Nerdiness is making a comeback. And about time too

Twice in the past two weeks, I have seen groups of young people playing Quidditch in the park. They looked handsome and happy and perfectly normal, except for the fake broomsticks they clasped between their thighs as they galloped about... Read more

Britain’s asylum policy needs radical reform

The death of 27 men, women and children, who were drowned when their flimsy inflatable capsized in the English Channel this week, is more than just a personal tragedy. It is a blot, an indelible stain, on the character of... Read more

On a day of sorrow, Parliament’s pantomime villain still manages to cause a stir

Priti Patel addressed the Commons in miserable circumstances, following the biggest single loss of life in the Channel since the migrant crisis began. “There are no simple solutions,” she warned. MPs agreed it was a heartbreaking tragedy. Some blamed human... Read more

The real villain in Alice Sebold’s tragic tale has yet to be caught

It’s a story to break the heart, but also a story with a twist that even a novelist as imaginative as Sebold might have trouble dreaming up. It was a producer working on the Netflix film of Lucky, due out... Read more

Maggie Gyllenhaal interview: ‘Sex scenes? I’m kind of an expert’

Ferrante did read over the script, but gave only limited feedback. She gave her blessing for Gyllenhaal to change the story’s ending, though – albeit in ways which still chime with the novel’s intent. Did she glean any sense of... Read more

Death of England: Face to Face, review: raw lockdown drama shines light on the politics of identity

What’s in a face? Quite a lot when you are convinced that your mixed-race daughter has similar features to her racist Engerland-braying grandad. “Alan Fletcher, with his twisted lip, on the face of my beautiful child,” says Giles Terera’s Delroy... Read more

Treasures of the Al Thani Collection, review: new Paris exhibition showcases 6,000 years of history

If you’ve ever wondered what a 212-carat emerald looks like (whopping), or how the Ancient Egyptian queen Hatshepsut played board games at court (with a piece of jasper carved in the shape of a panther), or what kind of robe... Read more

Madonna has always thrived on outrage – why stop her now?

Perhaps it’s mostly millennials and Gen-Zers, with their easily bruised feelings, who have an issue with such depictions – as they did with a recent photograph alongside photographer Steven Klein, which shows the singer with cornrows (hashtag cultural appropriation) and... Read more

Avoid ‘dehumanising’ the dead in Channel tragedy, Priti Patel tells BBC

The UN Refugee Agency was so concerned about the use of language that it commissioned research comparing approaches across Europe. It found Germany and Sweden overwhelmingly used the terms “refugee” or “asylum seeker”, while Italy and the UK press preferred... Read more

Scotland’s victim support system is ‘not good enough’, admits Nicola Sturgeon

Nicola Sturgeon has admitted Scotland’s system of notifying crime victims about their attackers being freed from prison is “not good enough” after it emerged fewer than one in 100 receive advance warning. Douglas Ross, the Scottish Tory leader, said official... Read more

Two more children die ‘after contracting infections’ at troubled Glasgow super-hospital

Andrew Slorance, a civil servant who was head of the Scottish Government’s response and communication unit, died nearly six weeks into his stay. Ms Sturgeon attended the father-of-five’s wake. His cause of his death was listed as Covid pneumonia, but... Read more

Travel red list returns as fears grow over Covid super-variant in South Africa

No cases of the variant have been detected so far in the UK. Officials believe there is a low likelihood of the new strain entering Britain as the prevalence of infection — less than one per cent a week ago... Read more

Scrap the Human Rights Act or more people will die in the Channel, warn Tory MPs

Tory MPs have called for a radical overhaul of the Human Rights Act as Whitehall insiders admitted Priti Patel’s plan to turn back boats carrying migrants would likely break existing law. One Conservative MP said on Thursday that if the... Read more

No new money for Boris Johnson’s ‘levelling up’ agenda as Rishi Sunak turns off the tap

Rishi Sunak’s Treasury has made clear no new money will be spent on the relaunch of Boris Johnson’s “levelling up” agenda next month, The Telegraph understands. Ministers and officials developing plans for the much-anticipated white paper are having to work... Read more

Was I right to support Brexit? If this is ‘Global Britain’, I’m starting to wonder

As a Europhile who voted Brexit with a heavy and broken heart, I’m always on the lookout for evidence suggesting that I made the wrong choice. I clung on perhaps too long to the hope that the EU would reform.... Read more

Boris Johnson under fire over spy report delays

The intelligence and security Ccommittee has called out Boris Johnson over government delays preventing the publication of its annual report on Britain’s spy agencies. MPs and peers on the powerful committee have demanded Downing Street take action so their audit... Read more

Tory MPs cast proxy votes while on corporate jolly at Royal Ascot

Two Conservative MPs used proxy voting rules introduced because of Covid to vote while they were at a horse racing event, it has emerged. Philip Davies and Esther McVey cast their votes against two Labour motions “by proxy” as they... Read more

How can Boris Johnson solve the Channel migrant crisis?

To answer these criticisms, Ms Patel’s Bill proposes a one-stop shop where asylum seekers will have to lodge up front at the start of the process all their evidence backing their asylum application and potential grounds for appealing a rejected... Read more

Boris Johnson tells France to ‘step up’ and stop smugglers after 27 migrants die in Channel

Former minister Tim Loughton, MP for East Worthing and Shoreham, and a member of the home affairs committee, said the French had been able to “turn a blind eye” to the numbers crossing because there had been so few casualties... Read more

Seven ways to boost your holiday let profits

Raoul Fraser, of luxury holiday park operator Lovat Parks, said: “The cost is £3,000 to £5,000 for a high-quality wooden hot tub and, while it takes a lot of management, you should expect it to pay you back within a... Read more

Questor: PRS Reit’s growth in rental income offers shelter from the inflationary storm

Renting has come a long way since Rising Damp. Now you can go online to choose a brand-new home to rent and have everything handled by an agent that aims to develop a reputation for treating its tenants well. You’ll... Read more

Buyers face higher stamp duty for purchasing non-green homes

Buyers of properties with the worst energy efficiency ratings, such as old, large houses, would incur nearly a three percentage point surcharge – the same chunk that is added on for the purchase of additional homes.  A large detached house... Read more

Rise of the retirement mortgage: banks overhaul buy-to-let rules to lure pensioners

Mr Stewart said: “Customers without obvious income but where rental income is enough to meet mortgage payments will have access to a wider range of buy-to-let mortgage lenders, and can shop around for a better deal.” Lenders that demand a... Read more

‘Will my pension be protected if stock markets crash?’

Simon Hogan*, a 53-year-old helicopter engineer from Hampshire, credits the success of his self-invested pension to Telegraph Money. “I have picked most of the funds in my Sipp based on the tips that appear in these pages,” he said. “And... Read more

HMRC pays £2m to taxpayers snitching on neighbours and colleagues

HMRC has the power to recruit sources under the Investigative Powers Act and will pay out if information provided helps it to recover monies lost to avoidance and evasion, or catch lawbreakers.  Although all are considered, not all tip-offs made... Read more