Tiger Woods’ refusal to reveal why he crashed his car makes him look evasive – and hypocritical

This was Woods’s third crash in the last 12 years. In 2009, he was cited for careless driving after smashing into a fire hydrant and tree outside his Orlando residence. According to that police report, he was found unconscious by a witness.

In 2017, Woods was found asleep at the wheel, this time in his new Floridian home town of Jupiter, and arrested for DUI. A toxicology report revealed several medications in his system, including sleep medication, a high-strength painkiller and THC, the main psychoactive compound in cannabis. He pleaded guilty to reckless driving and checked into a clinic.

Perplexing isn’t it? Or maybe it isn’t. Maybe it all ingloriously fits together. Or maybe you feel that it is none of your business and you are able to suppress that natural instinct of curiosity?

Woods was asked about this on Tuesday, about whether he believes it should remain private?  “People are going to poke and prod and want to know more about my business, I understand that,” he said. “They can poke and prod at me all they want, just stay away from my family.”

In this instance, who on earth was going near his family? Nobody has suggested or is suggesting that his 12-year-old Charlie was at the wheel. What on earth is he talking about?

As it was, Woods’s argument made little sense anyway because he was only prepared to let the media “poke or prod”, but was not minded to permit any worthwhile access to his ‘business’. Instead, he talked about how “lucky” he is to be alive, how “lucky” he is to still have a right leg and not be walking around with a “prosthesis”.

Yes, it was all about him. It always is with these superstars. As yet, he has not gone near acknowledging at large the danger that his crashes have presented to the public. When he talks about good fortune perhaps he should recognise that fate could easily have seen another car travelling in the other direction at the wrong time.

He said he was ‘thankful somebody was upstairs was looking out for me”. As well, he might. There were people looking out for him down here, as well. Woods’s life was in jeopardy, his right leg was in jeopardy and his reputation was in jeopardy. All three have survived. Yet some of us only see blessings in the first two salvations.

Does Tiger have a duty to answer the questions? No. But it is depressing that he can simply dismiss the queries without a regard to the very real and understandable concerns at the core of this supposedly insensitive inquisition. Woods has earned millions through his public image. As ever, however, he believes he is entitled to have it both ways.

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