Review of the cartoon “Soul”. So what is the meaning of life?

Nowadays there are quite a few cartoons and animated films that can hardly be called a product exclusively for children. But Disney and Pixar’s Soul is a must-see for everyone.

Soul tells the story of high school music teacher Joe Gardner, who dreamed of performing on stage with a jazz ensemble all his life. Once he manages to successfully audition for a famous club singer.

That day, it seems, was one of the best, if not the best, in his life. He returned home beside himself with happiness. At this fateful moment, Gardner managed to fall through the hatch and die. The road to the Great After immediately opened before him.

The Master could not accept what is on the escalator going into eternity, and by chance, in an attempt to escape, he falls into the Great Do. This is the place where new souls find themselves: here hobbies, dreams and interests arise for future people. 

Gardner becomes the mentor of a young soul named 22, who has been stuck here for a long time, because for many centuries it has not been able to find its spark, which will allow it to finally go to Earth. 

The cartoon talks about those things that we do not often pay attention to, although in fact they are somewhat important. This story does not provide answers, but invites us to think about the meaning of life and our purpose in it.

Imagine a classic story when a person talks about how he once wanted to become someone, but by coincidence he settled in a completely different direction. Soul reminds us that our true goals may be completely different – not what they seem.

Emotional scenes are common in recent Disney and Pixar projects. Here they are also there, but there are not so many of them, even if it seemed that there could be more. The plot of “Soul” was not built in such a way as to “put pressure” on the viewer’s emotions, forcing him to cry repeatedly. 

Yes, while watching, you are sure to be charged with some empathy, but the cartoon is aimed at giving the viewer food for thought.

All this is complemented by excellent graphics that reveal various details: from the correspondence of the movements of the musicians’ fingers while playing the instruments to the way a living person would play, to the disclosure of the “vibe” and the frantic rhythm of New York life.

There are also gaps here that I, as a viewer, would like to fill. The fact is that the character of that very young soul named 22, who is Joe Gardner’s companion in The Great Do, is not fully disclosed.

According to the plot, soul 22 is a capricious creature with a very negative character. She doesn’t like everything, denies everything, treats everything too mediocre. The moment she meets the teacher, she immediately becomes too kind and understanding, and this is very strange.

In theory, her character should change gradually, and in this case, the change in her mood in a positive direction is explained only in the course of further events. And if for herself she could not find the very spark to send to Earth, then did she immediately find it in the Garden?

Such questions would not arise if the essence of this seasoned soul was revealed in more detail, which for many centuries in the Great Before has seen a large number of mentors who have not been able to help her find her spark.

The cartoon “Soul” is a worthy project of Disney and Pixar. Without exaggeration, I can recommend it to adults and adolescents. As for the children …

I don’t think they will be able to detect and understand the notes of philosophy in the cartoon. At the very least, it will allow children to immerse themselves in a breathtaking adventure. After all, “Soul” quite well visualizes the world before, life and the world after. 

A cartoon with January 21 2021 years… The world premiere took place back in December, but Soul has only reached Russian cinemas just now. If you don’t have time to watch it, go to the movies!

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