It’s time to get serious on drugs

The Government’s new drugs strategy does not suffer from a lack of ambition. It promises to crack down on middle-class users, wipe out county lines gangs, expand drug testing and spend millions more on treatment services. Ministers will also consult... Read more

Punishing the unvaccinated would be both immoral and unjustified

Sometimes, the most ostensibly compelling arguments are also the most flawed. Such is the case with the growing calls in the UK for punitive measures against the unvaccinated, as part of one last heave to escape the pandemic. The story... Read more

Ragdoll, review: grisly crime drama makes merry with the cop show rules

If the problem with most crime dramas these days is that they’re all a bit samey, then Ragdoll (Alibi) is your solution. It’s not like any other crime drama out there: it’s not even like itself, most of the time.... Read more

My vote against assisted dying was due to cowardice, says Ruth Davidson

Ruth Davidson has broken down in tears during a live broadcast interview as she opened up about her regrets at opposing the legalisation of assisted suicide. The former leader of the Scottish Tories, who helped vote down an attempt to... Read more

Downing Street ‘intends’ to hold Christmas party, despite hangover from last year

Downing Street will hold a Christmas staff party this year despite the furore over a gathering last December and whether it broke lockdown rules. The Prime Minister’s official spokesman confirmed that there was an “intention” for Number 10 to have... Read more

Tory rebellion looms over visa fees for Commonwealth veterans who fought for Britain

A Tory rebellion looms on Tuesday over visa fees charged to Commonwealth veterans who want to stay in Britain after leaving the Armed Forces. Johnny Mercer, the former Conservative defence minister, and Dan Jarvis, the Labour MP, are spearheading a... Read more

Arthur Labinjo-Hughes case prompts pledge to get 100,000 ‘ghost children’ back in school

The Education Secretary has vowed to step up efforts to return 100,000 “ghost” children to school post-lockdown in the wake of the murder of Arthur Labinjo-Hughes. Nadhim Zahawi on Monday assured MPs that the Department for Education was working closely... Read more

Report dinner party guests to the police if you see them smoke cannabis, says Kit Malthouse

Dinner party guests should call police if they spot fellow revellers smoking cannabis at Christmas gatherings, the policing minister has said. Kit Malthouse said that anyone who witnessed the law being broken at festive season get-togethers should report it, even... Read more

Eric Zemmour is the Trump for the French

A “French Guantanamo” where terrorists would be detained even after completing their prison sentence. Expelling from France all foreign nationals who committed a crime. Charging criminals for prison residence. Holding popular referenda on controversial bills to avoid “allowing the Constitutional... Read more

Hope for end to Brexit fishing wars as UK expected to offer olive branch to France

Some skippers who have fished UK waters over that period have been denied licences because they now own new boats. These historical frights could be transferred to the replacement vessels under the potential agreement. A UK Government spokesperson said: “Our... Read more

Every worker in New York must have Covid-19 vaccine, declares mayor

Omicron cases have been confirmed in at least 15 US states since it was first reported in late November, with a handful reported in New York. Mr De Blasio said he was “very concerned”. He said he expects his new... Read more

Joe Biden announces US diplomatic boycott of Beijing Winter Olympics

Joe Biden has announced a diplomatic boycott of the Winter Olympics in China next year. Despite attempts to cool tensions with China, the US is not expected to send any government officials to Beijing 2022 in February. The announcement came... Read more

Two Tory councillors defect to rival parties ahead of crucial North Shropshire by-election

Two Conservative councillors in the North Shropshire constituency have defected to Richard Tice and Laurence Fox’s parties in rows over immigration, ahead of the by-election in the seat next Thursday.  Mark Whittle, a councillor and deputy mayor of Market Drayton,... Read more

Five stocks every midlifer should buy and hold forever

AstraZeneca The best healthcare companies benefit from consistently growing customer demand and allow investors to own a stake in cutting-edge technologies. Simon Gibson, of wealth manager Mattioli Woods, said: “Healthcare stocks benefit from ageing populations and have the potential to... Read more

How the supply chain crisis could hit house prices

Buyers who have purchased off-plan in affected developments could be left in the lurch. If builders can’t deliver on time, some could be pushed into rental accommodation while they wait, said Ms Jordan.  What will happen to house prices? For... Read more

Stolen homes, landlord fraud and bank hijacking: how scammers target your property

Having your home stolen may seem like an impossibility, yet every year fraudsters attempt to take hundreds of millions of pounds using sophisticated property scams. Con artists try everything from using rented addresses to apply for credit, to actually attempting... Read more

‘I only had £13 to survive after Nationwide blocked my account’

Sally says: On my request, you arranged for your grandson to email me directly – though this contact was delayed for some hours because he had spent the day climbing Mount Kenya. I was impressed. However, it would seem that... Read more

Bitcoin price drops 29pc in a month – is it time to buy?

The price of Bitcoin has dropped 29pc in the past month to $48,261 (£36,394) per coin, after the online token reached over $68,000 on November 8.  News of the South African variant of Covid-19 has shaken the cryptocurrency , mimicking drops seen... Read more

‘The NHS cast my son aside’: how one family was left with a £10,000-a-month care bill

Families across Britain have been forced to pay tens of thousands of pounds to cover the cost of care after facing rejection from the NHS’s “horrendous” funding system.  In one case costing £180,000 per month, it has taken health secretary... Read more

For sale: a £2.5m manor in the East Sussex village that was Picasso’s nemesis

According to local lore, when Pablo Picasso visited the Six Bells pub in the East Sussex village of Chiddingly, he wholly misjudged the landlord. It was November 1950 and he was staying with his friends, the photojournalist Lee Miller and... Read more

Britain’s obsessions with using Isas is costing us money

As a nation, we have our favourite ways to go about our daily lives. But none are as detrimental as the often unchallenged way to save for our retirement, house purchase or rainy day fund. Our psyche around savings is... Read more

Money Makeover: ‘Taxes killed my buy-to-let empire – where should I invest my £600,000?’

Almost a quarter of landlords plan to sell up over the next 12 months as buy-to-let loses its shine and becomes increasingly difficult to navigate. That’s according to the National Residential Landlords Association, a trade body. Property investors face tougher... Read more

Five of the best used electric family cars for sale in the UK in 2021

It’s with a caveat that we recommend the early Tesla Model S as a family chariot, because its reliability and quality record is far from exemplary – especially on early cars.  However, we include it here for two compelling reasons:... Read more

How to stay safe when driving through flood water in the UK

Yet more persistent and prolonged rainfall has led to widespread localised flooding in many areas, while standing water after heavy downpours on already sodden ground is also a major hazard to drivers – and one that should not be underestimated.  We... Read more

Ford Kuga Hybrid review: the diesel Kuga is no more – but this hybrid version is even better

Diesel is dead. At least, it is at Ford; recently, it killed off the diesel engine options in the majority of its range and now the cull has reached the Kuga too, leaving the Focus as the only diesel Ford... Read more