Why ‘conscious dressing’ is the uplifting secret to jazzing up your January wardrobe

Brora Fair Isle wool tank top, £115, and cord trousers, £159, broraonline.com; Jigsaw wool-blend bouclé Ember coat, £260, jigsaw-online.com; Dune Greatness loafers, £90, dunelondon.com; T-shirt, Alyson’s own

Consider different combinations, try clothes on until you find a winning combination and put the focus on the outfits that really work. I love creating a new ensemble, discovering colours that come together in unexpected ways. The burgundy in this Brora tank top pulls the outfit together and looks great paired with the heathery pink tweed jacket from Jigsaw, while the brighter teal blue and coral pink in the Fair Isle design adds impact and joy – and would jazz up a pair of old jeans nicely.

For maximum pattern potential, try a traditional knit or a slouchy, Harry Styles-inspired patchwork cardigan – both animal print and colourful stripes help introduce a sense of sartorial jolliness. And there’s no need to set aside the Christmas sparkle yet: glitzy jewellery works well with a layered-up look.

Anna Veglio-White, head of brand at British knitting kit company Wool and the Gang, reiterates the feel-good factor achieved through conscious dressing. “Clothes are often how we express ourselves to the outside world and a reflection of how we are feeling. By wearing vibrant colours and patterns we radiate positivity, which in turn attracts positive energy back.” Wool & the Gang’s colourful yarns, knitting patterns and DIY kits, saw an uptick in sales throughout the pandemic.

Another upside of a Jazzy January planning session is the chance to eliminate any items you no longer wear in the process. Styling up sensational outfits while simultaneously sorting stuff out for charity. Two words: win-win.

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