King James II portrait in Downing Street ‘under review’ for slavery links

A James II portrait newly displayed in 11 Downing Street is “under review” over links to slavery. The portrait of the king was installed in the drawing room of Number 11, the official residence of the Chancellor, during a summer... Read more

The 20 best films of 2021

After cinemas were out cold with Covid for months on end, what a joy it’s been to see them punching back. The latest haymaker was landed this week by Spider-Man: No Way Home, which took £7.2 million in its first... Read more

Friday evening UK news briefing: North Shropshire by-election a ‘turning point for chaotic Boris Johnson’

So how could such a huge political shock happen?  Fresh from a bruising Old Bexley and Sidcup by-election, where the Tories held onto their seat but with a substantially-reduced majority, many in the party believed the result in North Shropshire... Read more

Is the Government competent? Fewer than half of Conservative voters think so

Fewer than half of Conservative voters now think the Government is competent, and almost three quarters of the country think ministers cannot relate to the public, a poll for The Telegraph has found. In a further sign of trouble for... Read more

Brussels rules out ECJ talks after UK caves in over judges and Northern Ireland Protocol

Brussels has ruled out any further protocol talks over the European Court of Justice after the UK dropped demands over the role of EU judges in Northern Ireland. British negotiators had hoped that the European Commission would agree to a... Read more

Friday morning UK news briefing: Humiliation for Boris Johnson as Liberal Democrats win North Shropshire by-election

The shock election result comes in the wake of a series of scandals surronding the Government.  The Archbishop of Canterbury has said leaders must “put their hands up” and “acknowledge where things have gone wrong”, as he spoke of his... Read more

I wouldn’t blame Boris Johnson, so BBC cancelled my by-election interview, claims Tory MP

A Conservative MP who blamed high taxes for his party’s by-election defeat has claimed the BBC cancelled an interview with him after “hearing what I might say”. John Redwood hit out at the corporation after Radio 4’s Today programme rescheduled... Read more

This is not the end of Boris Johnson, if he stops kowtowing to the interests of the Blob

Rightly, it is hard to kick out a sitting prime minister without a general election. It took nearly three years even to get rid of Theresa May although, for two thirds of that time, she had no overall majority in... Read more

Rejected by Remainer publishers, will the Brexit Spartans soon be heading to Hollywood?

Is Mark Francois having the last laugh over his memoir of the Brexit wars after two dozen publishers turned it down because “the publishing industry is very, very much ‘Remain’”? The MP, a leader of the resistance to Theresa May’s... Read more

Echo of John Major’s Christchurch by-election defeat carries history lesson for embattled Boris

But speaking after the result, Mr Major refused to be “shoved off” course – blaming voters’ rejection of the Conservatives on the economic recession rather than Government policy proposals. “I think the important thing is that we need to get... Read more

Boris Johnson warned he has ‘one last chance’ as Tories threaten vote of no confidence

However, he sidestepped questions about whether he would resign if it was in the interests of the country or his party, insisting he was focused on fighting the pandemic. “That is what the Government is engaged in doing now. That... Read more

Rishi Sunak urged Boris Johnson not to ‘blow up’ talks with EU on NI protocol before Christmas

Under this new staged approach, the UK will still push to resolve issues with customs and border checks in the province, which are fuelling trade disruption with Great Britain, but on the proviso that Brussels agrees to discuss the ECJ... Read more

Nightclubs to shut and social distancing to return in Wales amid omicron surge

Wales is set to see a return to tougher Covid restrictions after Christmas following a surge in omicron cases in the UK. The First Minister has announced a mixture of advice for the Christmas period and new regulations to follow... Read more

The big question for Tories: Is Boris Johnson still an electoral asset, or becoming a liability?

Backbenchers in the “red wall” seats previously held by Labour are the most nervous, knowing that they owe their seats to Mr Johnson’s popularity in 2019, but wondering now whether his tanking personal ratings will cost them their jobs if... Read more

North Shropshire by-election: Humiliation for Boris Johnson as Tories lose to Lib Dems

Earlier this week Lib Dem sources told The Telegraph that Boris Johnson’s recent Peppa Pig gaffe, below, which saw him lose his speech notes and appear to speak at random about the animation at a CBI event, had “cut through... Read more

Boris Johnson’s bid to move on from by-election rout derailed by fresh leaks

Speaking after the by-election defeat, a loss which capped a week of political pain that included the biggest Tory parliamentary rebellion of his premiership over Covid passports, Mr Johnson tried to draw a line under recent blunders. “I understand that... Read more

‘I’ve returned more than the stock market – by owning bonds’

Returning more than the global stock market while owning bonds is no easy feat. But the £3.3bn Royal London Sustainable World Trust has achieved just that, even beating the average global stocks fund manager. Since launching in 2009 it has... Read more

‘My neighbours want to get rid of my hedge – what are my rights?’

Dear Property Doctors,  I am a recently single parent with no experience of handling property matters. My next-door neighbours, with whom I have never engaged with before, have learned of my situation and unexpectedly came around to offer their support. ... Read more

Questor: Aim stocks let investors down this year – knowing the rules is vital to saving inheritance tax

Chris Boxall, of Fundamental, said despite the disappointing figures, investors have made decent returns from some risky companies. He said: “It’s noticeable that all the top performers are early-stage companies which are not yet revenue generating and come from either... Read more

Airlines will bounce back – now is the time to pick up shares

But Mr Legget said he was confident in the long-term outlook for travel and has taken recent share price weakness in Jet2 as an opportunity to top up the fund’s holding in the airline and holiday package provider. “We don’t... Read more

‘An adviser made a mistake with my dying husband’s wishes and is refusing to pay back £300k’

Sally says:  What a horrible ordeal you have been through. Fighting for justice over your husband’s pension was the last thing you should have had to face while grieving. It was tough for you to do, while reliving painful memories,... Read more

‘My mortgage has jumped £200 and I might lose my home’

The most financially stretched homeowners in Britain will be the first to be hit by the Bank of England’s decision to raise the Bank Rate to 0.25pc. Leaseholders who have been pushed onto standard variable rate mortgages because they are... Read more

The cost of living is spiralling out of control – and higher rates will bring even more misery

It took just 35 minutes after the Bank’s statement for Santander to announce that it would pass the full increase on to customers, raising its tracker mortgages by 0.15 percentage points. Most of the other high street lenders followed swiftly... Read more

‘Banks need to pass on the rate rise – savers have endured enough’

Savers have called on banks to pass on higher interest rates to customers and boost their rainy day funds. The Bank of England announced interest rates will rise yesterday, after inflation soared to a 10-year high this week. Bank Rate... Read more

Ask the expert: ‘Will the warranty cover severe condensation in my daughter’s Volkswagen?’

Alex Robbins is contributing editor at Telegraph Cars where, as well as responding to readers’ queries, he also contributes reviews of new and used cars, together with articles on buying and selling.  His knowledge of the used car market informs... Read more