, that they are just doing good. And this culture of denial for the sake of denial makes it possible for people like Alexander to exist so comfortably. Yes, the deceived were not experienced, perhaps they will receive a vaccination against fraudsters for life, or maybe not. But there is no doubt that this whole story has brought them problems. It is impossible to multiply the sorrow in the world, it is simply wrong. Hopefully, after taking a closer look at how these pyramids work, you won’t fall into a mousetrap with free cheese. It will not be superfluous to share this material with your loved ones, friends, so that they also know where free cheese is.

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