Voters and MPs are exhausted and angry – and it’s easy to see why

The Government cannot help the fact that the world is now being confronted by the omicron variant, but it has to take responsibility for its failure to do enough to prepare one of the richest, most advanced countries for the... Read more

Strictly Come Dancing 2021: Week 12 semi-final, live – the girls top a high-scoring leaderboard

Well, the two-dance semi-final usually sees the standard drop as the celebrities struggle with twice the workload, but not this year. AJ Odudu and Rose Ayling-Ellis are joint leaders after they both scored a perfect 40 on Saturday night, the... Read more

Gregg Wallace’s Grand Christmas Adventure, review: a man of weird habits and endearing enthusiasm 

Gregg Wallace has been doing the rounds recently, talking about Christmas. Perhaps you’ve missed this, so let me fill you in. Gregg has eight Christmas trees in his house (last year he had seven, which wasn’t enough). One in his... Read more

Russia and China trying to erode our liberties, Liz Truss to warn G7

Liz Truss will accuse Russia and China of seeking to “undermine liberty” at a G7 meeting on Saturday. The Foreign Secretary will use a speech at the Museum of Liverpool to urge other foreign and development ministers to present a united... Read more

Boris Johnson’s deputy spokesman accused of hypocrisy in relation to alleged Downing Street party

The disclosure comes after the Prime Minister said that he was “sickened and furious” about the video of Ms Stratton, his former press secretary, and other No 10 staff joking about the event, which is alleged to have taken place... Read more

Brexit fishing talks breakthrough as UK grants licences to French vessels

French fishermen were handed a further 23 licences to operate in British and Jersey waters in an attempt to ease tensions in the post-Brexit fish wars. Negotiators missed the French-imposed deadline of midnight on Friday for solving the cross-Channel dispute,... Read more

Dominic Raab’s Human Rights Act overhaul could remove restrictions on police and armed forces

Police work and military operations could face fewer restrictions under plans to remove the legal obligation on judges to “take into account” European human rights rulings. An overhaul of the Human Rights Act being prepared by Dominic Raab, the Justice... Read more

Boris Johnson faces Cabinet revolt over Covid rules

The data has sent ministers scrambling to dramatically expand the roll-out of third jabs in the coming weeks, with billions more pounds expected to be spent on the programme. But Cabinet sources, government aides and senior MPs warned that ministers... Read more

Dozens of Tory MPs to oppose Covid vaccine passports, including former ministers

Other restrictions that have been introduced as part of Plan B are a return to working from home where possible as of Monday and compulsory face coverings in most public indoor venues, although hospitality settings will be exempt. Paul Holmes,... Read more

Michael Gove hints at tougher Covid restrictions amid ‘deeply concerning’ omicron spread

Face masks being worn in other settings not currently required, such as restaurants and pubs, is another option, as is expanding the venues that must ask for Covid passports. Then there is a string of more interventionist moves, which can... Read more

Would you follow stricter Covid rules after Downing Street party scandal? Almost half wouldn’t

On Wednesday, Mark Harper, the chairman of the Covid Recovery Group, said: “Why should people at home listening to the Prime Minister and the Secretary of State do things that people working in Number 10 Downing Street are not prepared... Read more

Boris Johnson’s overreaction to omicron variant is squandering the goodwill and trust of voters

Two years ago today, the Conservative Party celebrated our biggest majority at an election since Margaret Thatcher. Millions of people across the country were inspired by our message of hope and unity and they placed their faith in us –... Read more

Omicron Christmas survival guide: What the new Covid data means for your holiday plans

What does seem clear, however, is that omicron is not some sort of super-lethal variant. It will likely end up “in the ballpark” of what has gone before, most experts think. If it’s not super-lethal, then why worry? It’s the... Read more

Government to be sued by frackers over unequal treatment as energy crisis deepens

Widely used around the world, fracking involves pumping a mixture of water, sand and chemicals underground at high pressure to release natural gas trapped between rocks.  Former prime minister David Cameron backed efforts to develop the first onshore fracking projects... Read more

Britain could impose new sanctions on Iran as nuclear talks teeter on edge of collapse

Asked by reporters if the US was discussing a “plan B” with Israel if talks fail, and if that included military options, Ned Price, the State Department spokesman, replied that “I wouldn’t want to speak to what we might be contemplating if... Read more

Parents and teachers free to discuss children’s gender questions, promises Liz Truss

Liz Truss has pledged that parents and teachers will remain free to talk to children about “whether they are transgender or not”, as she moved to quell a Conservative rebellion over plans to fast-track a ban on conversion therapy. In... Read more

Tenfold increase in patients waiting over eight hours to be transferred from ambulance to A&E

Crisis was ‘avoidable’ Dr Ian Higginson, the Vice President of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine, said bed capacity in hospitals is limited due to wards being split between Covid and non-Covid patients. “In hospital there are patients ready to... Read more

Under ‘Plan B’ omicron could lead to 75,000 Covid deaths in five months

The omicron variant could cause more hospitalisations and deaths than were recorded at the peak of last winter’s Covid second wave unless restrictions are tightened further, new modelling suggests. A projection by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine... Read more

‘We rebuilt our home and made a £160k profit’

The result is a timber-frame house clad on three sides in locally grown cedar, with the front façade covered in stones from the original cottage. With the exception of electrics and plumbing, the Joneses did all the work themselves, in... Read more

The innovative stocks to buy that don’t come with a tech price tag

As the year winds down and “out of office” emails ping between inboxes, a quiet December usually means that stocks drift upwards. Fund managers looking to top up their winners push more money into the market, rewarding the best performers... Read more

Landlords granted reprieve on costly eco upgrades

Landlords will be given an extra year to make their properties more eco-friendly or face a huge fine. The Government will push back the proposed deadline for all newly let rentals to have a band C Energy Performance Certificate from... Read more

‘It’s a nightmare, our sales have already dropped’: small firms feel the working from home pinch

Small businesses have already started to see sales drop in the vital run-up to Christmas after the Government announced its new working from home guidance. Boris Johnson has called for Britons to work from home “where possible” from Monday over... Read more

Families lose out on child benefit in stealth tax squeeze

The limit has not risen for almost a decade, despite inflation and wage growth. The level of the salary cap is so outdated that next year 120,000 families on the basic rate of tax will be forced to pay the... Read more

The Blower Bentley rides again: behind the wheel of a British racing legend

In fact, they’ve struggled but kept at it, which again is a defining quality. This is the number zero “engineering car” (there’s another of these, in addition to the 12 recreations that have been sold) and it was so absolutely... Read more

Ask the expert: ‘How can I prevent my car from misting up every time it rains?’

Alex Robbins is contributing editor at Telegraph Cars where, as well as responding to readers’ queries, he also contributes reviews of new and used cars, together with articles on buying and selling.  His knowledge of the used car market informs... Read more