Patchy Covid data could condemn thousands of Britons to a life of poverty

As we inch our way towards Christmas, through a blizzard of Government Covid announcements, every family up and down the land is having the same conversation. What are the responsible choices to make to ensure that those we love most... Read more

Voters won’t be pleased if their NHS tax hike is wasted

Deciding whether to lock down a country in a pandemic is among the most difficult decisions a Prime Minister must make. But in many ways an equally difficult – if less immediate – decision must be taken about the long-term... Read more

Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special, review: from Peckham to penguinography – a joyful end to a vintage year

Opening the show, Sirieix formed a frisky French-Australian pairing with pro Dianne Buswell. With hair dyed red to match his partner’s, he dressed as an undignified turkey and flew down from the ceiling for his frothy quickstep. He proved the... Read more

The Abominable Snowbaby, review: this Christmas fairy tale is not as charming as it thinks

Whatever legal or marketing zooms led to Channel 4’s big Christmas animation The Abominable Snowbaby being branded as Terry Pratchett’s The Abominable Snowbaby, they boobed. The implication is that the story can’t stand up on its own and needs the Pratchett IP... Read more

Call the Midwife Christmas Special, review: a well-judged lesson in the importance of community

Ten series in, and Heidi Thomas has for some time been confident enough to dispense with the stunts and the gimmicks for the Call the Midwife Christmas Special (BBC One). No bombs or epidemics in 1966 Poplar; instead, just a... Read more

Two-year minimum terms for civil servants proposed to curb Whitehall ‘churn’

Senior civil servants will be required to serve minimum terms of at least two years in their roles, due to concerns that Whitehall “churn” is resulting in officials repeatedly moving posts in the middle of major projects. The Cabinet Office... Read more

Covid lockdowns plunged nearly a million people into poverty, warns think tank

However, Lady Stroud added: “Renewed restrictions and constant hints of tougher measures after Christmas means that we are putting these poverty gains at risk.” A paper produced by the think tank stated that the “deterioration of the labour market” caused... Read more

Christmas Day morning UK news briefing: Today’s top headlines from The Telegraph

Welcome to your early morning news briefing from The Telegraph – a round-up of the top stories we are covering on Christmas Day. To receive twice-daily briefings by email, sign up to our Front Page newsletter for free. 1. Tougher... Read more

Exclusive: Number of NHS chiefs earning £250,000 or more jumps by 50pc

NHS England insisted that it was “one of the most efficient health services in the world”. However, writing in The Telegraph, Mr Hunt urged the Government to demonstrate that it is capable of both funding the health service and reforming... Read more

‘Dodgy data’ used in push for tighter Covid restrictions

However, government sources have suggested that is now unlikely, based on the latest data and a wall of opposition from Conservative backbenchers and ministers.  The latest UKHSA data show that people infected with the variant were between 50 and 70... Read more

Yes, we should ‘follow the science’ – that means listening to economists

Economists think about these issues all the time. Admittedly, the pandemic is especially challenging. Any intervention, or inaction, has a long list of potential costs as well as benefits. There is also a tendency to look only at those that... Read more

Will Boris Johnson survive 2022? Here are the issues that could make or break the Prime Minister

At a time when Mr Johnson knows he must show that he is delivering on his pledge to “level up”, many of the poorest households feeling even more financial strain than they did before the 2019 election is a deeply... Read more

Wicked scams, an uninsured horse and a toy ice cream van: what I’ve learnt solving your money problems

Behind every win there is often a story of anguish or heartache – or, at the very least, deep frustration with poor service. The most common type of case to cross my desk has involved readers being tricked by sophisticated... Read more

Converting a classic Porsche to electric is sacrilege. But then again…

The original 356 was fitted with disc brakes for much-improved stopping ability compared with drums, but Electrogenic has improved them to give drivers extra confidence to use more of the available power. Brilliantly, regenerative braking has been omitted in this... Read more

Dear Richard: ‘There’s no Christmas food my family can all enjoy at the same time’

Dear Richard,  After a challenging few months I am delighted to be looking forward to a big family Christmas this year. We’ve ordered the necessary food and drink, beating the shortages and dodging the queues. The presents are on a... Read more

26 of the UK’s most beautiful winter walks

Hampstead Heath tends to be the busiest walking venue in north London. Hollow Ponds, which is a few miles to the east and in Leytonstone, is just as nice thanks to its tranquil waters and wizened oaks. It’s in London,... Read more

From caterpillar cakes to coffee by courier: how 2021 changed the way we eat forever

Restaurants, food, wine and shopping: Our writers on how things changed in 2021 My year in restaurants Let’s hear it for the Brits (plus a splash of French sparkle), says William Sitwell It was the most delicious glass of champagne... Read more

How to enjoy Christmas, according to the Van Tulleken brothers

Both are fathers with expertise in children’s issues, which led to them backing the Duchess of Cambridge’s early childhood project, the Royal Foundation Centre For Early Childhood, which hopes to transform the lives of generations of children. And their theatre... Read more

Will anyone ever be fully vaccinated?

While some sort of annual Covid booster for the vulnerable – similar to the flu jab – appears inevitable, Professor Adam Finn, a member of the JCVI, hopes that the wider population will in time be spared. “While it is... Read more

Now I’m in my new home, nothing can dampen my festive spirit

It is compulsory to read this column while listening to Noddy Holder screaming, ‘It’s Christmaaaasss!!!!’ at the top of his lungs, because that’s been the soundtrack blaring through my new happy home. This year is my first festive season in... Read more

Cush Jumbo: ‘I love being a mum, but it’s also why I’m not going to have any more children’

Cush wears: dress, £1,095, Cecilie Bahnsen; Shoes, £980, Miu Miu; earrings, £125, Shrimps Born and raised in Lewisham, she trained in the theatre before appearing as DC Whelan with Brenda Blethyn in ITV’s Vera in 2012. The following year, she... Read more

A free Christmas reminds us of the poverty of the public health worldview

From walking home after Midnight Mass down star-lit lanes to crunching through frost on Boxing Day morning to the sound of hounds and horses, there is nothing like a country Christmas.  True, the robin makes his home anywhere – but... Read more

Grave hunting is the historian’s ultimate thrill

There is a simple plaque in Westminster dedicated to Ignatius Sancho, a Georgian who, for having “had a grocery shop near this site”, finds himself buried in the churchyard of St Margaret’s, opposite the Houses of Parliament and just metres... Read more

It would be heartwarmingly apt if the ‘star’ of Bethlehem were a comet?

The beginning of the Christian Era is said to have been marked by an extraordinary celestial event – the appearance of the Star of Bethlehem. The Christmas carol “We Three Kings of Orient” tells us how three Wise Men –... Read more

Whisky investment is booming, but there’s one word of caution

“As soon as the last retailer had sold out, they’d go into auction and the price doubles. Now these releases are [up to] 250,000 bottles. For the world. Do you see what I’m saying? That just shows how big the... Read more