Review of the film “Do not heal me”. About Russian medicine?

This film, according to the statement of Mikhail Marales, screenwriter and director, was filmed back in 2018. And everything was waiting in the wings to be released on the screens of the country. And so, from January 14, if you wish, you will be able to watch a very unusual, partly comedy, partly dramatic film about domestic medicine in the country’s cinemas.

The idea is perfectly described in the film’s annotation: “The trauma surgeon Ilya is constantly in trouble because of his kindness. Either he is forced to marry a sleeping patient, or is he hiding the official’s son in the hospital? That. Saving a person, it injures him, and now they demand monetary compensation from Ilya … But what can you do to save the sick! But in the maelstrom of events, Ilya does not lose his humor and optimism – in spite of all the circumstances».

On the one hand, the viewer will find a very successful comedy about a talented surgeon and comic, albeit not always, situations that a domestic doctor finds himself in during his practice. As well as sparkling jokes in large numbers and non-standard ways of solving many issues, which, apparently, are inherent only in our doctors. This isn’t Dr. House at all.

On the other side of the scale is the dramatic part. Which was a little late with the release and lost its relevance. Throughout the film, the idea of ​​optimizing the work of hospitals, which arose several years ago in Russia, is constantly mentioned. But today this topic is no longer as bright and scandalous as it was 2-3 years ago, before the pandemic. Let’s add to this multiple references about gratitude to doctors, about their life and motivation … And somehow it becomes much less funny.

The plot is complemented by a romantic story in a triangle in the cast of Ivan Yankovsky, Lukerya Ilyashenko and Petr Fedorov. Alas, despite the magnificent performance of all three actors, this is the film’s weakest point. The romantic line and the conflict are not spelled out at all, or rather not so, they are perfectly spelled out in the plot of the film, and then they simply hammered into this branch of the plot. As a result, the actions of all three characters raise only continuous questions from the viewer. Why did she fall in love, why did she stop loving, why did she forgive or did not forgive, what and how – everything is mixed.

Perhaps Mikhail Marales saw the idea in the script of a colleague who wrote the plot for the film “Goalkeeper of the Galaxy”? Well there, if not in the know, it was something like this. A girl comes up to a guy and says: “I saw you and love you right away. Why all these little things and waste of time on relationships. ” Well, in the film “Don’t Heal Me” the motivations of the characters’ relationships are about the same. Without much causality. And for this moment it is a little offensive, since the idea was laid, albeit not original, but good, plus three wonderful actors who could smartly play out this triangle of relationships … But alas, no, it was done “on your way”.

In general, “Don’t Heal Me” is a very unusual and interesting film, which is definitely worth watching the other day in the cinema, or a little later online. An excellent cast, where even Dmitry Nagiyev will not annoy with his participation, and one of the roles is played by a member of the “Quartet I” – Alexander Demidov. Quite an interesting plot, albeit not without questions.

In general, especially nowadays, a topical topic that receives very little attention in the cinema is about domestic medicine and the life of doctors. Of course, not a masterpiece, but a very interesting and slightly unusual movie worthy of your attention. From January 14 in the cinemas of the country. 

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