The imposition of bans should upset us more than the flouting of them

When I was campaigning for Brexit, I learned to keep my criticisms of the EU on a human scale. If I told people that Brussels was squandering billions of pounds in CAP fraud, they would express perfunctory disapproval. But if... Read more

Tory devolution is a recipe for disaster

Levelling up, it seems, does not include levelling with us. It has taken a leaked copy of the white paper to reveal what ministers have in store for English local government – a model that voters have rejected time and... Read more

Low traffic neighbourhoods are inherently unfair

Low traffic neighbourhoods (LTNs) should be my nirvana. They are quiet, with low levels of pollution; pleasant to walk in, easy to cycle around. The sort of liveable places the UK Noise Association, which I chair, has dreamt about for... Read more

Elon Musk is right about the world’s alarmingly low birth rates

The entrepreneur Elon Musk and our own Prime Minister may seem unlikely bed-fellows but they have one unassailable demographic fact in common – both have plenty of children. There the similarities end. While Johnson, like his predecessors in government, has... Read more

In defence of boredom

Some years ago, extravagant claims were made for the beneficial effects on children’s intelligence of listening to Mozart. A regime of Eine kleine Nachtmusik would, it was argued, foster improvements in cognitive ability. Happily for those on whom the principal... Read more

Strictly Come Dancing 2021, semi-final results, live: Rhys Stephenson misses out on the grand final

No one ever wants to leave Strictly, but it’s particularly gutting to be eliminated in the semi-final, just one week shy of the season’s big finish. This year, it’s Rhys Stephenson who fills that unhappy role after losing out in... Read more

Bags of entertainment, a lot of laughs, no real motoring advice – long live Top Gear

Never mind first love. Who can forget their first car? RIP my little Peugeot 205, with its 954cc engine and manual choke, which met a tragic end when I wrapped it around a tree. The final episode in this series... Read more

Russia faces ‘massive consequences’ if it invades Ukraine, warns Liz Truss

Vladimir Putin faces “massive consequences” and a “severe cost” if Russian forces invade eastern Ukraine, Liz Truss said, as she led G7 leaders to a tough joint statement on the build-up of troops on the border on Sunday. The Foreign... Read more

Unvaccinated workers must come clean to employers under new Covid rules

Sajid Javid, the Health Secretary, said that the omicron variant was “quickly gaining ground” and is on course to become dominant in Britain by the middle of December. “We are taking this proportionate and more practical measure to limit the... Read more

French fishermen plan to ruin Christmas for millions of Britons with blockade

French trawlermen are drawing up plans to ruin Christmas for millions of Britons by blockading Calais and other key ports in response to the resolution of the post-Brexit dispute over fishing licences. Industry sources told the Telegraph on Sunday that... Read more

Covid Plan B: How it will affect your Christmas plans

Speaking at a Downing Street press conference, Boris Johnson said: “On Christmas, the best way to ensure we have a Christmas as close to normal as possible is to get on with Plan B – irritating though it may be,... Read more

Book your Covid booster vaccine in the afternoon ‘to get better protection’

Booking a Covid booster jab in the afternoon could provide a higher number of antibodies, a new study suggests, although researchers insist receiving a vaccination at any hour remains the best method of protection against infection. Scientists at Massachusetts General... Read more

A reputation as ‘the Selfish Party’ spells electoral doom for the Tories

There is no formula to the fall of governments, and no inevitable timeline to events that lead voters to conclude it is “time for change”. But among common characteristics of tired governments tend to be arrogance, complacency and disdain for... Read more

Covid travel restrictions are haphazard and disproportionate, airlines tell Boris Johnson

They added: “We have also seen immediate problems with red list arrivals, with many customers booking hotels which either were not ready or had been double booked, requiring them to rebook and pay again. Many people are stranded abroad through... Read more

Jordan Peterson: ‘If you can’t say what you think, soon you won’t be able to think’

And so when asked if he is worried about the rise of authoritarian China and Russia, Peterson responds with: “I’m also worried about the West! If we got our act together, we could be a light to” those countries. “China... Read more

Boris Johnson accused of breaking the law by hosting a quiz during last year’s Covid restrictions

Ms Stratton is understood to have taken part in several sessions to prepare her for “White House-style” televised briefings, with Government special advisers posing as journalists. The plan for on-screen press conferences was eventually abandoned, after Mr Johnson was advised... Read more

Up to a quarter of Government ministerial aides on resignation watch ahead of Covid votes

We still are in need of urgent action to get more booster availability By Chris Loder, MP for West Dorset On Wednesday last week at 11.45am, it was quietly reported online that the Prime Minister had set out Plan B... Read more

‘Protest vote’ may see Tories lose safe seat in Thursday’s by-election, Education Secretary says

A “protest vote” in North Shropshire could see the Tories lose their safe seat in Thursday’s by-election, a Cabinet minister has said, as Labour plans to bus in hundreds of volunteers for the final days of the campaign. Nadhim Zahawi... Read more

Boris Johnson in talks to hire ‘hard man’ ally of Sir Lynton Crosby as No 10 enforcer

Boris Johnson is in talks to appoint a senior ally of election guru Sir Lynton Crosby to be his new 10 Downing Street enforcer, as he attempts to see off a series of threats to his leadership. The Prime Minister... Read more

One million booster vaccines a day in race to avoid New Year lockdown

The risk that hospital beds will be overwhelmed with cases of Covid-19 is one of the key metrics that is used by the Government’s medical advisers when they advise ministers on whether more coronavirus restrictions are needed. The UK was... Read more

Questor: Tui’s long-term recovery potential trumps all the short-term uncertainty

Covid-19 has been a disaster for the travel industry. Demand for flights, cruises and hotels has plummeted because of lockdowns and travel restrictions. It is impossible to know when bookings will recover. The potential for further travel restrictions prompted by... Read more

‘Randox cancelled my £500 medical but refused to refund me’

Dear Sally, I work overseas, but twice a year, when back in the UK, I visit Randox Health for a medical check-up. I always book and pay in advance. Usually the service is excellent. In August I paid the £500... Read more

Holly Tucker: ‘We had to use credit cards to pay our employees’

Holly Tucker MBE is the British entrepreneur who, with her business partner Sophie Cornish, founded Not On The High Street, the online marketplace for small retailers. She went on to set up Holly & Co, a small business advice platform,... Read more

Men get £700 more than women every pay rise

Men are given £733 more than women for each pay rise they receive, further widening the gender pay gap, research has found. The average pay rise in Britain is 57pc higher for men than women, according to a study by... Read more

Thousands of fraudsters infiltrate banks to steal our data

Hundreds of fraudsters have infiltrated banks and been hired as employees despite having committed financial crime in their personal lives. The clandestine operators were part of more than 2,000 employees flagged by high street banks, mortgage brokers and insurance companies... Read more