HBO Max plans to shoot a series in the Harry Potter universe

Sources from The Hollywood Reporter said that a television series in the Harry Potter universe is in early production. The show is scheduled to air on HBO Max. 

It is noted that recently the leaders of the WarnerMedia conglomerate have been in lengthy negotiations with potential screenwriters, discussing various ideas for the series.

At the moment, the project has no scriptwriters and, as sources emphasize, it is at a very early stage.

Harry Potter is considered one of the most valuable and high-priority intellectual property for HBO Max and Warner Bros, which own the rights to the universe, along with creator J.K. Rowling.

There are speculations and rumors online that the series, in theory, like the upcoming game based on the Hogwarts: Legacy franchise, could plunge viewers into the past of the wizarding world. 

Recall that the release of the game in the Harry Potter universe Hogwarts: Legacy from the studio Avalanche Software has been postponed from this year to 2022. 

The game was announced by Warner Bros. in September 2020 at a PlayStation 5 presentation. The game will unfold in the 19th century in and around Hogwarts School of Wizardry.

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