40 style lessons every woman can learn from the Duchess of Cambridge as she turns 40

Red, brown, fuchsia, grass green, cobalt blue, blush, yellow, beige, turquoise, cream, navy, aubergine… The duchess has tried them all and is only becoming braver as she gets older, as evidenced by this tasteful combination of purple and navy.

26. Longer lengths are much more chic than above-the-knee

If you have great legs, logic goes that you should show them off. It’s a sensible approach which Kate long bought into but that’s started to alter with sophisticated below-the-knee styles now making up the majority of her looks. 

27. A black polo neck will bring any outfit together

Every woman would do well to have a few turtleneck knits in her wardrobe and Kate offers evidence of this; paired with a skirt and heels or a tailored blazer they make a quick, effortless and elegant outfit- also great underneath her beloved coats. 

28. Be brave about departing from your comfort zone

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