Innovative thinking is required in the booster vaccine roll-out

It is almost a year since the first Covid vaccine in the world outside of a clinical trial was administered to Margaret Keenan, a 90-year-old grandmother from Coventry. A few months ago, she received her booster jab, testament to the... Read more

Keir Starmer gives his best rendition of a Commons greatest hit: ‘Last Christmas’

The BBC’s Christmas Day TV lineup was out – and it was…. identical to Christmas 2020. EastEnders, Call the Midwife and (horror of horrors) Mrs Brown’s Boys – all would be shown again, in the exact same running order as... Read more

Too many people have a vested interest in this permanent Covid emergency

There is much that we have learnt about the character of modern Britain since Covid burst so disastrously on the scene almost two years ago. The only unambiguous positive is that our community spirit is alive and well, with millions... Read more

New Forest: The Crown’s Hunting Ground, review: Hugh Bonneville does his best Attenborough

Many successors to Sir David Attenborough have been mooted in recent years. Brian Cox. Simon Reeve. Chris Packham. Hugh Bonneville. OK, no one has ever mentioned Hugh Bonneville. But here he is, narrating a nature documentary, New Forest: The Crown’s... Read more

Farage: The Trump Interview, review: Meghan, Mar-a-Lago and pesky wind farms as old friends shot the breeze

Farage v Trump was never going to be Frost v Nixon. The former US President and the Ukip-leader-turned-GB News host are friends and their exclusive chat was bathed in an aura of pre-Christmas matey-ness. Nobody was pinned to their collar.... Read more

Paddy and Christine McGuinness: Our Family and Autism, review: there’s a lot to learn from this brave film

It is a strange fact that people often say more in the presence of a television camera than they do in private. I suppose it’s a bit like going to see a counsellor: a process of self-examination and a chance... Read more

The Darkness, G Live, review: part naff panto, part classic rock gig

Some, especially in the image-conscious world of rock, enter into the festive period with reluctance, perhaps rustling a tentative sleigh bell here, and briefly slipping on a Santa hat there, hoping that nobody will notice – or remember. The Darkness,... Read more

Be grateful for small mercies: at least this year’s Turner Prize winners are artists

Still, the exceptional circumstances meant that, when it came to selecting a winner, there was greater emphasis than usual upon the exhibition. In the words of its lead curator, Hammad Nasar, how would the collectives, some of whom had never... Read more

GB News and Donald Trump join forces on the comeback trail

It was a dangerous display of hubris for a broadcaster that is struggling to break free of its calamity-strewn image. Yet its newfound confidence is not completely without reason.  Positive signals are emerging from its Paddington HQ that point to... Read more

No kissing under the mistletoe, says minister, as Boris Johnson denies ‘boozy’ party broke Covid rules

At Prime Minister’s Questions in the Commons, Sir Keir asked Mr Johnson: “As millions of people were locked down last year, was a Christmas party thrown in Downing Street for dozens of people on December 18?” The Prime Minister replied:... Read more

No 10’s plans will fail to solve the social care crisis, warns Jeremy Hunt

“It’s hard to see looking at these measures the NHS and social care systems being fully integrated as they should be and it’s very hard to see an end to the workforce crisis, which sees 40 per cent turnover in... Read more

Sir Keir Starmer’s reshuffle ‘has boosted Labour’ ahead of Old Bexley and Sidcup by-election

On Tuesday night, Tory MPs were told to join a “dawn raid” in Old Bexley and Sidcup in a last-ditch effort to protect their party’s majority. Mark Spencer, the chief whip, emailed MPs to ask them to go to the... Read more

Rishi Sunak warns Cabinet: ‘NHS must provide value for money’

The Chancellor spearheaded warnings at Cabinet this week that extra cash being poured into the NHS must achieve value for money by boosting its performance. Rishi Sunak highlighted that an extra £5.5 billion has been channelled to the health service... Read more

Supreme Court indicates it will uphold Mississippi abortion law which challenges Roe v Wade

It is less clear whether the court’s ruling – which is not expected until next year – will simply pare back Roe v Wade by allowing the abortion bans after 15-weeks, or strike down the landmark ruling in its entireity. The... Read more

Labour is sabotaging its hopes of being trusted with the economy

His replacement may not be well-known to the wider public but is no stranger to the business community having been shadow City minister between 2016 and 2020. Those he interacted with during that time say he is engaged, likeable and... Read more

With each new set of restrictions, Britain moves further away from its traditions of liberty

Parliament debated and voted on the latest set of coronavirus restrictions on Tuesday, but only after they had come into force. The country now faces at least three weeks of masks in shops and on buses and new self-isolation requirements... Read more

Jacob Rees-Mogg investigated for ‘failing to declare £6m in loans’ from his own firm

His directors’ loans totalled £2.94 million in 2018, £2.3 million in 2018-19 and £701,513 in 2019-20, Companies House documents show. He paid no interest on a director’s loan taken out in 2018, and subsequently paid £46,915 and £2,030 on further... Read more

Questor: Omicron has sent vaccine makers’ shares into orbit – except for AstraZeneca

Down, up, down again: the stock market, like the rest of us, doesn’t know how to react to the omicron variant. The FTSE 100 index fell by more than 3pc on Friday, when the news emerged, recovered some of its... Read more

House prices rise 10pc but market ‘close’ to pre-crash levels

Mr Gardner warned there could be trouble ahead for the market. It was unclear what effect the omicron variant would have on the market and consumer confidence was “well below” the levels seen in the summer, partly as a result... Read more

American Express accused of ‘cutting off’ vulnerable customers by ditching cash payments

American Express risks “cutting off” vulnerable cardholders after it announced it would no longer accept cash payments, experts have warned.  The credit card provider emailed customers last week to inform them that they would no longer be able to use... Read more

‘My lazy brother is milking our parents and draining my inheritance. Can I stop him?’

Dear Moral Money, My parents recently told me they are giving the family home to my feckless brother, who keeps finding new reasons to take money from them.  I’m utterly appalled at his behaviour and I can’t stand by anymore.... Read more

The city where landlords will make the most money in 2022

Meanwhile, Norwich was the biggest climber, rising from 21st place in 2020 to 10th this year. Luke Savins, of William H Brown lettings agents in Norwich, said: “Properties get 20 or 30 inquiries in the first couple of days of... Read more

Families face punishing tax crackdown on ‘granny annexes’

HMRC clarified it did not want to “discourage” the use of granny annexes that supported elderly relatives living on the same site as the family home. Yet its proposals could cost relatives tens of thousands more in tax. It also... Read more

Why the British balti deserves protection like French champagne

He tweaked those methods to cater to local palates. Unlike many communities, the Balti Triangle was mixed rather than segregated. “It was ripe for a fusion dish,” says Munro. “It was made for the western customer,” adds Hussain.  “Although one-pot... Read more

A psychotherapist’s guide to coping with Covid confusion

Humans need certainty, which is why the latest confusing messages around the arrival of the omicron variant are taking a toll on our mental health. Just as we thought life was returning to normal, this has thrown our long-awaited Christmas... Read more