Sleazegate has a sting in the tail for Boris Johnson

One of the unfortunate consequences of the Government’s mishandling of the sleaze scandal is that it overshadowed legitimate concerns about the system for investigating MPs. The vilification of Owen Paterson has only served to sanctify the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards... Read more

In the Republicans’ Game of Thrones, somebody needs to step up and kill the king

The Republican Party in the US has two huge questions hanging over it. Forgive me if this sounds like something out of Game of Thrones, but the GOP and GoT are not all that dissimilar. The first question that the... Read more

The Duchess of Sussex’s legal win is the latest salvo against our right to speak openly

Let’s get this straight. A few years ago, the Duchess of Sussex wrote a long, personal letter to her father about how he should stop leaking everything she said to the press. She had her PR adviser check over the... Read more

Jack and the Beanstalk, Hackney Empire: badinage and heaving bosoms in a show that’s full of beans

This time last year the sky fell in on the British panto. At the start of last December, with tiers before Christmas, Hackney Empire, one of the best panto purveyors in the land, never mind London, pushed its Jack and... Read more

The tears to save Alec Baldwin’s career

One of the new details to emerge from the interview, given to the ABC News presenter George Stephanopoulos, was Baldwin’s claim that he did not in fact pull the gun’s trigger, but the release of the firing mechanism appeared to... Read more

Scrapping Valneva Covid vaccine ‘not terribly clever’, warn scientists

Valneva’s jab design, a whole inactivated virus, produces high levels of antibodies just like all the other available vaccines But the ace up the sleeve of Valneva is that it also produces a wider-reaching, broader immune response. The vaccines currently... Read more

Labour piles pressure on Cressida Dick to investigate No 10 Christmas party

Asked about the reports, Dame Cressida told a caller on LBC Radio: “You asked if we are investigating. The answer to that is ‘no’. And, as far as I’m aware, we have had no complaints and therefore I really can’t... Read more

Scientists pushed for tougher Covid rules even before UK’s first omicron case

This week, the Government extended the booster campaign to all adults and is shortening the gap to just three months in an attempt to give more people protection should omicron cases start to surge. On Friday, the UK Health Security... Read more

Laws could be changed to protect press freedoms following Meghan, Duchess of Sussex’s legal victory

Downing Street has hinted at introducing new safeguards to protect the freedom of the press, in the wake of the Duchess of Sussex’s legal victory over the Mail on Sunday. The Government would “study the implications” of the Court of... Read more

Emmanuel Macron elbows UK aside as he seals €17bn fighter jet deal with UAE

The first French warplanes will be delivered from 2027, say officials, and would create some 7,000 jobs. France has particularly deep ties to the UAE, where it has a naval base and French warplanes and personnel also are stationed in... Read more

FBI hunts for fugitive parents of school gunman Ethan Crumbley as they are charged with manslaughter

He was taken to the headteacher’s office and his parents were summoned to school. The parents were told to put him in counseling within 48 hours. But they resisted, taking him home immediately and he was instead returned to his... Read more

‘My mental health will suffer’: Telegraph readers on Covid restrictions and the week’s other big stories

‘Trump is right, wind farms are an eyesore’ @John Keily: ‘Trump is right, wind farms are an eyesore. And yes they kill birds. One wind farm company in Texas was utilising radar that would feather the turbine blades to save... Read more

‘The vibes are not good’, say Tory MPs ahead of by-election to replace Owen Paterson

Martin Baxter, who conducted the poll, said the research showed the Prime Minister must regain control of the centre-Right in British politics or risk losing the next election. “The Conservatives at the moment are nowhere near an 80-seat majority,” he... Read more

Nicola Sturgeon apologises after Scots ‘wrongly’ refused Covid booster jabs

Douglas Ross, the Scottish Tory leader, on Thursday challenged Ms Sturgeon’s assertion that the problem had been resolved after highlighting people on social media continuing to complain that they were being turned away. He said Ms Sturgeon “is in denial... Read more

Boris Johnson fails to provide by-election boost after getting Tory candidate’s name wrong

Boris Johnson’s bid to give his party an electoral boost ahead of a key by-election in North Shropshire hit a low note on Friday when he got the name of the Tory candidate wrong.  On a whistle-stop visit to Oswestry,... Read more

Exclusive: Meet ‘Director K’, the MI5 spy responsible for keeping Britain safe from China and Russia

“Thankfully, assassinations are incredibly rare,” she said, partly because of the huge efforts the Security Service puts in the thwart them. “MI5 is interested in state-sponsored, state-backed activity and we look at that in terms of the intelligence we receive.”... Read more

Pestering women in the street set to be outlawed

Pestering women in the street or in pubs and making lewd comments at them could become an offence under plans to criminalise “public sexual harassment”, which are set to be announced next week. A government-commissioned review of hate crimes will... Read more

How to get your children on the property ladder without paying IHT

We would all like to help our family get on to the property ladder – preferably without unnecessarily shelling out to the taxman.  In the first three instalments of our series we looked at the pros and cons of equity... Read more

The best places where you should buy a UK holiday home for under £200,000

He added: “Location wise we have it all really. I speak to a lot of people who realise their money doesn’t go as far as they thought in the central Lake District region, but then look to Carlisle which is... Read more

‘My oven exploded and John Lewis won’t do anything about it’

Sally says:  You sent me some vivid photos along with your email, showing the shell of the oven and the shattered glass all over your kitchen floor. The lamb joint was still sitting forlornly on the central rack. The incident... Read more

Questor: here’s how our inflation-beating portfolio is faring

This week we present the first full list of holdings of our Wealth Preserver portfolio and, again for the first time, report on the income they have produced – a key weapon in our fight against the corrosive effects of... Read more

Four ‘outrageous’ stock market predictions for 2022

Facebook shares crash on young user exodus Saxo Bank’s research shows the proportion of teens in the developed world using Facebook plummeted in the last decade. The social media site, once famed for poking, has gone from being a vibrant... Read more

‘Am I responsible if my neighbour’s extension floods?’

Dear Property Doctors We own a converted watermill, and the water wheel is served by a 250m mill race [a current of water]. There are a number of cottages whose gardens back onto it. Recently, due to some discussions with... Read more

‘China’s crackdown is past its peak – investors need to pile in’

Chinese stocks have had a difficult year following successive government crackdowns that wiped nearly 40pc off the value of its leading companies. The Chinese Communist Party tightened rules for tech firms such as Alibaba and Tencent and effectively tried to... Read more

Rishi Sunak’s flagship mortgage scheme flops

The Government’s flagship mortgage guarantee scheme for borrowers with small deposits has helped just nine first-time buyers a day. When Chancellor Rishi Sunak first unveiled state-backed 5pc deposit mortgages as part of his Budget in March, they were hailed as a... Read more