Like in 1914 or 1939, we may be sleepwalking towards a global war that nothing can stop

Catastrophe can come out of the blue. Shortly before Britain was dragged into the devastating French revolutionary wars, the then prime minister William Pitt reassured the House of Commons that “there never was a time in the history of this... Read more

Boris faces the same fate as John Major if he persists with the elite dogma of net zero

As this New Year dawns, I am struck by a parallel from 30 years ago. At the beginning of 1992, the pound was in the Exchange Rate Mechanism (the ERM) of the European Monetary System. According to the then prime... Read more

David Shrigley warns NFTs attract ‘nefarious’ people after falling victim to digital forgery

The dispute highlighted the controversy and debate surrounding ownership of NFTs. People who buy NFTs do not own the physical artwork, and, as a result, digital versions are sometimes sold without the original owners’ permission, leading to conflict over intellectual... Read more

Enough Covid tests secured for every school to re-open safely, Education Secretary reveals

Mary Bousted, the joint general secretary of the National Education Union, said on Friday: “As keeping schools and colleges running with the least amount of disruption is a priority, making teachers a priority for lateral flow tests could be justified.... Read more

Supermarkets tell suppliers to prepare for post-Brexit customs checks

Supermarkets have been urging small suppliers to train up their staff as new post-Brexit customs checks come into force on Jan 1, amid fears of a wave of delays as companies grapple with red tape. Several major grocers have written... Read more

Work from home advice could be extended as Sajid Javid warns of rising hospitalisations

Covid patients being treated for something else Mr Javid’s intervention came as new figures revealed that a third of patients in hospitals in England with Covid are not being treated primarily for the virus. Of the 8,321 patients with coronavirus... Read more

Questor: our capital shortfall could disappear in no time but the income problem is tougher

Some figures here differ slightly from those in the print version of this story. This is because some market prices changed after the print version was finalised That figure of £26,081 is slightly higher than the £25,848 we expected when... Read more

‘My daughter’s freeholder wants to stop her parking in her space. How can we fight back?’

Dear Property Doctors,  My daughter bought a property with off-street parking, and the Land Registry form confirms this. The conveyancing solicitor, recently asked to review it, said the lease does not prevent you parking on your own land, unless it... Read more

‘I make a fortune buying up abandoned shipping containers’

He launched it from his bedroom at his parents’ house and had just £400 in his current account. Two years later, in 2021, the company’s turnover was £500,000. Next year Mr Slinn expects it to hit £1m. It is now... Read more

Why Bitcoin’s $100,000 year never happened

But in America there are signs that professional investors have begun to embrace the world of cryptocurrencies. Earlier this year the Securities & Exchange Commission, the market watchdog, gave the green light to a fund that tracks the price of... Read more

How I learnt to host the (almost) perfect New Year’s Eve dinner party

Personally, I want to learn how to do something more impressive than sticking a couple of tea lights on the table and serving up goat’s cheese whatsit on a ready-made puff pastry base, accompanied by mismatched wine in mismatched glasses... Read more

This New Year’s Eve feast is a fitting way to welcome 2022

It’s a funny old night, New Year’s Eve. I know a lot of people hate it, but I’ve always loved a New Year’s Eve party. The excuse to wear too many sequins, the fizz, the food that’s still festive but... Read more

How to reboot your brain and begin the year with a positive mindset

Tomorrow morning, when we wake up to the first day of January 2022, who won’t be yearning for that sense of promise and hope that New Year’s Day traditionally brings?  After the past 12 months of changes – many feeling... Read more

No matter what 2022 brings, this bittersweet year has taught me how to enrich my life

During the first lockdown – way back in April 2020 – I began talking to an elderly gentleman. We live beside a public footpath and I had noticed him because he had a wool hat and a rucksack and wore... Read more

Anthea Turner: ‘Why I tried my dog’s collagen tablets’

Over the years Anthea Turner, a fresh-faced 61-year-old, has been open about the various cosmetic and aesthetic procedures she’s undergone. But her latest anti-ageing advice is a little more bizarre: she’s revealed that the collagen supplements her vet prescribed for... Read more

20 celebrities we’d love to see more of in 2022 – and the ones we’d rather forget

Madonna has an acute case of midlife goggles and someone (Lourdes, step up: it’s often the children who have to do the right thing in this situation) needs to tell her. Midlife goggles are like beer goggles – they blur... Read more

JK Rowling should be a national treasure – so why have so many spent a year destroying her?

Her first sally into the gender wars came in 2018, when she ‘liked’ a tweet by a female Labour party member, complaining that “Men in dresses get brocialist solidarity I never had. That’s misogyny!” Rowling’s publicist dismissed the ‘like’ as... Read more

We need a national effort to keep schools open

Children get one shot at an education. Countless studies have shown that just one day lost in the classroom can have a lasting, negative effect on young people’s ability to achieve their potential in life. And lockdowns have robbed our... Read more

Pro-lockdowners manipulate language to scare us all into compliance

Tell patients they have a 99 per cent chance of surviving an operation, and they’ll go for it. Warn them they have a 1 per cent chance of dying, and they might not. This is Nudge theory, popularised a decade... Read more

Britain is poorer for rejecting the spirit of the Victorians

Congratulations to the Rhondda Tunnel Society. This doughty group of campaigners was formed in 2014 with the modest objective of relocating a carved stone near the entrance of a railway tunnel in the Welsh valleys but soon found that the... Read more

The Red Wall Tories with a taste for truffle oil and vegan cottage pie

Tories have been showing their touchy-feely sides in a new cookbook issued by Conservative Central Office to raise funds for the next general election campaign. Corridors of Flour, priced at a weighty £24.95, gives culinary suggestions on how to get... Read more

Our test and isolate policy is flawed

The chaos unleashed by self-isolation rules and a shortage of Covid tests appears to be steadily worsening. Train services have been disrupted, with some routes shut entirely until well into next year. Medical unions have warned that new pop-up Nightingale... Read more

Could you survive the ‘MOT for men’ extreme endurance test?

This is followed by a pilgrimage, where we carry a rock that is supposed to signify a private burden up a hill and past instructors reading Bible verses, before depositing it at the top. Afterwards the group kneels in prayer... Read more

How to look less tired: the best beauty tricks for a fresher morning look

Does anyone else feel like no matter how hard they plan for an early night… it just never seems to happen? Every time my head hits the pillow and I doze off, I feel my alarm clock going off seemingly... Read more

‘My husband is refusing to cut off his man bun. How can I make him see that it’s ridiculous?’

Dear A&E,  My husband – whom I absolutely love – has grown a ridiculous man bun. I don’t know what he’s trying to prove or who he’s trying to be but, as far as I’m concerned, he’s a professional man,... Read more