Scientists have found the weak points of deepfake rollers

As part of the study, scientists have identified the weaknesses of such videos. They noticed that the errors that issued the fake video were always repeated. Thus, one can suspect the deepfake of the first generation video due to the... Read more

Researchers have found out how often smartphones transmit personal data of users

A study by Professor Doug Leith of the Connect Center found that Android and iOS smartphones send data to the manufacturer every 4,5 minutes. And this happens even when the device is not being used. The specialist also noted that... Read more

The doctor told what the correct breakfast should consist of

So, according to the doctor, the correct breakfast should consist of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. At the same time, its balance cannot be ignored. So, one of the options for a proper breakfast is porridge with a piece of cheese,... Read more

US military will begin training in a secret online game

Referring to sources, the CNN channel said that in this way the Pentagon intends to work out a reaction to a potential global crisis that has spread at once in a number of fronts. For example, the military in the... Read more

Russian spacecraft set new record for longest flight

Information about this was shared by the RIA Novosti edition. It is known that the launch of the Russian Progress MS-14 cargo vehicle took place on April 25, 2020. As of today, it is still on the International Space Station... Read more

Russian spacecraft set new record for longest flight

Information about this was shared by the RIA Novosti edition. It is known that the launch of the Russian Progress MS-14 cargo vehicle took place on April 25, 2020. As of today, it is still on the International Space Station... Read more

The Russians were told how to turn off wiretapping on a smartphone

So, according to Kuzmenko, you can limit wiretapping and collection of personal data using the smartphone settings. In particular, you need to find the “Applications” section and disable access to the microphone, speakers, camera, and location in it. Read more

The lungs have been named a slimming organ

The doctor said that it is the lungs that are the main organ that helps in the fight against excess weight. Akhunyanova explained that an excessive amount of simple carbohydrates is converted into triglycerides, being located in fat cells. To... Read more

The doctor told about the dangers of semi-finished products

The specialist spoke about this in an interview with Radio 1. Note that semi-finished products are products that have undergone primary processing. At the same time, any prepared food can negatively affect health to one degree or another. “It has... Read more

In the United States, they said that they would make the Russian fleet extremely dangerous

The expert’s opinion is quoted by PolitRussia. He believes the Russian fleet is becoming a hypersonic assassin. That is, the expert meant a hypersonic weapon by “ultra-modern weapons.” For example, at the end of 2020, the Russian Navy (Navy) has... Read more

Russia will expand the combat capabilities of frigates

The weapon is intended for construction of the first rank multipurpose frigates of projects 22350 and 22350M, writes RIA Novosti. The A-192M gun mount was created on the basis of the Soviet system. It has become lighter – it weighs... Read more

GTA was accused of forming a bad attitude towards women in boys

This was stated by the politician Peter Dutton, the Minister of the Interior of Australia. He noted that as the father of his 19-year-old daughter and young boys, he was intimidated by some of the stories he believed related to... Read more

YouTube Starts Blocking Staged Animal Rescue Videos

Video service told reporters that there is an alarming trend in which staged videos with violence against animals appear. In such videos, for example, a puppy may be handed over to be strangled by a snake, cats are buried alive,... Read more

“Big Mac” in the world of video cards is preparing for release

The graphics card is called MaxSun RTX 3060 Big Mac. This is a fairly cheap option, and in conditions of scarcity, even it may be of interest. The Chinese have saved on the cooling system. The video card itself is... Read more

Previously unknown Easter egg found in old Windows 95

As it turns out, the developers who worked on the operating system and its applications left their mark on Internet Mail. To see the “Easter egg”, you need to open the application, go to the About section, select one of... Read more

Ukraine used Turkish drones over the Black Sea

As the agency said, unmanned attack aircraft Bayraktar TB2 carried out flights from the mainland of Ukraine to the island of Tendrovskaya Spit in the Black Sea. In particular, the drones worked out training tasks for maneuvering. Radio Sputnik notes... Read more

Apps from genocide groups in China found in Apple store

The United States was recently the first to accuse China of pursuing a policy of genocide against the Uyghurs. It is reported about the placement of representatives of this people in the so-called educational camps, mass surveillance of the Muslim... Read more

Launched the world’s first environmentally friendly mining

The creation of this was announced by the cryptocurrency mining company Argo Blockchain. The new mining pool Terra Pool will operate exclusively on green energy. This is called energy, which almost does not harm the environment. It can be solar... Read more

Scientists have updated the list of potentially dangerous asteroids

The asteroid Apophis was discovered in 2004. Scientists have calculated that in 2029 the asteroid will fly so close to the Earth that it may even collide with the planet. A little later, this possibility was denied. Scientists expected Apophis... Read more

Xiaomi has promised to release the thinnest and lightest smartphone

According to Jun, the new smartphone will be aimed at young people. Most likely, the head of Xiaomi is talking about the Mi 11 Lite model. Its presentation is expected in a few days along with the flagship smartphones Xiaomi... Read more

Elon Musk promised that Tesla will overtake Apple

The second tweet about the deadline was deleted, but they managed to screenshot it. In the first tweet, Musk claims that Tesla’s chances of becoming the largest company are far from zero. This means that the automaker is aiming at... Read more

Facebook temporarily froze the page of the President of Venezuela

In January, Maduro described Carvativir, a thyme solution, as a “miraculous” coronavirus neutralizer. It was also claimed that the drug has no side effects. Doctors, however, say these claims are not supported by science. Facebook has removed the video of... Read more

In Russia showed robots of the Russian Guard for mine clearance

We are talking about the modernized mobile robotic complex MRK-15. It is used by the OMON and SOBR units of the Russian Guard when performing various technological operations and when working with explosive objects. Also, the MRK-15 can be used... Read more

Panasonic SC-HTB490 Cinema Audio System reaches 320W

Panasonic has announced the SC-HTB490 sound system for home theater applications. Sales of new items will begin soon. The kit includes a soundbar with a low profile design that fits under most modern TVs. It is equipped with two full-range... Read more