Macron’s petulance worsens the migrant crisis

Emmanuel Macron’s decision to uninvite Priti Patel from an emergency ministerial meeting aimed at finding a solution to the migrant crisis speaks volumes about a head of state who appears to have lost all sense of proportion. The Home Secretary... Read more

The judges and people smugglers are united in disregarding the importance of borders

Central to a democratic nation is the idea that citizenship brings rights. It follows that if non-citizens can arrive illegally and then avail themselves of those rights, the interests of citizens are damaged. Democracy is thus damaged too. This –... Read more

Womanhood, review: what exactly can British feminists agree on these days?

“My journey through life has not been an easy one,” confessed Shirley Ballas in the opening minutes of BBC Two’s “Womanhood”. Over the course of the 90-minute programme, the 61-year-old Strictly judge described the intense and lifelong pressure she had... Read more

Sadiq Khan warns Sir Keir Starmer: wealth tax will cause an exodus from London

A wealth tax could unfairly hit people who are “equity rich, but cash poor” and lead to a “flight” of high net worth individuals out of the UK, Sadiq Khan has said. The Labour Mayor of London also warned Boris... Read more

Tony Blair: Labour must reject ‘wokeism’ if it is to win power

Tony Blair has urged Labour to reject “wokeism” and push its far-Left factions “to the margins” if it is to win power again. The party’s former leader said that a “lurch to the far-Left … will never be electorally successful”... Read more

Failure to prosecute migrants arriving illegally leaves UK looking like ‘soft touch’

The CPS advised its prosecutors that migrants often had no choice in how they travelled and told them instead to focus on smugglers and repeat offenders.  However, Tory MPs and migration campaigners said the decision was removing a key deterrent... Read more

Migrant smuggler ‘butchers’ must be stopped, victim’s father tells France

Mr Mohammed’s nephew, Darya, told how his family in Ranya, Iraq, feared the worst after hearing nothing more from him for days. “He was alone, but there was another guy with him who was also from Ranya,” Darya said. “He... Read more

The Entente ‘Discordiale’: How relations between Boris Johnson and Emmanuel Macron broke down

The British and French leaders had their own private discussion later at the summit, not least about easing customs checks on goods travelling from Britain into Northern Ireland. What followed left the Elysee Palace infuriated. A UK figure familiar with... Read more

It’s easy to be sceptical, but we are quietly making a success of Brexit

Sir Robert Peel once remarked that public opinion “is a compound of folly, weakness, prejudice, wrong feeling, right feeling, obstinacy and newspaper paragraphs.” I’m not so cynical, but any of us who followed the Brexit debate over the last few years could certainly see his views... Read more

Schools must not ‘push any sort of agenda’ with diversity drive, warns Nadhim Zahawi

Schools wishing to boost diversity in their curriculum must not “push any sort of agenda on children”, the Education Secretary has said. Nadhim Zahawi warned that schools must teach children in an “impartial” way rather than “telling them what to... Read more

French minister cancels meeting with Priti Patel in light of migrant crisis criticism

France’s interior minister has cancelled his weekend talks with Priti Patel in protest at Boris Johnson’s letter calling on the French to take back Channel migrants. Gerald Darmanin said he was “disappointed” by the letter from the Prime Minister to... Read more

Sir Keir Starmer: I haven’t spoken to Jeremy Corbyn for more than a year

Asked whether it was likely that Mr Corbyn would not be able to stand as a Labour candidate, Sir Keir said: “I don’t know, but at the moment that may be the case.” At the time the report was released,... Read more

Female MPs urged me not to ditch Commons baby ban, says Speaker

“This isn’t really about taking babies into chambers but the lack of maternity cover for MPs, which means MPs need to keep doing their jobs while raising very small children,” Ms Creasy said. “But the lessons from other legislators are... Read more

Brexit means you chose to give up migrant returns, France tells Boris Johnson

Mr Johnson’s letter had five proposals, which included officials from both countries joining forces to patrol French beaches and a “returns” agreement for France to take back migrants who reach English shores by boat. It was the latter proposal –... Read more

Does the billing address actually matter for online shopping?

Multiple lockdowns saw many shoppers turn to online retail while high streets were closed last year. If you’re new to shopping online, you may have some queries about your financial security. To keep you confident while browsing online this Black Friday... Read more

How to get a mortgage as a later life landlord

The average monthly rent for that year was £759, according to statistics aggregator Statista, covering these monthly repayments. Alternatively, an interest-only mortgage would cost the landlord £503 a month, letting them pocket £256 a month in rental income. However, today... Read more

How many Isas can I open, can my wife inherit my Isa?  Your questions answered

Where should I save a lump sum? I moved back into my parents’ house in lockdown, and have saved £10,000. I have a Help to Buy Isa, but where should I put my lump sum? I have looked into Premium... Read more

New Covid variant shakes Bitcoin’s alleged ‘safe haven’ status

The price of Bitcoin has dropped 21pc from its all-time high to $54,599 per coin, after the online token reached over $68,000 in early November.  News of the South African variant of Covid-19 sent the cryptocurrency down 6pc, mimicking drops... Read more

EWS1 cladding form: what are the certificates options and how much should they cost?

Purchases of properties across the country have been thrown into chaos as banks have demanded that apartment blocks pass a test proving they are fire safe. EWS1 certificates are given to high-rise buildings that have passed an External Wall Fire Review. Without this form most banks... Read more

Should I buy shared ownership? 4 hidden downsides to watch out for

First-time buyers who used the Government’s shared ownership scheme to get on to the property ladder have been hit with higher interest rates, punitive charges and exposure to the ongoing cladding scandal.  Young buyers have become increasingly reliant on such schemes... Read more

‘How do we maximise the amount we leave to our only son?’

Every week, The Telegraph’s Property Doctors bring expertise on renovations and DIY, planning, buying and selling, lettings, legal issues and taxes. In this Q&A, Stefanie Tremain, a UK tax specialist, tackles the legal issues surrounding passing on property and assets... Read more

Questor: it has been a turbulent time for Jet2 but we’ll fasten our seat belts and hold on tight

At first sight the announcement a week ago from Jet2, the airline, was enough to make Questor’s heart sink a little: Philip Meeson, the company’s executive chairman, had sold 2m shares for a total of £22m. Significant sales of shares... Read more

Revolut cards fail on Black Friday

A system failure left customers of the digital banking firm Revolut unable to access their money for several hours on “Black Friday”, one of the busiest shopping days of the year. At least six of Revolut’s services were affected by... Read more

Baby boomers can’t believe I’ve got six months off to look after my child

Baby boomers – my parents’ generation – have without exception been shocked when I tell them I’m about to embark on six months of paternity leave. From Monday until May(!) I’ll be at home looking after baby number two, all... Read more

‘British Airways lost us 75pc, but we’ll stand by it’

What pressures do British stocks face? Inflation is a big worry. I think the high figures at the moment are transitory and will fade once supply issues resolve themselves. But the growth in wages looks more permanent. Persistently high rates... Read more