An energy crisis looms for Germany’s new chancellor

Two months after its general election, Germany finally has a new government, a three-party agreement melding disparate political outlooks that will be hard to contain. The “traffic light” coalition is made up of the pro-business Free Democrats (FDP), the German... Read more

Four Quartets at the Harold Pinter Theatre, review: a tour de force by Ralph Fiennes

“There is no end, but addition: the trailing consequence of further days and hours.” So intones Ralph Fiennes in this staged recital of TS Eliot’s Four Quartets and, forgive the heresy, but I wonder how many audience members during this... Read more

Limit online bets to maximum of £2, say gambling reformers

Gamblers could be limited to a maximum £2 bet online and £100 spending a month as more than 160 MPs and peers united to demand “bold” government reforms to curb betting. In a letter to The Telegraph, the MPs and... Read more

More than 20 Windrush scandal victims died ‘without receiving compensation’

Just one in 20 victims of the Windrush scandal eligible for compensation has received any payment, according to MPs. The Commons home affairs committee found that as of the end of September, only 20.1 per cent of the initially estimated... Read more

French police ‘stood by and watched’ migrants hours before deadly Channel crossing

French police watched people smugglers putting to sea with an extra-large dinghy just hours before more than 30 migrants drowned in the Channel. A group of more than 40 migrants was photographed on Tuesday carrying a 30ft inflatable dinghy on... Read more

Commons baby ban could be ditched amid row over childcare

Ms Creasy tweeted on Tuesday evening: “Apparently Parliament has written a rule which means I can’t take my well behaved, three-month old, sleeping baby when I speak in chamber. (Still no rule on wearing masks btw). “Mothers in the mother... Read more

I’m going nowhere, insists Nicola Sturgeon amid speculation about her future

Nicola Sturgeon has insisted she will serve a full term as First Minister and dismissed speculation she is preparing to step down as “wishful thinking” from her opponents. The SNP leader said that she had “no intention of going anywhere”... Read more

Of course Labour shouldn’t ‘stay neutral’ in the event of a referendum on a united Ireland

Not every problem facing the Labour Party has its solution in a study of its own history. But an awful lot of them do. For example, the Shadow Education Secretary, Kate Green, might have benefited from a reflection on former... Read more

Grab the best seats in the House … panto season has officially kicked off in Parliament

“I see they’ve turned up this week, Prime Minister!” chuckled the Leader of the Opposition, radiating his patented goofy grin at the Tory backbenches. It was hard to tell whether the crowds assembled behind the Prime Minister had been won... Read more

The Blob is taking back control and destroying Boris Johnson’s premiership

Boris Johnson isn’t in power because he can crack the best Peppa Pig jokes, recite The Iliad in Ancient Greek or ad lib his way out of after dinner speeches. That early incarnation, Boris Mark I, took him to the... Read more

Whitehall points finger at youngest-ever Cabinet Secretary as Prime Minister’s popularity hits all-time low

Boris Johnson is understood to be personally taking the blame for recent problems and senior Downing Street figures believe that criticism of Mr Case and other key aides is misplaced. However, other government sources argued there was an atmosphere of... Read more

Stand off drowning migrants and report – or face prosecution, sailors warned

The Royal Yacht Association (RYA) has warned its members against rescuing migrants at sea amid fears they could be prosecuted and jailed for people smuggling. The RYA has advised sailors to “stand off and report” migrants rather than rescue them... Read more

Living near a royal residence could add 63pc to your house price

Becky Fatemi, of estate agency Rokstone, said royal neighbourhoods were not only steeped in history, but were also aesthetically pleasing, which usually pushed up price tags.  “The likes of Bridgerton and The Crown have reignited a sense of British patronage... Read more

Would you like a Telegraph Money Makeover? Here’s how to apply

Money Makeovers give you the chance to have your financial situation analysed by two experts, helping you make sure you are on the right track to meet your hopes and aspirations. All you need to do is provide us with... Read more

Questor: the first rule of stock market investing remains as pertinent as ever

Fraud, incompetence, unforeseen events: all can cause the investment case for a company to collapse – and the share price with it. No business is immune from the possibility. To decline to invest in stocks because of this simple fact... Read more

Sign up to the Telegraph’s Questor WhatsApp group for share tips, advice and recommendations

You can now receive the very latest share tips, advice and recommendations from The Daily Telegraph’s renowned Questor column direct to your phone via our all new WhatsApp group. Richard Evans, editor of Questor, will provide you with a daily... Read more

The next places to invest for house price rises in London

Even if that is the case, the more affordable prices make it an solid investment prospect. Becky Munday, of Munday’s Estate Agents, said: “Catford draws upsizers and second-steppers seeking value. Think of it as one postcode further than Forest Hill,... Read more

Buy shares in these banks to profit from rising interest rates

Investors who bet on the global banking sector have had a strong year.  The industry has delivered returns of 37pc in 2021, beating the MSCI World Index – which tracks the biggest companies globally – by 17 percentage points.  But... Read more

NS&I rescinds Premium Bonds prizes over decades-old technicality

Thousands of National Savings & Investments customers could have prizes retroactively cancelled after decades-old Premium Bonds were discovered, breaking rules about maximum holdings. NS&I has started to cancel prizes that were won with bonds that unknowingly pushed savers over the... Read more

‘My adviser’s mistake cost me £11,000, but he’ll be sacked if I complain – what should I do?’

Dear Moral Money, I’ve had the same financial adviser for 26 years and have built up a lot of trust over the years. Our wives are very good friends, we often have them over for dinner and our children are... Read more

Landlords face punishing new costs under property wealth tax plan

Landlords in Wales fear a new wave of wealth taxes will trigger an exodus from the buy-to-let market. A new cooperation deal signed by the Labour-led Welsh Government and Plaid Cymru includes plans to introduce rent controls and overhaul council... Read more

MG ZS EV review: a cheap and cheerful electric car – and a whole lot more besides

Then you hit the first expansion joint and the front end jolts noisily. It’s a portent of the way the ride deteriorates on poor surfaces (particularly when the side of the road is broken) when the passengers’ heads bob from... Read more

Why Bake Off winner Giuseppe Dell’Anno could be part of a new food dynasty

Another three-generation dynasty in the making might be created by Jamie Oliver. While his parents, Trevor and Sally Oliver, weren’t quite as famous as their son, they owned The Cricketers, a gastropub in Clavering, Essex, from 1976 until November last... Read more

What happens to a woman’s heart when she takes on too much stress at work and home?

It doesn’t take a scientist to tell us that working hard while caring for a family can be highly stressful, but a 2020 study reveals the true health cost to women’s hearts of trying to do both well. The study,... Read more

Why your cheese addiction isn’t as bad for you as you think

It’s one of the best things on the Christmas table. A sprawling cheese board to be worked away at, with a slab of gooey Brie, a blue-veined Stilton, something soft and goaty, all nestled between crackers and a bunch of... Read more