By attempting to punish Britain for Brexit, Irish nationalists are forgetting their own history

‘War and war within three days”. So Lloyd George threatened Irish leaders on 5 December 1921 if they would not accept a partitioned, independent Ireland as a dominion within the British Empire. The Irish did not want to be a... Read more

The public has turned against the excesses of the lockdown fanatics

This time last year, Professor Neil Ferguson observed how China’s draconian anti-Covid restrictions had influenced the response to the virus across the Western world – not least the UK. “We couldn’t get away with it in Europe, we thought,” said... Read more

A crackdown on government profligacy is urgently needed

There is to be a concerted effort to rein in Whitehall profligacy, we are told, and not before time. Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor, are proposing to set up a “star chamber” to hold Cabinet ministers to account... Read more

Doctor Who, episode 6 review: Flux ended less with a bang, more with a sequence of small squelches

Showbiz lore is that when sibling double act Mike and Bernie Winters played the notoriously tough Glasgow Empire – a venue known as “the comic’s graveyard” – during the Sixties, Mike’s solo opening skit was met with stony silence. When... Read more

Strictly Come Dancing 2021: quarter-final results, live – Dan Walker’s journey comes to an end

The judges were in agreement Our original quartet were reunited this weekend following two shows with Covid absences, and they mainly concurred on Saturday’s dances – though we still saw the odd scoring disparity. But it seemed like a straightforward... Read more

You Don’t Know Me, review: this propulsive thriller will make a star of Samuel Adewunmi

The murder weapon was found in the defendant’s flat. Mobile phone data placed him at the scene of the crime. Traces of the victim’s blood were found beneath the defendant’s fingernails. But as You Don’t Know Me (BBC One) began,... Read more

A Great Day in London, review: a dizzying array of talent proves the UK jazz scene is alive and well

Jazz development organisation Tomorrow’s Warriors have a leading role in the story of the UK’s Jazz renaissance, having mentored some of today’s young global jazz stars. Shabaka Hutchings, Nubya Garcia and Zara Mcfarlane were amongst more than 50 of the... Read more

Race to expand quarantine hotels with hundreds stranded in red list countries

The hotel shortages came as Dominic Raab, the Justice Secretary, on Sunday admitted that pre-departure tests for travellers flying into the UK would only make a “marginal difference” in stopping the spread of the omicron variant, hours after the Government... Read more

Around 10,000 hospital beds occupied by elderly patients ready to go home but waiting for care

Around 10,000 hospital beds are currently occupied by elderly people owing to a lack of available care workers to look after them at home, NHS leaders have warned. Senior figures said hospitals were “grinding to a halt” because of a... Read more

Justice Secretary seeks to bring in video evidence for all rape victims

Video evidence for rape victims will be rolled out nationwide, Dominic Raab has pledged. The Justice Secretary said allowing victims to give their evidence in advance via video will not only reduce the trauma of going before a court, but... Read more

Britain has much to learn from Singapore’s staggering economic success

Dr Cheang emphasises the fact that government spending in Singapore is less than 20pc of GDP. By contrast, the ratio frequently exceeds 40pc among OECD countries. It will be over 45pc in the UK this year. According to Dr Cheang,... Read more

Will the omicron Covid variant wreck Christmas?

Prof Rudo Mathivha, an intensive care specialist, painted a grim picture from inside Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital, in the vast Soweto township on the outskirts of Johannesburg. “A 15-year-old died this morning. He was a new Covid-19 admission and... Read more

EU-style privacy laws could be scrapped after Meghan, Duchess of Sussex’s legal win

She had successfully sued the publisher of the Mail on Sunday for a breach of her privacy, data protection and copyright after it printed extracts from a handwritten letter to her father, Thomas Markle. A High Court judge had ruled... Read more

Eric Zemmour is put in headlock as violence erupts at his first political rally

Hard-Right presidential candidate Eric Zemmour promised to “reconquer” France on Sunday during his first political rally, as supporters beat and bloodied anti-racism activists who had come to disrupt the event and Zemmour himself was briefly placed in a headlock by... Read more

Sniffer dogs may be deployed in Parliament to stop suspected drug use by MPs and staff

Traces of cocaine were also reportedly identified in lavatories nearest the private offices of Boris Johnson and Priti Patel, the Home Secretary, as well as a disabled bathroom near to Labour’s shadow cabinet offices. The tests were all carried out... Read more

‘Formal’ No 10 Christmas party would have breached Covid rules, says Dominic Raab

Dominic Raab has acknowledged that a “formal party” in Downing Street last Christmas would have breached Covid-19 guidance but insisted the allegations were “unsubstantiated”.  The Justice Secretary on Sunday became the first Cabinet minister to concede that if reports of... Read more

Health and social care levy will ‘only go up’, warns Jeremy Hunt

Alongside establishing the £86,000 cap on lifetime care costs, the Government is to set up a repairs service to help older and disabled people adapt their homes so they can live independently or with their families for longer. At least... Read more

UK omicron Covid cases surge by 50pc in a day

The omicron variant is “spreading rapidly” in the UK and could soon become the dominant Covid-19 strain, experts have warned, after case numbers surged by more than 50 per cent in a day. The number of confirmed cases in Britain... Read more

Bank of England poised to loosen mortgage lending rules

At the same time, SVRs have held steady at between 3.6pc and 4.6pc over the past decade, even as initial rates on mortgages have plunged, making the test tougher than was initially expected. As a result, the Bank of England... Read more

Questor: Covid has accelerated these key trends and this company can capitalise on them

It is too soon to quantify the lasting effects of the pandemic on the world economy. However, in Questor’s view, Covid-19 and the lockdowns it has prompted are likely to accelerate longstanding trends in areas such as sustainability and e-commerce.... Read more

Josh Widdicombe: ‘I was basically like a young Alan Sugar’

Josh Widdicombe, 38, is best known for co-hosting the late-night comedy talk show The Last Leg on Channel 4. He wrote and starred in the BBC sitcom Josh and has appeared on Live at the Apollo, Have I Got News... Read more

Owners of listed homes face £50,000 heat pump eco penalty

Owners of listed homes face bills of more than £50,000 to install a heat pump. The Government has promoted this new heating technology and offers grants for their installation. But the grants will make little difference to historic properties, which... Read more

‘O2 is chasing me for £1,300 owed by an imposter’

Sally says: Your nightmare experience of negotiating O2’s customer service procedures was a touch Kafkaesque, with your efforts hampered because you could not get past the security questions asked when you phoned the company to report the rogue bill. No... Read more

Falkland islanders lose their last cash machine

Falkland Islanders face being marooned without access to cash when its only ATM is disconnected in the coming weeks. The free cash machine was installed in the capital Stanley last year to serve the community, plus the tens of thousands... Read more

Scam ‘hotline’ inundated as fraud measures are beefed up

The police warned recently of a convincing new “friends in need” scam targeting parents. Victims of the scam receive a WhatsApp message from a random number purporting to be from a son or daughter who has lost their phone. Once... Read more