“KinoPoisk HD” shared the statistics of popular shows during the New Year holidays

Online cinema “KinoPoisk HD” has shared statistics of views for the New Year holidays (December 31 – January 10) among Plus subscribers.

So, the service noticed a significant increase in views, the daily audience exceeded a million viewers, which is a record for the platform. The majority of viewers gave preference to the novelties “Major. Film “and” Nastya, Pull yourself together “, and the New Year classics -” Harry Potter “and” Home Alone “were not left without attention. 

Top films and TV series by views in the “Kinopoisk HD” service:

  1. “Major. Film”
  2. Harry Potter franchise (eight films)
  3. “Nastya, pull yourself together!”
  4. Home Alone Franchise (two films)
  5. “One more”
  6. “Project Anna Nikolaevna”
  7. “The Newest Year!”
  8. “The last minister”
  9. “Gentlemen”
  10. “Inadequate 2 People”
  11. “Unprincipled”
  12. “Guard”
  13. “Shameless”
  14. “Discovery of witches”
  15. “Rick and Morty”
  16. Hang in Palm Springs
  17. “Method 2”
  18. “Supernatural”
  19. “The Grinch Stole Christmas”
  20. “Friends”

The most popular in terms of the number of views was the exclusive of the cinema – “Major. Film “with Pavel Priluchny. In 10 days, he collected half a million views, which is a record for the platform.

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