Banning BAME from the BBC is really only a partial victory

The BBC, alongside ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5, has decided to drop the acronym “BAME”, which stands for “Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic”. The decision – prompted by a recent industry report which rightly said that the acronym “homogenises... Read more

Plan Beached Whale in full swing as Boris attempts the mother of all diversionary tactics

Assisting the PM in his prognostications was Chris Whitty, the Chief Medical Officer, who brought his usual undertaker’s charm to proceedings. On this day, however, the charts of doom (falling hospital admissions, data from much less vaccinated countries) didn’t feel... Read more

Boris can say what he likes, but trust in the Government may be damaged beyond repair

There weren’t going to be many surprises in the official new rules. We have known what Plan B entailed for quite a long time: more mask-wearing, less going into the office but no social distancing and no lockdown. It may... Read more

Boris Johnson may not recover from this double Covid catastrophe

There is an overpowering fin-de-regime stench emanating from Downing Street that can no longer be ignored. Why do all governments end up taking their voters for fools? Why do they feel that they have the right to break the rules... Read more

Dolly: The Sheep That Changed the World, review – an ode to British ingenuity and one unoriginal sheep

Karen Walker was in her hotel room after a wedding when a fax came through announcing a birth. “She has a white face and furry legs. Both doing fine,” it read. “What the girl on reception must have thought… what... Read more

Britain must be proud of its ‘warts and all’ history, says Liz Truss

In defence of the empire, she said that although “egregious things have happened in Britain” there was not “a country in the world you can point to that’s had a perfect history of modern liberalism”. She added: “So let’s stop... Read more

Boris Johnson calls for ‘national debate’ on mandatory vaccination to protect UK from Covid

“I want to be absolutely clear,  I don’t believe we can keep going indefinitely with non-pharmaceutical interventions, I mean, restrictions on people’s way of life just because a substantial proportion of the population still sadly, has not got vaccinated,” he... Read more

Partygate: Tory anger as Boris Johnson told he ‘should resign’ if he misled Parliament

The Prime Minister’s announcement of a new probe into the alleged Number 10 festive gathering failed to assuage anger in many quarters of his party. Baroness Davidson of Lundin Links, the former Scottish Tory leader, characterised the move as saying... Read more

Didn’t officers guarding No 10 know a party was going on? asks Baroness

One former Met protection officer, who has worked in Downing Street, said he thought it “inconceivable” that those on duty on the night of the alleged party would not have had an inkling that something was going on inside No... Read more

UK shut out of Horizon research scheme because EU doesn’t ‘trust’ British Government

The European Union is blocking the UK from its flagship research programme because it does not “trust” the British Government after its threats to tear up the Northern Ireland Protocol. Non-EU countries Georgia, Israel, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North... Read more

Day of reckoning: How many more heads will roll before public anger over ‘partygate’ subsides?

There is little dispute that Downing Street staff swapped gifts and drank together into the night on Dec 18 last year, on a day when they were already bracing themselves for a barrage of criticism heading their way about a... Read more

Whodunnit over Downing Street leaks is yet another headache for Boris Johnson

On the ITV News website, it is Mr Lee who wrote the news story published on March 15. After university, Mr Lee went to work as a senior video journalist at Made Television Ltd, where the Channel Manager and later... Read more

Don’t go to work, but do go to parties, says Boris Johnson

The decision to significantly tighten the rules, one the Prime Minister has resisted for months since the back-up plan was announced in September, applies to people in England only. There are four elements to it: new work from home guidance,... Read more

What Covid Plan B means for you: work from home, vaccine passports and extended mask mandate

People are to be asked to work from home “if they can” from December 13 in a bid to slow the spread of omicron in workplaces. Employers were being “encouraged to use the rest of this week to discuss working... Read more

This Government is failing the victims of modern slavery

There can be no doubt that reforms to the asylum system are desperately needed. The tragic events in the Channel over recent weeks have made that clear. The Government’s Nationality and Borders Bill, which is being debated in the House of... Read more

Boris Johnson announces diplomatic boycott of Beijing Winter Olympics

Boris Johnson has said there will “effectively be a diplomatic boycott” of the Winter Olympics in Beijing as no UK ministers or officials will be attending. It comes after Australia became the latest country to announce it would boycott the... Read more

It’s been a great year for Matt Hancock … on Google

Matt Hancock’s affair during the pandemic made him the most Googled political figure of the year, search trends have revealed. The former health secretary resigned in June after CCTV footage leaked of him breaching social distancing guidance by kissing a... Read more

Allegra Stratton’s resignation statement in full

Allegra Stratton has quit her role as the Prime Minister’s spokeswoman for Cop26 as a row over her joking about a Christmas party at Downing Street reached fever pitch.  A leaked video of a mock press briefing showed Ms Stratton quipping... Read more

Five ways you can unwittingly damage your house price

Property prices have soared at a record pace as desperate buyers have jostled for the limited number of new homes on the market. Yet even though demand is high, sellers are not guaranteed to turn a profit from their bricks... Read more

Questor: this rare top-quality tech stock without a sky-high share price is worth a look

“So many tech investors get it wrong. They fixate on sales growth and forget that a business that makes no profits is worthless.” So says William de Gale, who insists that any company in his BlueBox Global Technology fund has... Read more

Beware, ‘overly simplistic’ online wills can expose you to corruption

Getting a will is easier than it ever was these days. Over the last 10 years, dozens of services have popped up online, allowing you to put together a will in a matter of minutes.  In fact, so keen are... Read more

Gangsters’ bank accounts to be drained in fight against fraud

Money in scammers’ bank accounts will be used for the first time in an attempt to stem a rising tide of fraud. Lloyds, Britain’s biggest bank, will take £7m out of accounts operated by gangsters and hand it to law... Read more

‘I’ve secretly racked up £25k of debt that would break my husband’s heart – should I tell him?’

Dear Moral Money, I’ve made such a mess of everything and I need help. I’ve dug myself into serious debt over the last 10 years and I owe nearly £25,000. It has built up since I went on maternity leave... Read more

Want a £19,000 discount on your home? Don’t get a mortgage

Cash buyers made the largest percentage savings in the North East, where the average discount was 13pc. But the biggest cash savings were in the North West, where the average discount of 12.9pc was equivalent to £27,583. The percentage savings... Read more

Land Rover Defender: nothing like the old one but that’s fine with me

Land Rover Defender 90 on long-term test: Iconic, legendary, unstoppable – the original Defender had it all but the new version is aimed at a softer driving, SUV-loving audience. Can the short-wheelbase 90 live up to expectations? Our car: Land... Read more