Boris Johnson’s rejection of lockdown could pay big dividends in 2022

When Professor Chris Whitty first presented his case for lockdown to the Cabinet, none of them could be expected to know what the effects would be. Now they do. Many have their day jobs dominated by the wreckage of previous... Read more

Television mumbling blamed on directors who think it is ‘cool’ for actors to slur their words

It is an all-too common complaint from television viewers – you sit down to watch a gripping drama, only to find the dialogue inaudible. Mumbling actors have been blamed, along with the design of flat screen televisions. But the UK’s... Read more

Travel Man: 96 Hours in Iceland, review: new host Joe Lycett steadies the ship

Luckily, Travel Man has never really been about the places they visit. (A point proven by the fact that the show visited Iceland not that long ago, in 2015). It’s all to do with the comedic potterings of the travellers,... Read more

Clarice, Alibi, review: beneath the clichés, there’s a decent show scrabbling to get out

Who knows the ways of IP lawyers and all the other people who really control entertainment, but it’s taken nearly 30 years for series television to fully get its teeth – pun intended – into The Silence of the Lambs.... Read more

Nicola Sturgeon ‘better off moving out of government HQ’ than making it go green

However, the assessment concluded that the technical challenges associated with the project were so complex that the Scottish Government should examine moving out of the building altogether. “While this is a marque building and Crown owned, we recommend consideration be... Read more

Return to ‘rule of six’ for England among options being considered by Government for January

In Northern Ireland, socialising is capped at three households, while six people can meet in pubs, bars and restaurants – or 10 if they are from the same household. Only table service is allowed in hospitality venues, while a two-metre... Read more

Speaker backs letting babies in House of Commons debates after Parliament childcare row

The remarks, which carry weight given Sir Lindsay’s position, could be taken into account by the Procedure Committee as it considers rule changes in the New Year. Sir Lindsay Hoyle: Proxy voting should be extended to seriously ill MPs Throughout... Read more

Crossbow laws could be tightened in wake of Windsor Castle incident

Recommendations could range from keeping the status quo to toughening up the law, it is understood. Despite being linked to a number of high-profile murders and violent attacks in recent years, crossbows can currently be bought freely on sites including... Read more

Deprivation, drugs and a Tory MP: where levelling up faces its toughest test

Ministers repeatedly use the town’s woeful health outcomes to underscore the UK’s stark regional inequalities. Blackpool has one of the worst life expectancies in the country and is the UK’s drugs death capital. According to Nirojan Pirabakaran, owner of Niro’s... Read more

Liz Truss becomes favourite to succeed Boris Johnson among Tory members

Liz Truss has overtaken Rishi Sunak as the favourite to succeed Boris Johnson among Tory members, a new poll has found.  According to Conservative Home, just over 23 per cent of Tory party members would prefer to see the Foreign... Read more

No fresh Covid restrictions to spoil New Year’s Eve

Mr Johnson tweeted on Monday: “We will continue to monitor the data carefully, but there will be no new restrictions introduced in England before the New Year. “However, I would urge everyone to continue to act cautiously given the rising... Read more

The Telegraph’s investing tips for 2022 – and how last year’s fared

BlackRock European Dynamic European shares trade cheaper than US rivals but there are world-class companies there, and they are due a catch up. This fund has an excellent track record and is in the top 5pc of European funds over... Read more

‘How can I stop my noisy neighbours making my life a misery?’

I am using the term “nuisance” which in law is defined as “an unlawful interference with a person’s use or enjoyment of land or of some right over, or in connection, with it”. Like any claim in law, evidence is... Read more

How to keep your money safe in 2022

Based on my past cases, here is my Consumer Champion’s checklist for keeping your money safer in 2022. 1) Be ‘scamdemic’ prepared My mailbag was bursting with letters from victims who lost life-changing sums to scammers. Criminals took cynical advantage... Read more

How to reset your pandemic body and get fit in 2022

Cold days and dark nights don’t make that easy, of course. But maintaining motivation is done far more easily when others are involved, which is why sports work so well. Tennis is an incredibly social game, with a 22 per... Read more

Should you take a mental health sick day?

Have you ever longed to take a day off work to lower your stress levels? If so, you probably dismissed it as ‘weak’, and soldiered on. In future, please take that sick day! Whether the source of the problem is... Read more

What, as a doctor, I’ve learnt in nearly 2 years of Covid

The damp and misty weekend in London before Christmas reflected the mood of the capital under the shadow of the rampant new omicron variant of the coronavirus. Mayor Sadiq Khan declared a “major incident”, mobilising the emergency services, health and... Read more

All the things we learnt in 2021 that we’re carrying through to 2022

While, on the surface of it, 2021 could be described as a total wash-out, it’s also been a time of recalibrating, discarding old assumptions, taking on board new habits and learning things about ourselves that, if properly applied, will make... Read more

Women footballers deserve the same protection as men

Earlier this month, a pitch invader made it onto the turf at a Champions League match in London between Chelsea and Juventus, causing a brief suspension. Footage of the incident shows the young man, dressed in light jeans and a... Read more

Make Boxing Day great again, by scrapping the sales forever

Another hallowed tradition gone. Only kidding. What I mean is, some people have had to wait an extra day after Christmas before hitting the sales. Marks & Spencer, Next, Poundland and Sainsbury’s gave their staff Boxing Day off. So, shoppers... Read more

My news blackout is the path to festive bliss

I often find that what I am doing turns out to be what the rest of the world is doing, too. This is bad news for people in the news business, because I have abandoned them. I am not watching,... Read more

Janice Long and I smashed the BBC boys’ club – and livened up British music

  This, then, was the culture Janice was thrown into. We may have been female, but it was still a man’s world. Fortunately she knew her music, was passionate and good at her job, and shone a spotlight on artists... Read more

What I have learnt from you this year, dear reader

On the noticeboard above my desk, in among my daughter’s early doodles, family photos, and an abundance of Matt cartoons, is one of my all-time favourite Letters to the Editor. “Yesterday, at lunch,” wrote one Ione Carver, from Guildford, “the... Read more

Future drivers will miss the thrills and skills of the open road

My usually calm dad started smoking again while teaching me to drive. He hadn’t had a cigarette in 20 years, but I crashed so many gears attempting to double de-clutch, that he hissed “Stop at the tobacconists!” and grabbed a... Read more

The costs of fresh Covid restrictions need to be confronted

Boxing Day saw the return of a series of coronavirus restrictions in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, including the reintroduction of social distancing protocols and limits on gatherings. From today, table service will also be required in some hospitality venues... Read more