Xiaomi has figured out how to make fast charging safer

Today it became known that Xiaomi has patented a special technology that should make the process of charging mobile equipment safer. As part of it, a special algorithm will carefully monitor the voltage, charge level and dynamically change its speed.

Image source: Gizmochina

The essence of the technology is that when the battery charge approaches the threshold value, the floating charging mode automatically turns on, that is, its power dynamically changes. This will help avoid dangerous problems such as battery swelling or fire. Battery temperature and internal voltage level are also taken into account. If both values ​​are too high, the supply power will be reduced regardless of the overcoming of the charge threshold.

Most of the current methods of charging smartphones imply that the first 50% of the capacity is charged with increased power, another 30% with medium and the remaining 20% ​​with reduced power. There is no strict algorithm in the technology and changes occur due to the analysis of many indicators in real time.

Most modern batteries do not have bloating and fire problems, but sometimes they do occur. It is not known if this technology will appear in any of the devices in the near future, but the fact that Xiaomi is working on solving such important problems cannot but rejoice.

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