Steam Deck: Five big things we learned from Valve’s developer summit

On Friday, PC gaming giant Valve invited the developer community to learn more about its Steam Deck, a $400 handheld gaming PC with a comparatively powerful AMD chip. It’s akin to the Nintendo Switch of gaming PCs, and there’s a... Read more

Rittenhouse trial judge still baffled by pinch-to-zoom

The prosecution and defense continue to argue over evidence in the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse for killing two people during a protest in Wisconsin, with a surprising amount of confusion from both the defense and Judge Bruce Schroeder about what... Read more

Apple is reportedly relying on states to pay for digital ID rollouts

Apple will soon let users in participating states digitally store their driver’s licenses or state IDs on their iPhone’s wallet, but according to a report by CNBC, the initiative will be partially funded by the states — and their taxpayers.... Read more

Apple’s Business Essentials subscriptions support small businesses that only use Apple

This week Apple unveiled another beta program, but instead of offering early previews of software for your Mac, iPhone, or iPad, it’s a new initiative called Business Essentials. In line with Apple’s recent shift toward selling services, it’s a subscription... Read more

Jamie Oliver: Don’t let schools go back to the ‘beige days’ of panini and chips

The new “Spill The Beans” report invited teenagers aged between 13 and 19 to take part in panel discussions about food in their schools between June and September this year. It found somes schools were offering 11 different types of... Read more

Covid test firm ‘to sell swabs carrying customers’ DNA’

A leading Covid-19 testing firm is planning to sell swabs containing customer’s DNA, prompting an investigation from the UK’s data privacy watchdog. Cignpost Diagnostics, a government-approved supplier trading as Express Test, said it will analyse samples to sell the information... Read more

Patricia Cornwell: I put woke ‘fisherfolk’ in my stories to avoid rocking the boat

Patricia Cornwell has revealed she is now using the word “fisherfolk” instead of “‘fisherman” to avoid offending her readers. The best-selling crime writer known for the Kay Scarpetta novels has said she constantly grapples with the problem of which words... Read more

Elderly being blocked from Covid vaccine booster jabs because of NHS blunders

Michael Kelly, 70, from Blaydon, Gateshead, who had his second jab almost seven months ago on April 23, said the booster rollout had been a “shambles”. Mr Kelly, a retired taxi driver, has a chronic lung condition, making him clinically... Read more

Stunning Hamilton overtakes Verstappen for big comeback win LIVE!

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Could a therapy session banish the winter blues?

Light therapy is considered the gold standard for SAD sufferers, though it doesn’t work for everyone. Interest is now growing in the benefits of talking therapy, in particular cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) – a type of psychotherapy where negative thoughts... Read more

Dr Alex George: ‘I’m on medication for anxiety’

After Dr Alex George found fame on Love Island in 2018, strangers would stop him in the street and ask for pictures. He became a celebrity doctor, one of the first in what is now a relatively crowded field. Today,... Read more

Eight foods you should always try to buy organic

With its wide variety of vegetables, nuts and fish, the Mediterranean diet is often hailed as the healthiest in the world. Previous studies have linked the diet with longer life, reduced risk of depression, improving heart health and protecting against... Read more

Succession crises and civil war: was 17th-century England a failed state?

In his Ecclesiastical History of the English People, the Venerable Bede recounts a visit Pope Gregory the Great made to a Roman market, where he sees two slave boys of striking appearance. They are Angles, he is told, to which... Read more

Is this 1940s film noir that rare thing – a genuinely immaculate movie?

The screenwriters maintain the feminist flavour of the novel. Laura herself is portrayed as confident, successful and desirable: the two men who want her are degenerate in different ways, Carpenter more conventionally so than Lydecker, whose complexities would keep a... Read more

Meet ‘the Oskar Schindler of Vienna’: the MI6 spymaster who saved 10,000 Jews

The roll call of Britain’s greatest spymasters includes Vernon Kell of MI5, Mansfield Cumming (the original “C”) of MI6, and Colin Gubbins of SOE. Yet Thomas Kendrick, the subject of this book, may have been the most influential of them... Read more

Theodore John Conrad: One of America’s most-wanted men finally tracked down 52 years after bank heist

One of America’s most-wanted fugitives – who walked out of a bank with a paper bag stuffed with $215,000 – has been identified after 52 years. Theodore John Conrad was a 20-year-old bank teller at Society National Bank in Cleveland... Read more

The bank of mum and dad should be withdrawn now you are a grown-up, court tells 32-year-old

Italy’s top appeals court has told a 32-year-old man that he does not have the right to financial support from his father, in a case that has made headlines in a country where millions rely on the bank of mum... Read more

Cocaine worth £33m found in shipment of onion rings at UK border

A haul of cocaine worth £33m was found hidden in a shipment of onion rings due to enter the UK. Border Force officers found 418kg of the Class A drugs when they stopped a lorry at the UK inbound zone... Read more

Three people stung to death as storms in Egypt wash scorpions and snakes into the streets

Three people have been stung to death and more than 450 injured after heavy rains washed scorpions into the streets in the Egyptian city of Aswan over the weekend. Thunderstorms and hail swept scorpions and snakes away from their natural... Read more

Raise taxes on food and water to combat climate change, says Natural England chief

“The mass extinction of animals and plants being principally driven by our food system, where is that? “What about the public health dimension, in terms of the people suffering from diet-related illnesses that’s costing countries absolute fortunes on their public... Read more

London has its ‘Gherkin’ but Parisians are turning up their noses at skyscraping ‘Brie’

Outraged Parisians have launched a last-ditch attempt to halt the construction of a €700-million skyscraper that has been likened to a “giant piece of brie”. Architectural purists say the “Triangle Tour” – set to be built this year within the... Read more

British four-year-old becomes youngest ever to reach summit of 11,000ft US mountain

A British four-year-old has become the youngest person ever to reach the summit of an 11,000ft mountain, scaling steep precipices and surviving extreme weather conditions to get there. Jackson Houlding, and his sister Freya, eight, spent two-weeks camping in the... Read more

The Queen misses out as mantle of remembrance passes from one generation to the next

Among the military uniforms on parade were also the black and yellow scarves of the charity Scotty’s Little Soldiers, established by war widow Nikki Scott in memory of Corporal Lee Scott of the 2nd Royal Tank Regiment who was killed... Read more

No one will be more upset with the Queen’s absence from Cenotaph than the monarch herself

Beaming as she took to the saddle in the grounds of Windsor Castle, it was the first time she had been seen outside since locking down with the Duke of Edinburgh and a small retenue of staff, dubbed “HMS Bubble”.... Read more

Terminally ill man arrested for mooning speed camera ‘inspires’ new ‘Banksy’ Bart Simpson mural

A terminally ill man who was arrested for mooning a speed camera believes Banksy is behind a new mural near his home depicting police challenging Bart Simpson for baring his bottom. Darrell Meekcom hit the headlines earlier this week after... Read more