Vaccine passports are an ‘affront to British and democratic values’ and do not work, says government aide

A government aide has said vaccine passports are an “affront to British and democratic values” and “do not work”.

Joy Morrissey MP – who last week accused Professor Chris Whitty, England’s chief medical officer, of trying to turn Britain into a “public health socialist state” – has hit out at the measures, which limit admissions to nightclubs and large events to those who have been vaccinated against Covid.

She voted last week in favour of the Government’s Plan B, which includes vaccine passports, saying that she backed the Covid testing element of the measures.

Writing in her Conservative Party blog, Ms Morrissey said: “I have been very troubled by the notion of so-called vaccine passports. My instinct is that they are an affront to British and democratic values and the evidence seems clear that they do not work.

“However, I am persuaded that what the Government has come forward with puts the focus on testing, with Covid certification as a secondary measure, allowing an exemption to testing. I will support the Prime Minister in this as there is no compulsion to use them, testing is the focus and this seems like a sensible step for high-risk venues.

“I would have preferred that testing was the sole element of this policy and I will be urging the Government to drop the use of Covid certification from any future policy decisions. Fortunately, these are temporary measures that will expire in January of next year, when we will have a better idea of what we are facing.”

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