Christmas boost as Sage predicts fall in Covid hospitalisations and deaths

Vaccine-conferred immunity declines but the booster regime – under which more than 14 million people have received a third dose – means there will not be a large population of unprotected vulnerable people. A rapid increase in transmission rates would... Read more

Whites can suffer racism too, admits Cambridge college

A Cambridge college has amended its guidance following accusations that it implied white people could not be victims of racism.  As part of an anti-discrimination drive, Downing College published advice on how to report incidences of racism and “micro-aggressions”. But... Read more

Pictured: Redmaids’ High schoolgirls walk through Bristol in tradition dating back to 1634

Girls from Redmaids’ High in Bristol marked the founding of their school with a return to a grand tradition dating back to 1634.  Led by the school’s Head Girls over 700 students aged seven to 18 walked through Bristol for... Read more

Woman’s Hour presenter could be frontrunner in search for Andrew Marr’s replacement

But Marr’s departure could also open the way for Andrew Neil to make his BBC return. Neil quit the broadcaster to launch GB News, a move that proved ill-fated. Asked this week if he would rejoin the BBC, Neil said:... Read more

Fury over Remembrance Sunday rappers who condemned Winston Churchill

The Imperial War Museum has apologised for “offence” caused by a “grotesque” rap performance by teenagers, which condemned Winston Churchill at a Remembrance Sunday event. Performers made a speech questioning how Britain remembers its war dead immediately after a two-minute... Read more

GPs are being ‘exploited’ for free work, claims new union boss

The article’s subheadline read: “You wouldn’t expect a builder to do a job on the side for free, or ask a lawyer to do some extra work without being paid for it. So why should it be any different for... Read more

Schools cancelling Christmas as children pushed back into Covid bubbles

Molly Kingsley, the co-founder of the parent campaign group UsForThem, said families were “heartbroken” that children’s “rites of passage are being denied”. She said: “We are definitely seeing a pattern of Christmas activities, trips, fairs and parties being cancelled. We... Read more

Russia ‘paying close attention’ to HMS Queen Elizabeth as race to salvage F-35 jet intensifies

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) will first be working to locate the jet. Afterwards, it has to decide whether to recover the aircraft, or any pieces if it has broken up. The technology exists for such a recovery, even given... Read more

Bexleyheath house fire victim made desperate phone call to husband as flames took hold

A cousin, who gave his name as Jega, said the children’s mother and her mother had been due to fly back to Sri Lanka on Friday. They were upstairs when the fire started. The cousin said: “I think he [Yogan]... Read more

Booster vaccinations added to NHS Covid Pass for foreign travel

Travellers who have received a booster dose will be able to show their updated vaccination status through the NHS Covid Pass from today. The addition will enable people who have had their booster, or third dose, to travel to countries... Read more

Age-checking software ‘may pose data risk’

Tech giants must not be allowed to use online age checks to harvest children’s facial and biometric data, a leading peer has warned. Baroness Kidron, the architect of the UK’s first statutory online children’s protection code, said the new online... Read more

Boy, 13, in critical condition after being shot in back in Birmingham

A 13-year-old is fighting for his life in hospital after he was shot in the back while walking down a street in Birmingham. Emergency services were called after the teenager was shot in Hockley Circus, in the Hockley area of... Read more

Liverpool terror attacker used ‘many aliases’ to buy materials for bomb packed with ball-bearings

The Liverpool hospital attacker used “many aliases” to purchase ingredients including ball bearings for his bomb, counter terrorism police have said.  Asylum seeker Emad al-Swealmeen got a taxi to Liverpool Women’s Hospital on Sunday and the vehicle blew up just... Read more

Duchess of Cornwall visits Egyptian donkey hospital on final day of royal tour

The following year, having established the problem stretched to thousands of elderly horses once used to transport British troops in the region during the First World War, she wrote to the Morning Post, which is now The Telegraph. “They are... Read more

Will Cop26 effectively tackle climate change? Only a quarter of people think so

Only a quarter of people think the Cop26 climate change summit will be effective in tackling climate change, according to polling conducted during the Glasgow meeting’s final days. While 50 per cent of people think the summit was useful for... Read more

Andrew Marr quits the BBC, saying ‘I am keen to get my own voice back’

Andrew Marr has quit the BBC, saying he was “keen to get my own voice back”.  The veteran broadcaster, a former BBC political editor who fronted The Andrew Marr Show on Sunday mornings, wrote: “Personal announcement. After 21 years, I... Read more

Children with rare spinal condition to receive ‘life changing’ treatment on the NHS

For the first time, around 1,500 people with the disorder will be able to access the new treatment after the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice) recommended the drug in draft guidance. Risdiplam is licensed to treat people... Read more

Motorists who use a mobile phone while driving face £200 fine and six points on their licence

Mobile phone use behind the wheel is to be outlawed as the Government will close a loophole that allowed drivers to check social media. New highway rules mean motorists will face an automatic £200 fine and six points on their... Read more

Branded blazers on way out as schools told to bring uniform bills down a size

It has been a school uniform staple for hundreds of years – but the branded school blazer could soon be on its way out. Officials at the Department for Education (DfE) have said that from next autumn, state schools will be... Read more

Beaver Moon partial lunar eclipse: what time it peaks in the UK and full moon dates for 2021

June: Strawberry Moon This full moon is named after the beginning of the strawberry picking season. It is also known as Rose Moon or Hot Moon, commemorating the start of the summer’s warm weather. It appears in the same month as the summer... Read more

Friday morning news briefing: Europe on red alert

Britain to send more troops to Polish border The UK is to deploy more troops to the Polish border with Belarus, amid mounting Cabinet concerns over the influx of migrants into the EU and crossing the Channel. Ben Wallace, the... Read more

Two women and two children killed in Bexleyheath house fire

Two children and two women have died in a house fire in Bexleyheath in south-east London. The London Fire Brigade said in a statement that six fire engines and around 40 firefighters were called to the fire on Hamilton Road... Read more

Company services corporation

Is the company also a legal company? As a matter of fact, before the appointment – the whole company, which is organized to deal with the provision of legal services for the population and business on a paid basis. Why... Read more

First trail hunting ban condemned as ‘political decision’

Trail hunting has been formally banned by the first landowner following allegations that the sport is a “smokescreen” for illegally killing foxes. Environment agency Natural Resources Wales (NRW) said that it was ending all trail hunting “with immediate effect” after... Read more

The poorest will be hit hardest by latest social care rethink, says plan’s original architect

The architect of the Government’s social care reforms has criticised ministers’ “disappointing” new plans, accusing them of targeting poorer people and those in the North of England.  Sir Andrew Dilnot, an economist who devised reforms to prevent people losing homes... Read more