Russell Crowe responded to criticism of “Master of the Seas”

56-year-old film actor and director Russell Crowe decided to respond to criticism of the film “Master of the Seas: At the End of the Earth”, which premiered in 2003.

The action adventure film takes place during the Napoleonic Wars. It tells the story of Captain Jackie Aubrey, played by Crowe. In the story, Aubrey began to pursue an unknown ship that attacked his ship. 

60-year-old English singer Ian McNab wrote on his Twitter that “Master of the Seas” could be an excellent remedy for insomnia during a pandemic. He didn’t like the picture, so he turned it off 10 minutes after the start of viewing. 

According to him, Russell Crowe creates quite powerful acting characters, but in the case of “Master of the Seas” something went wrong:

Many people complain about lack of sleep during a pandemic. I can recommend Master of the Seas to you, with the usually charming and attention-grabbing Russell Crowe. I can never last more than 10 minutes. Do not mention it. And thanks to Russell.

Crowe reacted to this statement by expressing his indignation at the lack of patience in the modern viewer. 

This is the problem with children these days. No focus. A demanding, detailed, epic story of loyalty to the Empire, no matter the price.

Crowe also highlighted Russell Boyd’s excellent cinematography as well as the excellent film soundtrack. He added that Master of the Seas: At the End of the Earth is definitely not a film for children.

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