The Girl Before, review: neither the house nor the man are worth this nonsense

In horror films, it is standard procedure for characters to follow a course of action that no sane person would consider. Head into the woods in the middle of the night, with a madman on the loose and no batteries... Read more

Boris Johnson considers plea to limit household mixing at Christmas

However, Mr Johnson was warned on Sunday he would face a Cabinet backlash if he adopted a ban on households mixing and closure of non-essential shops. “The Cabinet aren’t stomaching any more restrictions right now,” said one Cabinet minister. “Apart... Read more

A new week and a new crisis for Boris Johnson as departing Lord Frost serves up a shopping list of grievances

Lord Frost’s recent speeches were littered with warnings to Mr Johnson over his approach to Covid-19 restrictions and the economy that appear to have gone unheeded. In a speech in June, Mr Johnson’s former Foreign Office adviser said: “I personally... Read more

Frost was right about Northern Ireland but wrong about Britain’s Brexit future

The sarcasm and sneers following the resignation of Lord Frost were a reminder that the rancour that followed the referendum has yet to pass. He worked for the Scotch Whisky Association, retired mandarins laugh. He was hated by the Europeans,... Read more

At least one Cabinet minister will resign if Government opts for another full lockdown

Bob Blackman, executive secretary of the 1922 Committee, said he believed the threat of another mass Tory rebellion would dissuade Mr Johnson from putting further legal restrictions to a parliamentary vote. “If they thought they had a problem getting the... Read more

Photo appears to show Downing Street lockdown gathering with the Prime Minister, his wife and staff

A photograph has emerged of an alleged Downing Street lockdown gathering that shows the Prime Minister and his wife in the garden of Number 10 enjoying cheese and wine with various members of staff. The image, published by the Guardian... Read more

Britain’s bounced back, but long Covid looms over its prospects

Before the omicron variant struck, although the demand for office space had undoubtedly suffered, it seemed pretty clear that the office wasn’t going to die and, similarly, cities were going to remain attractive hubs for human activity.  The scale of... Read more

I tackled a Sage Covid modeller on Twitter and it was quite the revelation

Over the weekend, the latest Sage document arrived with some blood-curdling figures on what could await us if we fail to lock down. The omicron wave could be the deadliest yet, we’re told, killing up to 6,000 of us in... Read more

Increasing concern as number of London NHS staff off sick doubles in a week

Saffron Cordery, deputy chief executive of NHS Providers, said the NHS is also now dealing with “significant” staff absences. “We are already seeing NHS staff shortages in hotspots like London, with worrying increases in the number of staff having to... Read more

Liz Truss takes on Brexit brief after Lord Frost quits

Although Ms Truss backed Remain during the 2016 EU referendum, she has since worked on post-Brexit trade deals as International Trade Secretary and is thought to be ideologically aligned with Lord Frost on the Right of the Conservative Party. Chris... Read more

Tory infighting revealed in leaked WhatsApp message as Nadine Dorries is kicked out of MPs’ group for praising Boris

A leaked WhatsApp message has revealed the scale of Tory infighting after a backbench MP kicked a minister out of the group for praising Boris Johnson. Nadine Dorries, the Culture Secretary, was removed from the Tory WhatsApp group after defending... Read more

Rishi Sunak has just 24 hours to save pubs from lockdown ‘limbo’, industry warns

Rishi Sunak has just 24 hours to commit to a package of support for businesses or risk the permanent closure of 10,000 pubs and restaurants, industry chiefs have warned. Hospitality bosses demanded that the Chancellor end the “limbo” for businesses... Read more

Tory MP being investigated by police after crashing his car into a lamp post late at night

A Conservative MP is under investigation after crashing his car into a lamp post late at night. Jamie Wallis, the MP for Bridgend, was arrested on suspicion of driving while unfit after police were called to the scene of the... Read more

Questor: we’ll stick to investing and leave Purplebricks to speculators – avoid

There is a vast difference between investing and speculating. The former requires a detailed assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of an investment opportunity to determine that it has a high chance of success. By contrast, the latter relies largely... Read more

Why the smart meter saga will never end and cost consumers even more

Consumers face fresh smart meter woe after it was confirmed most existing devices will need to be upgraded, at a cost of billions of pounds. More than 13 million of the controversial gadgets will need to be changed, after the... Read more

‘Santander charged me £145 for £10 lottery tickets’

Sally says: The main winners from you signing up to this syndicate scheme seemed to be Lotto Social itself and your bank, Santander. The former did well, as overall you spent more than you won. Although the syndicates – which... Read more

Jeremy Wade: ‘I self-published a book and lost my life savings’

Jeremy Wade is a television presenter and author, whose worldwide hit TV series River Monsters ran for nine seasons. Other shows include Mysteries of the Deep and Jeremy Wade’s Dark Waters. Jeremy, 65, is single and lives in Somerset. How... Read more

Ten ways to win in the cutthroat property market

In a competitive, cut-throat property market, buyers will do anything they can to get the home they want. And they need to fight hard – each estate agency branch has an average of 511 registered house-hunters but only 21 properties... Read more

Cost of living crisis kills off the self-employed dream

The Bank of England’s decision to raise interest rates to 0.25pc from 0.1pc last Thursday will increase the cost of borrowing and make getting on the ladder harder still.Experts have warned the prospect of spending years renting and being thousands... Read more

Ask the expert: ‘Is it worth me making the balloon payment at the end of my PCP?’

Alex Robbins is contributing editor at Telegraph Cars where, as well as responding to readers’ queries, he also contributes reviews of new and used cars, together with articles on buying and selling.  His knowledge of the used car market informs... Read more

Supercar legend Henrik Fisker has designs on a cheaper electric revolution

“If you look at the car, it fundamentally hasn’t changed much in the last 50 years,” says Henrik Fisker, who designed the iconic Aston Martin DB9. “It still has four doors, a trunk that you slam, it’s put on a... Read more

I’m sick of apologising for having an only child

Speaking as the mother of one young son, I must say this parenting lark is a breeze. A doddle. An absolute cinch. I mean, let’s face it: I’m not being pulled in all directions, emotionally or practically, by a whole... Read more

The record £2.8m NHS payout couple on why their fight isn’t over

An internal report in 2016 originally found its staff had done nothing wrong and that an infection had led to Harriet’s death. “There were no infectious agents there, the post-mortem showed that,” says Jack. “The cover up is extraordinary.” They... Read more

Dear Richard: ‘I’ve lied to my mother about why I’m missing the family Christmas this year’

Dear Richard,  The lockdown Christmas last year was the best one I’ve had in a long time: no squabbling aunts or dry turkey. Instead, my boyfriend and I had a relaxing morning walk, worked together on a brilliant festive feast... Read more

Clever tips and easy tricks to take your Christmas feast to the next level

When it comes to turkey and all the trimmings, our main concerns are whether there’s enough oven space for everything, and will we get food on the table before everyone is slightly sozzled and has started on the Quality Street.... Read more