Gothenburg Film Festival seeks volunteer to watch films on the island

The Gothenburg Film Festival is looking for a volunteer who will live alone on an island with a lighthouse in the North Sea from January 30 to February 6 and watch films from the program.

The isolated cinema on Pater Noster is located at the very edge of the archipelago, in one of Sweden’s most barren and windy places. One lone film fan will be completely isolated from the outside world. No phone, no family, no friends. Only you, the sea and the film program of the festival of 60 film premieres, – from the description of the project.

The project is called “Isolated Cinema”. The participant’s task is to watch 60 films per week, every day recording his impressions of the paintings in a video diary. It is forbidden to use a smartphone.

Applications for participation are accepted until January 17. The film festival itself will be held offline and online from January 29 to February 8, 2021.

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