The Met was far too quick to give up on its No10 party investigation

It is unsurprising that the public have been appalled by the reports of an illegal lockdown Christmas party in Downing Street. But, while Ant and Dec and the rest of us are fixated on what really happened, there is no... Read more

The young are rebelling against the cruelty of cancel culture

Who will save us from the zealotry of the young? The even younger, perhaps? Many of today’s teenagers are – according to Vicky Bingham, headteacher of a leading girls’ school – fed up with “cancel culture”, which they regard as... Read more

Finally, Sex and the City got something right about female friendship

In my 40s I fell out with a friend. It had always been a complicated, slightly competitive relationship, but we shared a sense of humour, a keen sense of the absurd. But after our children attended different schools, we grew... Read more

The NHS is hiding a guilty little secret

Plan B is a go. And just like that, more mask mandates, working from home guidance and, most controversially, vaccine passports have been rushed in. While we wait, of one thing we can be certain: Covid decisions this winter are... Read more

End this dismal cycle of restrictions

Yesterday must count as among the worst days of Boris Johnson’s premiership. The leak of a toe-curling video showing senior aides laughing at a “fictional” Downing Street Christmas party last year unleashed the public’s fury on the whole Government. Here,... Read more

What’s on TV during Christmas 2021 — the best shows to watch this festive season, according to the TV guide listings

Jules Verne’s evergreen adventure story has attracted numerous adaptations. Partly, this is due to the winning simplicity of the plot: a bored Victorian gentleman-adventurer undertakes a bet to circumnavigate the globe in less than, well, 80 days. But also it’s... Read more

Cancel your Christmas parties, Scots urged amid omicron spread

Scots have been told to cancel Christmas parties after festive gatherings were linked to the rapid spread of the omicron variant. Public Health Scotland said on Thursday that it was “strongly urging” people to scrap events, less than an hour... Read more

Scottish households face ‘eye-watering’ council tax hikes

Scots have been warned that they face “eye-watering” council tax hikes after the SNP handed town halls unrestrained powers to ramp up bills. Unveiling her budget at Holyrood on Thursday, Kate Forbes, the finance secretary, revealed that for the first... Read more

Care home visitors could be limited, leaving relatives to face ‘heartbreaking’ choices

Campaign group Rights for Residents described the proposed cap on visitors as “hugely disappointing”, with a spokesman saying: “It just takes us back to where we were many months ago, and the impact it will have on families will be... Read more

Quarantine hotels could be axed, with fully-jabbed isolating at home

Writing for The Telegraph, Henry Smith, the Tory chairman of the all-party Future of Aviation group, said continuing to subject people who were fully vaccinated to hotel quarantine was “not sustainable – and neither is the astronomical cost”. He cited... Read more

Chorus of confusion as people singing will not have to wear face masks under new Covid rules

The church masks situation is stark given how different it is to the approach adopted by the Government earlier in the year. For the first half of 2020, singing indoors was not allowed in churches, with the Government arguing the... Read more

Mandatory Covid vaccines ‘unethical’ and ‘impractical’, says Sajid Javid

UK ‘can’t keep going indefinitely’ with non-pharmaceutical interventions At a Downing Street press conference on Wednesday, the Prime Minister said that, from the beginning of the pandemic: “I didn’t want us to have a society and a culture where we... Read more

Tory rebellion grows over Covid Plan B as MPs say they cannot vote for ‘just in case’ restrictions

A Tory rebellion over the new Plan B restrictions has grown as MPs say they cannot vote for “just-in-case” restrictions. Sajid Javid, the Health Secretary, was heckled by his own backbenchers in the House of Commons on Wednesday as he... Read more

‘My fundamental freedoms are being ripped away’: Readers on moving to Covid Plan B

Covid restrictions are to be tightened across the country just weeks before Christmas, Boris Johnson confirmed in a Downing Street press conference on December 8, in a bid to tackle the omicron variant.  People will have to work from home... Read more

‘As they partied in Downing Street, I said goodbye to my dying dad on the doorstep’

On the day Downing Street hosted their party, I was worried sick about my husband, JJ, who had been blue-lighted to hospital with Covid. He was only 39, but both of us fell badly ill with the virus in the... Read more

The Government has broken its side of the bargain 

The Government has introduced what it calls “Plan B”, including face masks in non-hospitality indoor settings, working-from-home guidance and vaccine passports for large events. It’s scientific advisors have declared we should reduce social contacts. Boris, on the other hand, says... Read more

Watch: How the Left destroyed Paris

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Plan B is a charter for the work-shy — and it could grind the country to a standstill

Last night’s announcement was a sorry affair. Cynical political leaders limiting our freedoms to change the news cycle must be one of the worst offences to democracy this country has witnessed in modern history. Equally lamentable was the lack of... Read more

Paymaster General leads the charge amid raucous army of party critics at PMQs

To say that Michael Ellis had drawn the short straw on Thursday would be an understatement. It had fallen to the Cabinet Office to answer Labour MP Fleur Anderson’s “Urgent Question about Number 10 parties”.  And the role of representing... Read more

This fractious Cabinet doesn’t want to topple Boris. It wants to control him

It’s too much to say that Tory MPs have lost confidence in Boris Johnson as Prime Minister. They never had much in the first place, which is why his chances of leading the party were seen as laughably low until... Read more

‘Pingdemic’ strikes No 10 as three ministers forced to isolate after positive Covid test

Three Cabinet ministers were self-isolating on Thursday after the Australian deputy prime minister, who they met earlier this week, tested positive for Covid-19. Dominic Raab, the Deputy Prime Minister, Michael Gove, the Communities Secretary, and Grant Shapps, the Transport Secretary,... Read more

Brexiteer Gisela Stuart to oversee senior civil servant appointments

Boris Johnson is set to appoint Brexiteer Gisela Stuart to a role that would oversee the appointments of senior civil servants. Baroness Stuart of Edgbaston, who chaired the Vote Leave campaign in 2016, is the Government’s preferred candidate to become... Read more

Brexit fish wars could escalate after UK says France will not get all remaining 104 licences

If an agreement on “direct replacement vessels” is struck, 38 French and two Belgian boats could qualify to fish in Britain’s six- to 12-mile territorial waters.  Ms Giradin praised the Channel Island of Guernsey, which issued some 40 licences at... Read more

Two more Boris Johnson aides under pressure over Downing Street Christmas party

The Government on Thursday announced that Simon Case, the Cabinet Secretary, would expand his investigation to look into claims that three parties took place last year when London was under strict Covid restrictions. Michael Ellis, the Cabinet Office minister, said... Read more

Leadership challengers begin to stir as Boris Johnson faces his biggest rebellion yet

Boris Johnson has been warned that he faces the biggest rebellion of his premiership over new Covid restrictions, as Tory MPs insist there is “no justification for these restrictions upon liberty”. By Thursday night, almost 30 backbenchers had condemned the... Read more