We English are never happier than when we’re losing at sport

Sitting with the family into the small hours, watching the excruciating death throes of the Ashes, had a distinctly Groundhog Day vibe. With the TV metaphorically shrouded in black chintz, we grumbled companionably as Test debutant Scott Boland ripped through... Read more

Nature needs some human disturbance

Plans for nature recovery are gathering momentum. The reintroduction of lost species and the growing appetite for the restoration of depleted and degraded natural habitats marks a new phase in our relationship with the natural world. This new phase is... Read more

​Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts, review: where’s JK Rowling when we need her most?

It clocks in at nearly two hours, including ad breaks. And almost everyone ever involved in Potter – again with one exception – appears to have been hauled in for a grilling. It is also, in its initial segments at... Read more

Worzel Gummidge: Twitchers, review – a beautifully plotted, confident piece of storytelling

The many fans of the quiet cult comedy The Detectorists would have particularly enjoyed the second episode of Mackenzie Crook’s Worzel Gummidge reboot. Both shows are written by Crook, both are set in the countryside and for this episode at... Read more

More Afghan women would have been rescued if Cabinet had a greater female presence, MP says

Ms Ghani, who is a member of the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China, separately accused the Government of “ignoring the genocide being conducted in Xinjiang by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) against the Uighurs”, which she said is effectively “a genocide... Read more

Taxpayers to foot £800k bill to make Nicola Sturgeon’s official residence eco-friendly

The Telegraph disclosed on Monday that experts advised Scottish ministers to move out of its St Andrew’s House headquarters in Edinburgh because the changes would be so expensive and difficult to implement. The assessment of Bute House was conducted by... Read more

Mark Drakeford’s Wales is the best advert for the Tories

English pubs and clubs are feverishly gearing up for one of their busiest nights of the year, but for the rest of the UK, 2021 looks set to end with more of a whimper than a bang. Devolution has emerged... Read more

A telling admission from David Lammy

David Lammy, the shadow foreign secretary, was one of the 36 Labour MPs whose nominations narrowly secured Jeremy Corbyn his place in the ballot for the party leadership in 2015. Now, the MP for Tottenham who served as a government... Read more

Sajid Javid attacks Parkrun for cancelling Welsh runs amid tougher Covid rules

Nightclubs and pubs in England are expecting coachloads of Scottish and Welsh revellers to descend on the nation to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Nicola Sturgeon and Mark Drakeford , the Scottish and Welsh First Ministers respectively, shut nightclubs and imposed... Read more

Do you know what ‘levelling up’ means? One in four have no idea, survey finds

People’s understanding of levelling up even appears to have declined over the past year, with the share of people who do not know what it means rising by 14 per cent. Levelling up: Will it make a difference? The poll,... Read more

David Lammy says he made a mistake nominating Jeremy Corbyn for Labour leader

He was only able to stand for the leadership after 35 Labour MPs from across the party decided to back him, despite in some cases supporting other candidates in the contest. Mr Lammy told an online event this week: “I... Read more

You asked us to look at your investments – this is what we discovered

There is, sadly, no such thing as a perfect portfolio. There is no sure-fire way to beat the market – and even chucking your money in a cheap tracker fund can dent your savings in the event of a stock... Read more

‘Can I pay my salary into my wife’s pension?’

Higher-rate taxpayers and claiming child benefit  There is a complication that you need to be aware of as a higher-rate taxpayer, which could affect your child benefit and potentially whether your wife receives NI credits automatically.  Where an individual or... Read more

Questor: a look back at some of our 2021 suggestions – the good, the bad and the ugly

As a great fan of spaghetti westerns, with Clint Eastwood on screen, Sergio Leone behind the camera and Ennio Morricone providing the music score, this column is quite happy – and honest enough – to look back on its endeavours... Read more

How to (finally) get a good night’s sleep in the New Year

Sleep is the single most powerful health-enhancing weapon known to humankind. As a sleep doctor, I’ve spent years reading practically every paper published on the relationship between sleep and health. The results are extraordinary. From your weight to your blood... Read more

Forget booze – can you really be addicted to food?

“There hasn’t been a day of my life where I haven’t thought about problems with food,” said broadcaster Richard Osman this week, of his world since the age of nine. “As soon as you have an addictive behaviour you know…... Read more

Permanent switch to flexible working risks women falling behind in the workplace

He says: “If you just think about it in terms of WFH, then you’re only talking to that proportion of the population who have jobs which permit working from home. You are then potentially denying broader notions of flexibility, which... Read more

Three easy ways to… eat for strong bones

Osteopenia, or loss of bone mass, occurs naturally as we age but this can sometimes develop into the more serious condition osteoporosis. It’s often referred to as the “silent disease” because although almost three million people in the UK are... Read more

There is time yet to save Ukraine from Putin’s aggression

There was no surprise invasion of Ukraine during this year’s Christmas festivities, as the Soviets did when they rolled into Afghanistan in 1979. But that doesn’t mean Western leaders should become complacent, for we still know from bitter experience that... Read more

Please do move to the countryside – just don’t expect your old life when you get here

Almost 100,000 people left London for the country in 2021. It is the greatest exodus for a generation and one of the stories of the year because for centuries urbanisation has been a sign of sophistication – at least for... Read more

We English are (secretly) never happier than when we’re losing at sport

Sitting with the family into the small hours, watching the excruciating death throes of the Ashes, had a distinctly Groundhog Day vibe. With the TV metaphorically shrouded in black chintz, we grumbled companionably as Test debutant Scott Boland ripped through... Read more

It is right to resist the call for restrictions

Even though the latest coronavirus wave is less virulent than previous outbreaks, the country is facing a variety ofquarantine measures increasingly disproportionate to the threat. Some 22 months after the pandemic began with the laughably optimistic hope that restrictions could... Read more

An energy supply crunch this winter would be an economic disaster

If fuel prices were rising as steeply as household energy bills, the Government would be facing a political crisis. The soaring cost of heating caused by rocketing wholesale gas prices may not immediately filter through, but we will all feel... Read more

Lessons of a story no one would now dare write

We in the media tell our audiences about the times we live in. That is our job. But it is difficult to understand the story of our own times if we know little about other ones. So when off duty,... Read more

The iconic pictures of 2021 – a year of angry protests, emotional farewells, famous victories… and more Covid

We were promised the Roaring Twenties – or at least that’s what we hoped for. This time last year, optimists among us made a bold prediction. 2021 would be the year the world not just gingerly regained its balance, but... Read more