James Bond’s gadgets in the unreleased No Time to Die movie are out of date

The premiere of No Time to Die about James Bond has been postponed several times. During this time, the sponsored gadgets used in the film have become outdated, because James Bond uses only the latest technologies.

The details of gadgets and things are kept secret, but everyone knows that James Bond always carries the latest kit with him, – said the insider.

This can lead to the filmmakers being forced to edit some of the scenes. Sponsored products for the latest installment of Bond include a Nokia smartphone, an Omega watch, Bollinger champagne and Adidas shoes.

A year and a half after the initial transfer of the premiere of the picture, all these companies will have time to update their product lines several times. 

But by the time the film is out, it will look like Daniel Craig and the rest of the cast are carrying something that has long since been released. This is not the point of these deals.

Because of this, brands have begun to express concern that viewers will not be able to see the current models.

For example, the Nokia ad featured actress Lashana Lin, who plays the role of secret agent Nomi in No Time to Die, but the pandemic has forced the brand to reschedule its ad campaign several times.

In No Time to Die, James Bond retired and lives in peace in Jamaica. Happy “old age” is interrupted when his old friend Felix Leiter from the CIA appears on the island asking for help. And now Bond is back in the ranks.

Daniel Craig has played the role of British special agent for the fifth time. The main villain was played by Rami Malek. Actress Lashana Lynch is here in the role of the successor of agent 007. The director was made by Carey Fukunaga (“True Detective”, “Maniac”).

The world premiere of the 25th part of “Bondiana” was scheduled for April 2020, but was postponed three times due to the pandemic. The film is expected to be released on October 8, 2021.

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