The most anticipated TV shows of 2021

Earlier, we have already talked about the most anticipated films of the coming year. Now it is the turn to turn our gaze to the series, of which a great many are expected in 2021 and for every taste.

Let’s note both completely new shows, which are just getting ready to compete for audience sympathy, and the continuation of previously launched ones. As in the case of films, we will not name the premieres that will be released in January – you can read about them in a separate article on Rozetked.

New in 


Release date: February 11. Where to watch: CBS

Sequel to the thriller “The Silence of the Lambs”. The main character is FBI agent Clarissa Starling, who was previously played on the screen by Jodie Foster and Julianne Moore. In the series, this role was played by Rebecca Breeds.

The plot will unfold in 1993, a year after the events of Silence of the Lambs, and will tell about the personal story of Clarissa, as well as show how she returned to the hunt for serial killers and sex maniacs after a confrontation with Hannibal Lecter and Buffalo Bill.

The show was staged by Dymane Davis and Maya Vrvilo.


Release date: March 1. Where to watch: “KinoPoisk HD”

The original project “KinoPoisk HD” with the participation of Maxim Matveev, Svetlana Khodchenkova and Oleg Menshikov. According to the plot, businessman Andrei Obolensky is hired to win the elections, who must win votes from the main competitor, but not win. 

“The Falcon and the Winter Soldier”

Release date: March 19. Where to watch: Disney +

A slew of MCU-related releases are expected at Disney + this year, and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is one of them.

The plot revolves around Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) and Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan). The action takes place after the events of “Avengers: Endgame”, there are no other details about the project yet. However, it is already known that viewers will be able to see the terrorist Baron Zemo (Daniel Bruhl) and the agent Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp). 

“Shadow and Bone”

Release date: April. Where to watch: Netflix

The series is based on the fantasy novels of the same name by Lee Bardugo. According to the plot, the world was divided by darkness, where carnivorous monsters live. One day, the girl discovers the strength that can restore balance. One of the main roles is the star of the films “The Chronicles of Narnia” and the TV series “The Punisher” – Ben Barnes.


Release date: May. Where to watch: Disney +

Another upcoming release on Disney +. Tom Hiddleston as the antihero Loki, who seemed to have died in the last parts of The Avengers, but apparently not quite. 

Nothing is known about the plot – it certainly will not do without moving in time. The new series is rumored to be tied to Taiki Waititi’s upcoming film Thor: Love and Thunder. 

Hiddleston will feature Owen Wilson, Gugu Embata-Ro, Sophie Di Martino and Richard E. Grant.


Release date: spring. Where to watch: Okko

An eight-part detective drama series that tells the story of the double life of the most famous maniac of the Soviet Union, Andrei Chikatilo, and the investigation of his crimes. This is an Okko service exclusive.

Stage Director – Sarik Andreasyan. The roles were performed by: Konstantin Lavronenko, Dmitry Vlaskin, Yulia Afanasyeva, Oleg Kamenshchikov, Nikolai Kozak, Evgeny Shirikov, Ivan Fedotov, Karen Badalov, Alexander Kurlov, Victoria Bogatyreva, Nikita Kologrivy, Alexander Bulatov and other actors.

“Food block”

Release date: spring-summer. Where to watch: “KinoPoisk HD”

Screen adaptation of the novel of the same name by Alexei Ivanov. The story tells about Soviet teenagers of the 1980s who meet something strange in a pioneer camp on the Volga.

One of the main characters Valerka (Peter Natarov) learns that the counselors and some children are vampires. In addition to the mystical component, the series will touch upon typical teenage problems – first love and finding friends.


Release date: autumn. Where to watch: “Russia”

Filming of the series, based on the novel by Zakhar Prilepin about the life of Soviet prisoners in the Solovetsky camp in the 1920s, began in 2018. According to the plot, Artyom Goryainov ended up in Solovki, where he began an affair with Galina, who cohabits with the head of the camp performed by Sergei Bezrukov.

Boba Fett’s Book

Release date: December. Where to watch: Disney +

The Mandalorian spin-off, dedicated to the legendary bounty hunter from the classic Star Wars trilogy.

The show is executive produced by Jon Favreau, with Temuera Morrison as Boba Fett. Ming-Na Wen as Fennek Shand.


Release date: end of the year. Where to watch: Disney +

Solo about Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner), who retired. Now his task is to train his successor – Kate Bishop (Hayley Steinfeld), who has been fond of archery since childhood. 

Chronologically a new show will unfold after the events of “Avengers: Endgame”

Miss Marvel

Release date: end of the year. Where to watch: Disney +

The series is a dark horse, as little is known about it. This will be a show about a new heroine from the Marvel Cinematic Universe Kamala Khan, who discovers her superpowers. 

The action will unfold in Jersey City, there are no other details about the project. Starring debutante Iman Vellani.

“The Mare of Easttown”

Release date: 2021. Where to watch: HBO Max

Kate Winslet as a detective from a small Pennsylvania town. She investigates a brutal murder and gives all of herself to work, but with her personal life, everything is not so smooth. 

Along with Winslet, Evan Peters, Julianne Nicholson, Angauri Rice and other actors will appear on the screens. Brad Ingelsby (Night Fugitive, From Hell) is responsible for the script of the show, and the director is Craig Zobel, who released the scandalous political horror film The Hunt.


Release date: 2021. Where to watch: Netflix

An adaptation of The Sandman by Neil Gaiman, which uses fragments of Greek mythology, references to romantic writers and contemporary pop culture. 

In the center of the story is the God Morpheus, who rules the world of dreams. He frees himself from many years of imprisonment and tries again, so to speak, to get back on his feet, and along the way to sort things out with relatives. 

The series is being produced by Gaiman himself, as well as Allan Heinberg, who wrote the scripts for Grey’s Anatomy and Sex and the City, and David S. Goyer, who is in charge of The Dark Knight.


Release date: 2021. Where to watch: Apple TV +

A large-scale adaptation of a sci-fi cycle written by Isaac Asimov. 

The distant future, people have settled outside the Earth. However, the Galactic Empire is in danger. One of the scientists creates the Foundation organization, designed to restore human civilization after the coming upheavals. 

Starring Jared Harris, Cassian Bilton, Lee Pace and Laura Byrne. The series was produced by David S. Goyer.


Release date: 2021. Where to watch: Syfy

The evil doll Chucky is back in the ranks and is ready to nightmare everyone around. 

Responsible for the show are the creators of the iconic killer doll Don Mancini and David Kirchner. Fans are waiting for a more authentic look of Chucky and more.

“Y: The Last Man”

Release date: 2021. Where to watch: FX

The series is based on a comic strip by Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra and has a pretty interesting plot. In the post-apocalyptic world, almost all men (carriers of the Y chromosome) have died due to a strange virus. Somehow, only Yorick Brown (Ben Schnetzer) managed to survive, who is trying to adapt to the female world. 

Yorick sets out on a journey to see his mother, Jennifer Brown (Diane Lane), who has become a Senator, and then to find his Australian friend Beth (Juliana Canville). 

“Sea of ​​Tranquility”

Release date: 2021. Where to watch: Netflix

A Korean sci-fi thriller set in the near future on Earth, which suffers from food and water shortages. 

A group of travelers go to the moon for an item that could determine the fate of the entire species of Homo. The main characters are familiar faces: Gong Yoo (Train to Busan), Bae Doo-na (Cloud Atlas, Sympathy for Mr. Revenge, Eighth Sense) and Lee Joon (Kaptoni).


For All Humanity, Season Two

Release date: February 19. Where to watch: Apple TV +

One of the successful Apple TV + projects, which has already been extended for the third season. Events are developing in a world where Soviet cosmonauts have landed on the moon instead of the Americans. In response, the United States is investing many forces and resources to break through in the space industry.

“The Last Minister”, second season

Release date: spring. Where to watch: “KinoPoisk HD”

We included this project in our top 10 best Russian TV series in 2020. And in the spring, viewers will see the continuation of the story about the Fictional Ministry of Advanced Planning and the heroes who live under its roof.

“Project” Anna Nikolaevna “”, second season

Release date: spring-summer. Where to watch: “KinoPoisk HD”

Another project “KinoPoisk HD” and a member of our top 10. The story of Russia’s first android police officer will return with new episodes this spring.

Dexter Season XNUMX 

Release date: autumn. Where to watch: Showtime

Dexter is back on the screens 8 years after the show closed. This will be a direct continuation.

It is known that Michael S. Hall will return to his lead role, with Clyde Phillips, who developed the first four seasons, will act as showrunner. There will be 10 episodes in total. 

In addition, new characters are expected in the series – a mother and daughter, known as Angela and Audrey.

The Witcher, Season Two

Release date: 2021. Where to watch: Netflix

In the second season, Geralt and Ciri will travel to Kaer Morhen, the legendary fortress of the witchers. In addition, Nilfgaard’s army will have new armor in the sequel. Also, Geralt will acquire new armor. There is no exact release date yet, most likely it is the end of 2021

“Friends”, special episode

Release date: 2021. Where to watch: HBO Max

All fans of the legendary comedy show in 2021 will receive a special issue in which old friends will meet again. 

The entire main cast of the series will return to the set: Jennifer Aniston (Rachel), Courtney Cox (Monica), Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe), Matt LeBlanc (Joey), Matthew Perry (Chandler) and David Schwimmer (Ross).

The Handmaid’s Tale, Season XNUMX

Release date: 2021. Where to watch: Hulu

New Year is a new part of a dystopia about a state in which women were exploited, making them incubators for carrying babies.

In the third season, the authors did not bring the project to its logical conclusion, probably, they will do it just in the fourth. 

Better Call Saul Season XNUMX

Release date: 2021. Where to watch: “Amediateka”

The Breaking Bad spin-off is set to conclude this year. There is no exact date, but it is known that there will be a total of 13 episodes. 

American Crime Story Season Three

Release date: 2021. Where to watch: FX

Each season of the crime anthology is dedicated to different events in world history. This time the plot is dedicated to the sex scandal with Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. Starring Clive Owen and Beanie Feldstein.

“See”, season two

Release date: 2021. Where to watch: Apple TV +

Continuation of one of the key projects of Apple TV +. The series received average ratings from critics and viewers, but that does not prevent the company from releasing a second season. According to the plot, all the inhabitants of the earth have become blind, but one of the couples has sighted twins.

TV series that may come out in 2021

Separately, it is worth noting the series and sequels that have a chance to be released in 2021, but they do not have an exact release date yet. We hope and wait for what remains. 

Among such works:

  • Stranger Things season XNUMX
  • the third season of “Sex Education”
  • the fourth season of “Killing Eve”
  • fourth season of the Ozarks
  • high-budget series based on The Lord of the Rings
  • TV series based on The Last of Us from HBO and the authors of the acclaimed “Chernobyl”
  • spin-off “Suicide Squad” about Peacemaker by James Gunn
  • adaptation of Stephen King’s novel “Lizzie’s Story”
  • Ripley starring Andrew Scott
  • film adaptation of Colson Whitehead’s novel “The Underground Railroad”
  • comedy series “Man vs. the Bee” with Rowan Atkinson

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