20 celebrities we’d love to see more of in 2022 – and the ones we’d rather forget

Madonna has an acute case of midlife goggles and someone (Lourdes, step up: it’s often the children who have to do the right thing in this situation) needs to tell her. Midlife goggles are like beer goggles – they blur your judgement and result in behaviour that is not always clear-sighted or dignity-preserving. 

So, Madonna (she’s not the only one, but she does go the extra distance) thinks, “I’m getting it all out, people are going to be amazed…” Well, yes they are, but not in the way you hope. 

Because even if you look weirdly unlike a person of your biological age, that doesn’t mean your exposed bum in fishnets is going to be met with drooling admiration. It’s not slut-shaming to say that Madonna has arguably the worst case of MLGs we’ve yet witnessed –and we’ve seen a lot in our house.

Emma Watson

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