“Lupine” is the new hit of Netflix! The series will be watched by 70 million subscribers in a month

Netflix reported that Lupine, starring Omar Sy (1 + 1), was the service’s “biggest French hit”. 

It is estimated that 28 million subscribers will be able to appreciate the show in 70 days. The project was released on January 8, and it has already taken first place in the top of various countries, including Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Italy, Spain and Poland.

At the same time, the new hit “Bridgerton” predicted 63 million views over the same period as “Lupine”. During the same period, the fourth season of The Paper House attracted 65 million viewers, and one of the main TV series of 2020, Queen’s Move, 62 million.

True, here it is worthwhile to understand that the Netflix rating system counts the viewing even if the viewer managed to see only a couple of minutes of a particular project.

The plot of “Lupine” revolves around the thief Assan Diop, who as a child read a book about the adventures of the robber Arsene Lupine and is now going to rob the Louvre, as well as restore the honest name of his already deceased father, who was once accused of a crime he did not commit.

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